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Choose an outfit for Bellamy in S4 :)


That would make me SOOO happy omg

In all seriousness, though, the only thing I really care that much about is that Bellamy gets rid of that guard jacket. It’s very symbolic. Guards are followers, not leaders, and Bellamy is a leader.

Yeah, the jacket has got to go.

But aside from that, I quite liked Bellamy’s Season 1/Season 2B outfit. Blue shirt, that ark-issued (not guard) jacket he always wore. His pants are fine.

I thought blue looked really nice on him, but I’ll settle for almost anything. I’m not a huge fan of the tan shirt, but it’s not such a big deal.

So I like his Season 1/2B outfit. Maybe with the thigh holster from Season 3. Oh, and I like the length his hair was at where we left off in 3x16. Not too long, not too short. It was nice.

Sometimes you come home from a wedding and you realise you’re wearing a suit and you just sit down and

emote at a crêpe paper rose because I mean… you were fine… with the men… who would come into her life now and again…

(Listen I don’t even know but it’s milder than last time)

Tbh like I understand why some people think that Jason hates Bellamy but … at the same time … I really don’t agree? Like, at all?

And this is me talking as a writer, but you just don’t give the kinds of storylines Jason has given Bellamy to characters you don’t like or care about. You just don’t. You don’t waste your time developing them or putting them through redemption arcs and giving them a large amount of screen time if you don’t like them.

If he really hated Bellamy, he would have cut his screen time, changed Bob’s contract, and not given him the kinds of complex and dynamic character arcs/storylines that he has. But he obviously hasn’t done that. Instead, he’s done the opposite. Bellamy’s role has only grown bigger over the seasons, and he’s one of the only three characters with an every episode contract on the show. If that doesn’t tell you something idk what will.

And, again, this is me speaking as a writer, but generally you just don’t write characters that you dislike at all. Even antagonists. A character doesn’t need to be nice for a writer to like them, so long as they’re interesting. Remember that Jason isn’t a fan - he doesn’t view the show in that way. His response to characters is different then ours.

As a writer, I can say that I like all of my characters. If I didn’t, they wouldn’t exist. If they weren’t interesting, if they didn’t serve a purpose, they wouldn’t exist. But they do. And TV works the same way.

And, I think it should be made clear that Bellamy isn’t an antagonist - he’s a protagonist. And writers definitely don’t write protagonists that they dislike or don’t care about, okay? How a writer views their characters and how they want an audience to view their characters are completely different.

It’s kind of the job as a writer to make all their characters interesting (the important ones, not random extras/minor role characters) and dynamic and complicated. And if they can succeed in that, believe me, they damn well cherish that character. Even if it’s an antagonist.

I’m pretty sure Jason likes and is proud of almost all his characters: Clarke, Raven, L.exa, Octavia, Abby, Kane, freaking Jaha, Dante, Murphy, even Cage, and yeah - definitely Bellamy Blake.

So, actually, maybe I don’t get it. I just don’t understand why anyone honestly thinks that Jason genuinely hates Bellamy. It doesn’t make any sense. If he did, the Bellamy Blake as we know him wouldn’t even exist.

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Which are your top 5 Bellarke scenes?

HOW DARE??? You ask me to pick a favourite, anon, as if that is even possible??? Why can I not love ALL the Bellarke scenes???

Just kidding, nonny. :) Although this question is going to be really fucking difficult lmao - I’ll do my best (but I truly do love all the Bellarke scenes).


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While there are a million Bellarke scenes I have obsessed over and over about, I think my all-time favourite scene for Bellarke (while heartbreaking) has to be their goodbye scene in 2x16. (Can you take a moment to appreciate that wondeful gif for a moment? I mean, damn.)

I’m going to be clear, since it’s really incredibly difficult to pick my top five favourite Bellarke scenes, I’m choosing the ones where my emotional reaction was strongest. So all of the scenes I have chosen made me feel incredibly emotional in different ways - some in a happy, overjoyed way, and some (like this scene) in a heartbreaking way. But all of the scenes I love for different reasons. 

This scene is definitely the most memorable scene in all of the episodes of The 100 thus far for me. I cannot get it out of my head - so much that I even wrote a meta on it over a year after I watched it, just because I felt a burning need to write about it. Even though a whole season has passed since this moment, I just had to. 

There’s a reason for that. The music, the instrumentals, the dialogue, camerwork - all of it contributed to a truly remarkable moment in television (and for Bellarke). 

I’m having a really difficult time explaining what I loved about it in regards to Bellarke. But I think it comes down to this: it just shows how much Bellamy and Clarke love each other. 

