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I can’t believe I’ve never drawn those nerds before


a daily that’s a little different than usual - delving into my headcanon that troll pupils will dilate or constrict, especially as an emotional response.

Of course, for them to not be blinded in the brighter settings they encounter this is to be an expected function, but the idea that huge pupils happens with their quadrantmates is just too cute to me. 

I decided to have Nepeta be the example for this bc of course cat stereotypes as well as wanting to establish it could happen with either of the flushed quadrants at least, and she had the least messy moirallegiance out of all of them. 

The sound of tapping echoes, only to be interrupted by a sniffle

Unknown Voice: Oh, is this- is this on? Sorry I’m adjusting to being blind

A short pause is then met with a long sigh

Unknown Voice: Uhm, so, my name’s Soleil Akiano, people call me Sol. I uh, guess I’m doing this because I was suggested to by my Moirail Seleni.

Another short pause is broken apart by a sniffle and the faint sound of a foot tapping

Soleil: I guess I just answer questions, but you probably want to know some first right? Well, I just recently blinded, trying to adjust to that, I was accidentally jettisoned straight for the Armada, which is now where I am being held prisoner, as I’m the last existing Limeblood. Uhm, some things about me, I like movies and music, I had a whole collection of them! I don’t really know what else to put, so uhm, Bye! I can’t wait to answer your questions!!!

The sound of Soleil fumbling with his phone lasts for a second before the audio ends.


Are Homestuck panel redraws a thing? Because uh…

I think I have a weakness for Gamzee <> Karkat.

It looks odd in a couple of places and I don’t really like how Karkat turned out, but hey, it’s a thing. More importantly, my first actual Homestuck thing. Appearance headcanons are very much subject to change.

My moirail is at art camp and they don’t really have access to their phone at the moment. Being a good moirail, I shall tag them in stupid memes until they return. >:3c