let’s not bash a character we’ve yet to play as.

guys, fucking relax about dammek. he’s not “irredemable” or “evil”- he’s a just a shitty friend. that’s nothing new in hussie’s writing; i’d even go so far as to argue dirk was a worse friend to jake than dammek is to xefros, and dirk is my favorite character. here’s a concept, guys: it’s realistic for teenage characters to be socially inept jerks.

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this might be really vague, but how do I know if I'm a life player or not? like, what tendencies do they have?

Life, huh? Cool Aspect. Much more complex than most people give it credit for, in my opinion. Everyone seems to focus on its more “positive” side (growth, healing, cheerfulness, etc.), while thoroughly neglecting its darker, more problematic, and in my opinion much more interesting one (dominance, forcefulness, egoism, etc.). You see, I’ve always liked refering to Life as being Darwinian in nature, because its main thematic along with the whole “healing” thing seems to be superiority, meaning on one side you have your usual “nurturing, nourishing, and taking care of others” thing (Feferi’s obsession with changing the meaning of “culling” from “killing those individuals regarded as inferior in order to reduce overpopulation” to “taking care of those individuals regarded as inferior out of niceness”, and both Jane AND Meenah’s love for cooking and surprising friendliness), and on the other side you have the much less common “being stronger, more skilled, and/or in a better situation than others” thing (Feferi and Meenah being on the highest end of the Hemospectrum and the heiresses to the throne of their entire species, and Jane being the heiress to the Alpha Earth’s most powerful company). The way I see it, we could say that Life primarily follows the principle of the Red Queen’s Race (which to sum it up, compares life to a race and says that in order to keep your place in it you must keep running faster and faster, because if you stagnate others eventually surpass you and you lose your position and die). Heroes of Life have little to no patience for things that consume their time and forbid them from improving or having things go their way: they’re all about thriving and they know very well that each second counts and lost time never returns. Because of this they can be temperamental, domineering, and even selfish at times. Think about Jane’s incredibly short temper and how much of a big deal she made out of Jake forgetting her birthday party, or about just how easily Feferi dumped Eridan and put an end to their Moirailigence when he actually needed it the most, or how Meenah did basically the same to Vriska by getting in a Redrom with her in the Dream Bubbles and then dumping her to go fight LE simply because “she got bored” (or just think about Meenah in general, really). Whether we like it or not, Heroes of Life seem to be somewhat inclined towards selfishness and temper-tantrums, even if of a more naive nature. Although of course, that is not in any way to say that they’re inconsiderate or mean wrong. They might sometimes be a little stubborn or aggressive in their ways, but 90% of the time they’re just trying to make things better. They are the Aspect of growth and improvement, after all. That’s where their ridiculously strong temper comes from. All in all, I think a nice way of summarizing Heroes of Life is comparing them to the figure of an older brother: they’re always getting on your nerves and sometimes you’d want to kill them, but at the end of the day you know with certainty that they really care about you and would beat up whoever messed with you. Heroes of Life are some of the most caring, useful, and help-oriented people you’ll ever meet; they just have their own way of going around.

Jane is my favorite example for Life in general because she’s got a strong but fluctuating relationship with her Aspect, being very lively and cheerful but also peevish and hot-headed, so she makes a fine example of both the “positive” and “negative” ends of Life (though I gotta admit she favors the negative end more). These are the first two paragraphs of the “Personality and Traits” section of her Wiki page (in bold her Life traits):

“Jane is passionate about practical jokes and pranks. Like John, she will get dressed up in silly disguises and wander around the house […] Also like John she will publicly perform her favorite scenes from movies and TV shows. Jane is far more reckless than passive-John, however. Whereas he tends to listen to what people tell him to do, Jane will often disregard their directions.She repeatedly snuck outside when homestuck by Dad and ignored Auto-Responder’s warnings to not use the transportalizer that ended up leading to her second death. Likewise, when Roxy insisted they not play Sburb Jane was dauntless and connected with Dirk instead. Her curiosity and rebelliousness are undeterred by goading. One might call her… Gutsy.”/“On the same strain as her impetuousnessJane is quick to anger. She is usually very cheerfulfriendly, and all around similar to the jovial Nannasprite, but possesses a remarkably short fuse once frustrated. She becomes exclamatory the angrier she gets, and may eventually end up caps locking and verbally lashing out at people […]”

Goofy, cheerful, rebellious, and short-tempered? Classical Life Hero.