Bellamy was the only person Clarke wanted to talk to about leaving - he was the only person that she felt she needed to say goodbye to before she left. Not even her own mother was offered that courtesy. She confessed to him what was plaguing her, she had to physically tear herself away from him after she hugged him so she wouldn’t burst into tears before she could go through with her choice to leave (I go more into detail about this in my meta about the scene). And, of course, the hug and the famed cheek kiss. It’s so incredibly heartbreaking - that’s the best word I can think to describe it. I think that kiss was a way of telling him that she loves him, that she will miss him, but it was also an apology because she has to leave anyway. God.

And then, of course, there’s Bellamy, with the fact that he is totally in love with Clarke written all over his face. He couldn’t be less obvious about it. Every single thing he does is in an attempt to comfort her, to try to show her that she is not alone. While he doesn’t outright say it, everything about him screams that he needs her, which was something Clarke didn’t understand at the time (*cry*).

And don’t even get me started on the “if you need forgiveness, I’ll give that to you” parallel. That was such a well-placed parallel on this show, one of the best. It completely calls back the scene that was the birth of Bellarke in many ways and the fact that he remembered her exact words to him after all this time because they meant that much to him breaks my damn heart. 

While Clarke’s reaction to what happened at Mount Weather is heartbreaking, it’s Bellamy’s reaction to her leaving that really destroys me. Because obviously he is hurting after all that has happened, too, and he clearly very desperately needs Clarke’s support in that moment after all that they’ve done together (they both need each other so much - she needed him too even though she thought she should go off on her own) but he’ll never tell her that because he feels that he is a burden. That one tear that falls down his cheek MAKES ME CURL UP ON MY BED AND CRY MY FUCKING EYES OUT, ALL RIGHT? LIKE, WHEN DOES BELLAMY CRY? HE DIDN’T CRY ALL SEASON UNTIL CLARKE FREAKING UP AND LEFT HIM (*sob* my heart). 

Then the “may we meet again”’s destroy me all over again. Jfc, these writers are merciless. How Clarke’s voice cracks, and she has to blink away tears. How she can’t even look at him when she pulls away because she’ll probably start sobbing. How there are tears in her eyes as she does all of this, and when she finally does leave behind Camp Jaha. How Bellamy won’t look at her either. How he doesn’t say it back to her until she’s already gone and won’t hear - like he hasn’t even accepted the fact that she is truly leaving him until she already has. How he says it quietly. How that one tear falls as he does. 



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Look, I don’t care that this entire episode had no purpose in propelling the plot. I don’t fucking care at all - because the sole purpose was literally to show how Bellamy and Clarke would die for each other - the lengths that they would go just to ensure the other person’s safety, even at the cost of their own.

Let me tell you, in the aftermath of this episode, my Bellarke feels were fucking soaring, okay? Nothing in the entire world could convince me that Bellarke was not the plan, that the writers were just shitting with us - because after an episode like that? How could that possibly be the case? 

Short answer: it’s not. Bellarke is totally real and it is definitely coming. Get ready, kids.

So that’s a large part in why I love this scene. Because the emotion I got from it was hope, and that’s one of the best feelings when watching a show like The 100 (especially after the season we just had). 

I loved everything about it. The shock in Bellamy’s face when he sees Clarke’s hands tied to that post. His little gulp, like he can’t really believe that it is even real - that he is finally seeing her again after all of this time trying to force himself to forget her. How he rushes forward, forgetting that it isn’t safe. He completely lets his guard down because damnit, it’s CLARKE. The sheer happiness on his face when their eyes meet (seriously, I dare you to find a time where Bellamy smiled that bright in the entire rest of the season - I DARE you).

The utter disbelief in Clarke’s eyes when she see’s him, but also the immense relief and love and hope that courses through her - because that’s what Bellamy brings out in her. How she says his name, like she’s not quite willing to let herself believe that he’s really real and present and saving her life, even though Roan just told her that none of her people cared about her. How Bellamy brushes her hair so tenderly, so gently out of her face, as if to ensure that this is not his imagination after all. How he softly removes the gag from his mouth. How he tells her, quietly, comfortingly, that he is going to get her out of there. The crack in Clarke’s voice - the desperation - as she tells Bellamy to look out. The fear when it doesn’t work and Roan is preparing to kill him. 

And then, of course, when she begs for his life - basically offers up her own in turn for his. When has Clarke ever stopped fighting for her life? The answer is never. But she’s not willing to sacrifice Bellamy for it - she’s not willing to sacrifice Bellamy for anything anymore.

