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.moments i have a weakness for.

no. 6



yuri!!! on ice, otabek pov


he skates. 

he skates his heart out. for himself, for his family, for his country, for the new friendship that is already so dear to him.

he skates. his programme is stronger than his last one was this time a year ago. he didn’t qualify for the final last year, but he medaled at worlds, so he knows he can only evolve from here on out.

he skates. he thinks of his family, of their continuous support over the years, of the effort they had to put in for his dreams to be realized. and he is grateful.

he skates. he thinks of his country, of all the people that have placed their faith in him, of that sense of pride swelling in his chest with every passing second.

he skates. he thinks of green eyes burning with determination so fierce it took (it takes, it still takes) his breath away. he thinks of a budding friendship that has been years in the making, the potential exhilarating rivalry that can grow and challenge him more thrilling him more than anything.

he skates and he skates and he skates.

and he knows that, no matter the results (though, obviously, he wants to medal, he wants to win), this is only the beginning.