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Hii guys! I recently hit 600 followers (!!) and today marks one year since I first started my blog, so I thought I’d do url graphics to celebrate ♥


  • please be following moi
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  • maybe check out my graphics, gifs, and icons? :D
  • preferably have some sort of doctor who themed url! harry potter and asoue is okay too though C:
  • be patient, it might take a while!! ♥

other things

  • this is open until I get too lazy to make any more haha, so feel free to reblog at any time!
  • if you want it done for a sideblog, just say in the tags what blog you’re following me with!
  • if you don’t get a graphic, it doesn’t mean I dislike your url! I’m just doing the ones that inspire me, and some urls are really cool but hard to make a graphic for :C If you like, you can always request a graphic that’s not a url graphic and I will do my best to make it

Happy reblogging!! <3


Night Vale is really good for practicing character design, right? (I only wish I were better at it!) Like so many other fans, my own mental image of the characters is pretty constantly in flux. This is the Carlos I drew tonight, but tomorrow night, I’m certain he’ll look different. =)

I’ve been re-listening to the entire series, which has made me like Carlos a lot more as a character, rather than just as… a plot device? (Which was my initial impression until One Year Later.) He totally starts out like a reluctant action hero, ready to save the town and “figure out just what is going on around here.” But that pretty quickly fades away into general confusion and bad haircuts. And then, well, it’s no surprise that almost dying shifts his perspective on things. And now he’s so well-adjusted to life in Night Vale and he signs text messages with x’s and o’s and he uses gravity going out as a chance to clean the gutters and he thinks a dog is part of what makes a home and just! Man, no wonder Cecil fell in love instantly. Good call on that one, right?

But anyway, he’s also totally like 10, 15 years away from becoming Doc Brown at this point, right? Like, straight up mad scientist. After all, he’s a scientist who studies science. His hair is already graying. He thinks Erlenmeyer flasks represent perfection. He has a danger meter. That measures in fatality units. His perfect hair has to be a little bit more… science-y at this point, right?

  • Jasper: hey man you can die with us if you want ... i mean, just in case you thought you weren't welcome you totally are dude don't even worry - dying's a team sport
  • Bellamy: aw man i wish i could but i got a wife now and she thinks she's going to see me again so
  • Bellamy: *shrugs*
  • Bellamy: besides ... i already packed my chem tent and i need to show off my bangin' new backpack to clarkey
  • Bellamy: see you around sometime tho??? hell maybe???
  • Jasper: nah bitch i'm reincarnating as a weed plant lol u thought-