moi is bored


.the world falls away.

          .the past and the present.

.blend together.

          .there is just you and me.

.and this empty place.

         .in this quiet moment.

.that belongs.

          .only to us.

.to you and to me.

          .and our future.

.looks amazing.

france has the best sugar

okay so idk how other countries do it, but surely y'all can’t top france

i mean first we have this classic one :

saint louis, nice, nice.

but then we have this beautiful, wonderful pink one :

daddy. yes, we have a sugar called daddy. sugar daddy. my whole childhood this was a cute thing. now it took a whole new meaning and i’ll never see it the same again.

listen i’m not trying to say the french sugar industry is daddy louis af, but they sure as hell aren’t denying it.