Hmm, y’know, this is looking more like a rant about Life in general than as a reflection on what makes Heroes of Life tick… I’ll just shut the fuck up before this gets any more “TL;DR” and just add a little list with my top 10 Hero of Life traits:

  • Lively
  • Friendly
  • Mischievous
  • Assertive
  • Rebellious
  • Stubborn
  • Temperamental
  • Reckless
  • Domineering
  • Volatile

I kinda tried to rank them from more relevant to less relevant, and also the top 5 are more “positive” traits and the bottom 5 are more “negative” traits”, so in general assume a more healthy, developed Life Player to exhibit the top 5 traits more than the bottom 5, and viceversa. Hope you manage to get something useful out of this big mess, man! And as usual, SORRY for taking so long to answer! D: I wrote and deleted a lot of stuff because it felt too ranty and unnecessary, but I couldn’t improve it much more than this and kinda just let it be, so I’m sorry if this isn’t as insightful as you wanted :/ Let me know if you want or need anything else though. Who knows, I might get more inspired next time.

Beforus Ancestors Thoughts

The past weekend, I was made aware of the Beforus Ancestors group and upon which I started yelling obscenities in a mixture of giddiness and overwhelming emotion of “AW C'MON!”. Of course, the more I hear about it, the more I’ve heard its a more historical look which clashes against the modern take our Zenkaikon group had focused on. However, reminiscing made me want to write down a bit of personal headcanons for the Beforus Ancestors, of which is a mix of my own ideas and what we had come up with between the group.

Karkat Vantas (The Vanguard)

Karkat was found by Kanaya upon crawling out of the caverns. When she saw is mutant red blood, she knew what her duty was, to bring him to the Empress. Once Feferi had laid her eyes upon him, she knew that this grub should be cuttled by no other than she. Unfortunately, cuttling has very low chances of working the way it was intended and much often leaves both trolls attempting to quandrant. Karkat eventually goes through as very complicated relationship with Feferi as they start to flip flop between red and pale, a relationship that is greatly looked down upon by Eridan, Beforan Fleet General and Feferi’s suitor. Karkat evidently chooses to end their entire relationship, choosing to pursue working within the government and finding a moirailigence in Gamzee. He starts off as a information collector and organizer and eventually meets Terezi and they begin a materspritship. He works his way through the system until he is promoted to the peacecore, working on keeping the kingdom united. He has a friendship with Sollux and Aradia based of off their ties with Highbloods and later on begins a partnership with Nepeta.

Aradia Megido (The Adventurer)

Aradia is given over at a young age to be cuttled by Vriska. She grows up being fed grand stories of adventure by her custodian causing her to go after her own adventures. Leaving Vriska, now as her healthy moirail, she ventures to the Eastern part of Beforus. At one of the ports, she comes across Tavros and instantly becomes black for him as she is unamused for his superficial reasons for travel. Later in life, she settles down and lives peacefully on an open ranch, not far from the capital.

Tavros Nitram (The Conquist)

Put under the care of Equius, Tavros’s first experiences were rough as his caretaker was too strong to handle a grub. After an incident that permanently leaves an open chip in his horns(which he covers with a red bandana), he is removed from Equius’s care. Wanting satisfaction and vindication, he begins traveling in hopes of attaining glory, fame, and possibly reuniting with his custodian(though never outright saying the last). Upon meeting Aradia, he becomes furious of her mocking and finding his wishes to ideals lukewarm. He dies at 42 sweeps, still exploring.

Sollux Captor (The Inventor/Informer)

Despite being the youngest of the ancestors at 10 sweeps, Sollux is very independent (maturity seems to frequently vary). Midway through his 7th sweep, he ran away from his custodian, Eridan, who started mistreating him when he and the empress showed mutual red feelings for each other. He lives in a hut just outside the capital were he does beekeeping and works on technological advances. Gamzee will occasionally stops by and checks in on how he’s doing as well as relays letters from Feferi. Throuhg Gamzee, Sollux met Karkat and they struck up a friendship for which Sollux will help dig up information alongside Aradia.

Nepeta Lejion (The Huntress)

Attempting to live orderly alongside her Moirail, Equius. Inevitably failing to do so, she left nearly all her belongings behind to venture into the wild. When her moirail died, she had lost all touch with the kingdom until she met Karkat. The two began teaming up of his peacekeeping missions and developed somewhat of a partnership. Even so, she still found herself to feral and kept minimal interaction with structured society.

