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Signs as my Favorite Characters in AHS Season One: Murder House

Tate Langdon: Aries, Gemini

Constance Langdon: Capricorn, Leo

Addie Langdon: Pisces, Virgo

Nora Montgomery: Taurus, Cancer

Chad Warwick: Sagittarius, Aquarius

Moira O’Hara: Scorpio, Libra

b a s i c s ;

Name: Moira o’Hara
Age: 20s
Former Profession; housekeeper
Date of Death; 1983
Reason for Death; murdered by jealous wife of ex-lover

b i o g r a p h y ;

There might have been some reservations about working for the family inside the famed Murder House. It had a rich history – and an atmosphere thick with eerie tension throughout each of its room. But Moira had no other choice what with a sick mother in the hospital and bills to pay. They paid more than she asked for and gave her the necessary time off to visit her dying mother.

Everything spiraled out of control when she slept with her employer. Though he initiated it, she found no reason to resist. After all, if she slept with him then she just might get a raise or other special privileges. However, guilt reigned supreme. And Moira found herself pushing him away every time he came near.

But he just couldn’t take no for an answer, forcing a compromising situation to occur when he cornered Moira in the bedroom and tried to force himself on her. Catching them in the act was enough for Constance, his wife, to shoot both him and Moira dead. No warnings were given, no apologies said. 

Righting the wrong isn’t something Constance wants though. She’s satisfied in her revenge of unwittingly keeping Moira trapped inside the house after burying her body in the backyard. Unless her bones are dug up, she’ll never be free. All she wanted was to see her mother again, not just once a year on Halloween either. The chance of becoming a mother herself was taken, and she has no one else to blame for the affair with a married man.

Meanwhile, she continues her housekeeping duties of cleaning and laundering, serving as counselor to those who need advice and offering a helping hand to any who ask. Moira understands what happened the day she’d been killed and has learned to accept it. She’s wise beyond her years (which may be the reason why she appears older to those who see her true self) and friendly – but she is not to be underestimated because Moira will do what it takes to get what she wants, even if it means helping the other ghosts to conspire against the living so the house won’t get torn down.

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