GOD, they love each other so much. I will never get over Bellamy and Clarke’s desperation to save each in this episode. Never. I cannot express how much I loved everything about this scene. 

f u c k


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This scene fucking destroyed me, all right? But it was everything that I wanted for Bellarke in Season 3, back when I was speculating during the hiatus.

Yes, it was painful, but this talk needed to happen. Bellamy needed a chance to express himself, to show him how Clarke had hurt him - and Clarke never would have realized that Bellamy actually truly did need and care for her if a scene such as this one didn’t happen. I don’t think that Clarke even knew that Bellamy depended on her like he does, that he would be so seriously affected by her leaving in Season 2.

I loved this scene because their discussion addressed almost all of the decisions Clarke made in Season 2 that Bellamy just kind of let slide even though they were totally not okay and he suffered as a result. By that, I mostly mean what happened at Tondc - how she was willing to let Octavia die, despite telling Bellamy that Octavia was safe. Just think of what a betrayal that lie was, how devastating for Bellamy it would have been if Octavia HAD actually died and he found out after Clarke already told him not to worry about it. It needed to be addressed. I wasn’t sure that it would be - I’m so glad that it was.

And, of course, Bellamy’s pain over Clarke leaving him is what really makes the scene for me. The emotion in his voice as he says “you left me” - and the tears in his eyes - revealing the true source of his anger and sadness towards Clarke. Because, while Clarke absolutely had the right to her own space and to leave (even though it didn’t really help her) she failed to take into account how it might affect the people she was leaving behind. She essentially put the entire burden of leading the delinquents on Bellamy’s shoulders, something she herself rejected because of something she did that Bellamy did too. She didn’t even think about how he might be hurting just as much as her, that he might actually need her support.

It was another thing that I think Clarke definitely needed to hear for Bellarke’s relationship to develop further. She needed to realize her effect on him and how much he needs her because prior to this scene, I genuinely believe she hadn’t a clue.

This scene also demonstrates how broken and messy Bellarke’s relationship got in 3A - how the lack of communication and guidance with each other proved to be disastrous on both ends. It showed that, when Bellamy and Clarke get separated, bad things happen, essentially. They are so much better together - and mayhem ensues when they are apart. Because none of this would have happened if Clarke hadn’t left in Season 2. 

And you know something else that I love about this scene? It’s that, no matter how angry he was, Bellamy still couldn’t stand to see Clarke cry - he could stand it even less because he knew he was the reason why. Because, even after everything, Bellamy still loves Clarke and he doesn’t like to see her in pain. Bellamy didn’t have to comfort Clarke - he could have just gone straight to handcuffing her. But I don’t think the handcuffing part was actually part of the orginal plan. I honestly believe that it was a gut reaction, triggered by “we can fix this” (”we” which he associated with Clarke and L.exa, who he hates). But up until then, Bellamy just wanted to comfort Clarke. I think he really meant his “I’m sorry”. Because he didn’t want her to hurt - he never wanted to do that to Clarke.

Basically, emotions were flying out of the roof in this scene and I was a MESS because of it.


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It’s a short scene, yes, but still manages to make my top five. I love this hug so much (it’s my favourite hug of theirs) because it was so unexpected and exciting when it happened. It’s such a heartwarming reunion and truly demonstrates that, as much as they liked to pretend it wasn’t true, Bellamy and Clarke really did come to care about each other in huge ways back in Season 1 before they got separated.

I love that they don’t even need words to communicate what they’re feeling because they just understand. I love how Clarke just runs into his arms, completely disregarding anything else - not caring about anything but the fact that Bellamy is alive and she missed him so much and she is so relieved. I love how Bellamy hesitates before hugging her, because he can’t believe this is actually happening, because he has come to believe that he is incapable of being loved. But I love even more that he finally hugs her back, now feeling hopeful that maybe that isn’t true - that someone besides his sister might care about him after all. I love that they both put their all into the hug, squeezing so tightly. I love how Bellamy basically lifts Clarke up from the force of his grip. I love how she grins, pure joy written on her face. I love how she nuzzles her face into his shoulder, holding him closer. I love Octavia’s “there’s something I thought I’d never see”. I love Bellamy’s slight little self-deprecating laugh when Octavia says it, how he doesn’t even bother to open his eyes because he honestly could care less about anything but Clarke and god, he missed her way more than he planned. I love how they linger in the hug and when they finally pull away they just have this moment where they are staring into each other’s eyes, happy and relieved they are actually alive and there


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Okay, to be honest, the reason I love this scene so much is because it literally confirms two things: a) Bellamy Blake would do anything to protect Clarke Griffin and b) Clarke Griffin loves Bellamy Blake. But not just because it confirms those things, but it is done in such a masterful and angsty way (this is probably a good time to mention that I am a hoe for angst). 