Kanaya Marym (The Matronly)

Having lived prior to Feferi’s ascension to Empress, Kanaya grew up in the oppressed society created to by the previous queen’s scornful rule and is fully delved into her role as a jade blood when Feferi’s rule begins. By Feferi’s laws, she was tasked with matching lowblood to highblood pairs for cuttling. She guides the younger jade bloods into carving their own path than keep to the pressures of their blood colour like she was forced to.

Terezi Pyrope (The Enforcer)

Being a midblood, she is the modern minority of trolls not to be paired with a highblood, but by lusus. During her schooling, she learns of the history of the current Queen’s rise to power and is impassioned by the nature of the judicial system. Her natural talent for prosecuting backed by some divination abilities makes her induction into Beforan courts a smooth transition. But the unforseen meeting of Karkat had thrown her off greatly. Karkat Vantas is known to be a quite controversial topic in the kingdom and leaves her with much conflict over her career and her matespritship.

Vriska Serket (The Fabulist)

Vriska grew with high ambitions of seeing the world. She followed this dream by joining the Beforan Expedition Fleet, led by then Major Eridan. Her expectations extinguished after a few sweeps as a simple deckhand and frequent brushes of black with Eridan causes her to opt out fast. Having been off planet when Feferi gained power, she is surprised with a grub to be raised under her care, Aradia. To entertain Aradia, she begins embellishing on her life in the Beforan fleet and telling of grand journeys through the stars. She eventually causes crowd gathering and finds success as a storyteller and even builds a friendship with the empress. After Aradia seeks her own adventures, she finds herself more frequently in the presence of the lonely empress.

Gamzee Makara (The Wanderer)

Gamzee grew up the childhood mate of Feferi and Eridan. Lacking proper guidance, he finds himself spacing under the influence of sopor and ending up in far off towns during his adolescence. His jesterly time as an ephemeral hermit had earned him the title of The Mirthful. But when he returned to the capital to support Feferi in her conflict with the previous Empress, he was redubbed The Wanderer becoming one of her advisers when she claimed power. He continued to move as the road took him all the while acting as a messenger on Feferi’s behalf. When Karkat was fostered by Feferi, he grew fond and began to harbor pale feelings for the troll. After Karkat removed himself from the palace, he moved into Gamzee’s house which eventually led to their moirailigence. Seeing as he travels frequently, the two don’t see each other often but maintain contact through letters and calls often supporting each other’s endevours.

Last two trolls I’ll write about in another post.

ok so dave and karkat’s relationship starting out in the pale quadrant… karkat sending him Pale Looks and dave talking about how bro he is with karkat and sometimes lying in piles of scalemates with him

dave, clarifying to anyone that asks about their relationship, that moirailigence may be some weird troll romance thing but it is NOT romantic for humans, theyre just bros. karkat feels kind of weird n creepy about dating an alien who has to clarify 100 times that its not romantic when its kind of romantic for him

karkat confronting dave and finding out its bc of his bullshit homophobia and that hes actually super gay for karkat he just needs to work through it. them becoming matesprits and being gay together

karkat sometimes vacillating and having black feelings for dave, which dave doesnt realize isnt REAL hate its just omg ur being so annoying on purpose (which is like daves whole personality, teasing karkat) shut up and kiss me instead, and he starts getting upset bc he loves karkat and his attention but he doesnt know if he can handle having a partner that loathes him

dave trying to ignore it and waving it off as an alien thing but eventually he cant handle it and tells karkat he cant date someone who hates him and cant stand even more karkat flushing for someone else while hes black for dave and karkats like wait no- nno i dont hate you

them talking about it and karkat realizes hes a troll outsider because of the whole transcending the quadrants thing and he cant just stay in one quadrant with dave and its more just like. human romance. and they kiss and decide to just date the end

To my moirail~

I know I should’ve said this earlier, but you’re really one of my absolute best friends. You’re always there for me and you put up with my shit and host feels jams whenever I’m down. I swear, you’re God’s gift to mankind, you’re just that awesome! I miss you tons and hope we can hang out sometime soon, your hugs are the best~ (Not to sound creepy or anything) I probably wouldn’t still be here today if it weren’t for you. Just know that you’re loved more than you know, and you’re stronger than you seem.


I think one of my favorite things about the homestuck fandom is the concept acceptance and practice of moirailigence. Like sometimes your moirail is your best friend, but like…there’s an acknowledged difference between friends and moirails and having a moirail can be a big deal and I just think that’s really cool.