moirail ship

why Aradia Dave is perf

• they both like dead things, just picture them bonding over creepy dead stuff and being impressed with each other’s collections

• obvi but they’re both time players so just imagine lots of timey-wimey bullshit shenanigans, like playing tag and time hopping to cheat like how cute is that

• they both have dealt with their own deaths- aradia dying and dave seeing himself die countless times

• aradia would totally be able to make Dave smile and break his dumb stoic resting bitch face

• Dave would introduce Aradia to earth action-adventure movies and they would have marathons of like Indiana jones and Jurassic park and shit like that

basically it’s a perfect ship and there’s no downside, you’re welcome goodbye

  • Homestuck friend: so what do you ship?
  • Me: Johnkat
  • Homestuck friend: oh, ok cool. ....but like what's you favorite pale ship?
  • Me: Johnkat
  • Homestuck friend: black?
  • Me: Johnkat
  • Homestuck friend: OK but what about ashen
  • Me: *goes on a long explanation describing all of the possible auspistices to Johnkat, including future!karkat*
  • Homestuck friend: .....
  • Homestuck friend: we're done now
Davekat relationship theory

Ok so we all know they are in a quadrant but it still hasn’t been revealed? homestuck ends in two days and we don’t have a clear answer. Some people think it’s redrom and some people think they are moirails. I think that the way its been going Hussie is leaving it up to us,the fans, to choose. What I mean by that is it is everyone’s own opinion. with the dialogue and moments from the comic we have seen it can go either way.

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