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Your art is so good! I love you choices of colour and all the details you put in your work. I find that your characters' concepts are especially really interesting and dynamic! I was wondering, what process do you usually go through when creating one?

Thank you, darling! I’m glad you like my characters.

Usually I start with a basic idea for a character in my head, probably from the result of daydreaming. Then as time goes on I find things in the world that inspire and remind me of the character (people, images, movies) and I take note. After that I usually start with a preliminary sketch to get a feel for what the character might look like, throw out a lot of thumbnail figure sketches to get the body shape and clothes design, and then do final drawings. Here’s an example of the process of designing Moira from Moira’s Box:

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So is Moira's box a web comic you could read somewhere?

Moira’s Box is a storybook I’m working on about a friendship between a girl and a ghost boy, and the mystery surrounding his death. There’s going to be a 5-page interactive illustration released soon (for free~), with a simplified version of the first chapter.