‘’A Night in the Lonesome October’’

Where does your journey end?

There is no Lonely Mointain in this world. No dragon. No hobbit. No memory. Just another empty world. I lost my way…. again.
So I’ll keep searching.

Что-то меня понесло на модерн!АУшку, что странно. Никогда их не пыталась рисовать, потому что непонятно, зачем Торина тащить в наш мир, когда ему и в Средиземье хорошо? А тут вдруг все взяло и сложилось в картинку-образ.


So Friday night was the annual Night Hike with my base school. The 3rd years + parent and teachers have the option to climb up one of our local mointains. It is 28km and takes about 8 hours total. It’s hella tiring (my legs are still dying), but it’s def a great experience to bond. It’s the last big school memory before they graduate.

I’m honestly gonna miss them. They were pretty funny kids who tried their best to speak in English, even when it was difficult. And they always asked me tons of questions. They sang me happy birthday and well, they’re just a lot of fun. I know that sometimes I get really overwhelmed and frustrated at this school, but honestly, the kids and the staff are great.

I wish them all the best in high school!