Forgot to post this but it’s a lovely video of what it’s like to live in Denver and be next to the Rocky Mointains!!!! That was seriously a great weekend.

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>Fell lets out smol yells, probably arguing with what he said, but swap is just laughing at it. Fell gets grumpy again, face beet red, and tumbles down the mointain, rolling to chi's feet. Swap slides down to her feet, and they both look up at her. They can both fit in each of your palms. A little note falls down, with the words "Care packages!" Written on it.< [Ahuehuehue. You will never guess who I am.]

Oh! So cute! *picks them up and waves tail*
[Who are you? Bunny? Eh, either way, this is very nice. Thank you.]

‘’A Night in the Lonesome October’’

Where does your journey end?

There is no Lonely Mointain in this world. No dragon. No hobbit. No memory. Just another empty world. I lost my way…. again.
So I’ll keep searching.

Что-то меня понесло на модерн!АУшку, что странно. Никогда их не пыталась рисовать, потому что непонятно, зачем Торина тащить в наш мир, когда ему и в Средиземье хорошо? А тут вдруг все взяло и сложилось в картинку-образ.

Peter Prevc podcast

“I’ve become a children-refrigerator.” (about little kids who freeze when they recognise him (and sometimes they jump and hug him, sometimes they are afraid and can’t say anything))

“At matura exam I was the worst at maths, although the classes were pleasant, I was never bored, I guess when reality hit at matura day, my smile slightly faded away.”

“I was always looking forward to it, I was jumping on 7m hill, after three weeks I started asking the coach when can I go on 15, can I go on 15 yet, and so on, then 20, 40, 50 … when I was on 90 I was waiting to go on 120 with the A team, that was a very happy day for me, but there was no fear, maybe now when I’m older. As a kid a fell a few times, two concussions, and once I peeled off half of my face on the ice but nothing critical, you just had to wait that it healed. But there was fear after I fell on ski flying hill, after that I didn’t dare to jump far for half a year.”

“I’m too young now, everything is happening quickly, maybe in 50 years I would be bragging in village tavern or in front of the grandchildren but now I don’t deal with it that much.”

“Exellent feelings appear maybe five times in a season … maybe ten … when you jump off and you know it would go far, you simply take off, the body lifts, time stops, the skis move themselves, you turn for a few degrees, you dive towards the bottom, those are the feelings ski jumpers live for. …Yes, it’s like another movie, it’s nirvana for ski jumpers, you feel self-confdence already before, time is three times slower, you know exactly how you put your hand, you are aware of the whole body how it stands.”

“You need someone who builds a wall, who puts there a filter and protects you from all the influences outiside. (media, public) Trainers who aren’t satisfied and lifted up. And you need family who doesn’t prepare you a reception but accepts you as before - with a warm word and a phone bill.”

“I brought the big crystal globe at Kongresni trg (reception), then once or twice I needed it for photographs, now it’s at home in a box, I don’t know, to watch it every day seems a bit … “švoh” (weak) … another thing to clean.“

"When I returned from Vietnam (holidays), there was just some picnic, the team, Slatnar, Trbovc, we were just talking and then the next day I was outside in the garden when Justin calls me, "do you have time”, “in principle yes”, “can you come”, “yes I will come”, and Mina asked what it was and I said I think they have stopped making skis.“

"I communicate with a different phone number, otherwise everything is the same, language is the same, soft, hard is the same, skis are the same.”

“Actually a goal is a weird word … to give yourself an ultimate whether you achieve or not achieve something … a wish is that even if you don’t achieve it it’s not the end of the world, but yes, there’s a wish to achieve something big with the team.” (about (maybe) winning the nations cup)

Associations to 10 given words:
Planica - “celebration” (praznik), charity project of sponsorships - “wonderful”, Noriaki Kasai - “oldster”, books - “passion”, mointains - “rest”, in me is boiling - “when I can’t sleep”, fall - “lubber” (štor=stump), defeat - “win”, ski jumping world record - “it happens”, family - “comes”.

Interviewed by Slavko Jerič