With a white flash, The Doctor stumbles inside a hospital bedroom. “A hospital bedroom?! How did I get here?!” He nearly spills his coffee while taking in his surroundings. “Can’t I have a day off?” He shouts to whatever being that might hear him. All thoughts of wanting a peaceful day immediately left his mind when he heard a woman’s voice, whimpering, from behind the curtain.

“Hello? You alright?”


The Doctor got Moira’s text about coming to see her. He hasn’t seen her in a while now and he did miss her and wanted to see how she’s been doing. He set the TARDIS to the destination she told him and went on his way. The TARDIS parked about few feet away. He got out and fixed his black hair slightly before walking over to her. 


Eliana woke up on her empty bed, blinking fast to clear the blur away from her still sleepy eyes. She got up, lifted the blanket to see Moira, who was not there anymore. In an instant she crawled down the bed nearly falling off, but she was too careful for that to happen. She searched the whole house and had not found her Mother yet, she whimpered quietly.

After a moment of thinking her brain clicked to get her phone and call to check where Moira had gone. She still struggled with the small contraption but only knew how to dial Moira’s number, smart for her age. 

*Dial’s number, waiting for an answer*

Welcoming Owen

Moira had delivered her twins.  One still born, the other alive and healthy.  Anna knew Castiel was doing his best as Moira’s guardian angel, and she wanted to visit her brother and his charge to catch up.  Evan and Moira had named the still born baby Anna, before the disastrous birth had occurred.  The twin who had lived was named Owen.  Anna was eager to meet the tiny bundle.

Anna had texted Moira about visiting, and received an enthusiastic reply to do so as soon as she was able.  After finishing up some reports, she made her way to Moira and Evan’s apartment.  She stood outside the door, and pressed the buzzer, waiting on someone to grant her entrance.  She could hear the bustle of taking care of an infant inside.  The diminutive mewls of Owen made her smile.  He was awake.  Anna had worried he would be napping when she showed up.

The Hospital

After receiving her note, Loki decided to visit Moira. He was her friend, it was the least he could do.

As he reached the hospital, he quickly looked for Moira’s room.

Moira!” He almost screamt when he reached her room. “Oh dear, are you okay? You left me worried. What happened? Are you okay? Is the baby fine?

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