The parallels are crazy. Everything in this episode is set up so beautifully for the moment where Clarke decides to send Bellamy to the mountain. OUCH.

The first part of the scene that I love is when Bellamy says to Lincoln and Octavia, “he would do anything for her - to protect her. It just makes sense”. HE’S LITERALLY LOOKING AT CLARKE WHEN HE SAYS THIS YOU GUYS. BELLAMY WOULD DO FUCKING ANYTHING FOR HER I AM F I N E. 

But this is demonstrated so nicely earlier in the episode when Bellamy knows the cup out of Clarke’s hand like the Dramatic Hoe that he is and stands between her and Indra’s blade. The dude is whipped.

And then Octavia delivers the line that TOTALLY foreshadows what happens later. She says, “look at the thanks he got” because she knows. She knows that Bellamy is falling in love with Clarke, and she’s worried he’s going to get his heart broken. And she ends up being right. The look on Bellamy’s face when Clarke says “it’s worth the risk” kills me. I’m not even kidding. That hurt like a bitch. And the fact that I know how little self-esteem Bellamy has and how lowly he views himself just breaks my heart. Because when Clarke told him she couldn’t lose him, I know that he felt hope that he might lovable, and then Clarke managed to convince him that it was all just a lie and he’s actually just as worthless to her as he thinks (which is so not true!!). 

What’s so painful about it all is that Bellamy probably will never know what was really happening. How Clarke believed that love was weakness and that, in order to keep Bellamy and her friends safe, she had to cut him loose (even though that logic obviously doesn’t make any sense). He doesn’t know that when she said, “I was being weak” she was actually saying “I love you too much”.

And that’s a goddamn tragedy.

So there you go, nonny. I hope you know that you created a monster. I currently can’t decide if I’m feeling more dead or alive right now. Probably both tbh


chain fic with @m-arichat!

Marinette’s gaze flickered between the window and the clock. Outside, the sun was blazing, and the sky was a clear azure blue.

The school day was almost over, and Marinette couldn’t wait for it to end. She had promised Alya that she would go on a picnic with her, along with Nino and Adrien, as soon as school ended - glancing at Adrien’s empty seat, she hoped he would finish his photoshoot soon enough to join them.

But as she turned her attention to the outside world again, she noticed something unusual. A dark figure flitted into an alleyway across the street. Merely catching sight of something akin to a tail as the figure disappeared, a fleeting thought whispered its way into her head, and her eyebrows creased in confusion.

It couldn’t be. Chat Noir?

There had been an akuma attack earlier that day, so she couldn’t understand why Chat Noir would be out on patrol again; or out at all, for that matter. She hardly even heard the bell as it rang and immediately raced out through the front doors of the school, hearing Alya’s faint yell of protest behind her.

“I’ll catch up, Alya! You and Nino go on ahead!”

He hadn’t gone far. She cornered him an alleyway down, sitting next to a dumpster and fiddling with the ring on his finger with a disgruntled and slightly desperate air about him.

“Chat Noir, are you okay?” asked Marinette, trying her best not to sound too Ladybug-like. “Wasn’t there an akuma attack earlier today? What are you doing?”

He shook his head slightly and bit his lip, raising his hand up towards her. At first she rolled her eyes, thinking that he wanted her to kiss it, before she realised that his ring was flashing far too quickly for it to be normal, stuck on two paws. “It’s broken,” Chat Noir said, his voice sounding taught and worn. “It got hit in the akuma attack earlier, and now I can’t change back.”

@m-arichat you take the reigns, bae!

Sometimes you just want to talk to a certain person. You try and build up the courage. You go to their ask-box and almost start to type, when the nervousness slams you right in the face.

That has happened to everyone at least once.

Well, know this: If that one person follows you, or has even liked some of your posts, there is a chance that exact same thing has happened to them.

They might just be waiting to receive a message from you .


cards against humanity / harry potter edition

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[sherlock edition] [doctor who edition] [supernatural edition]

so yeah i am doing this tutenstein fan comic (clash of the pharaohs rewrite kinda) and i just…

i have to learn about ancient egypt. like legitimately learn about it. i didn’t anticipate this for some reason. why did i not think i would have to learn about it.