moi is bored

[Ficlet] ki** me quickly

Short fem!fruk, born of me flipping through a fashion magazine whilst bored and snorting at the latest trends in British make-up styles.


With the yellow, the blue eye-cream is too bright, France decides, tilting her head just so to regard her face in the dressing table’s mirror. Not too bold - she has boldness in armfuls -, but not suited for her complexion at this time of year; the lighting, it washes strange over the warm cream of her skin. Her people are still into blending out their eyeshadow, and the smoky effect on her lids always makes her blue eyes beneath all the more arresting. The blue eye-cream with its yellow contrast is for affront, for alarming, for the pale waifish or dark buxom beauties of the world who want the pop-out scream of pop art.

“Darling,” France says, and tips her head back at one of those pale waifs of contemplation, the woman whose dressing table France is currently raiding out of boredom, “you’re going very seventies again lately, aren’t you? I feel terribly glam rock.”

“You don’t have the haircut,” England informs her blandly, not even bothering to look up at France from where she is sitting cross-legged on her bed and mending a pair of trousers. On a pretty floral duvet without even a hint of sharp glitter in the air. Who is she right now to criticise any French glam rock tendencies? “Try the hippie look instead; if you’re off your face I can dump you at your embassy and get some peace and quiet.”

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.the world falls away.

          .the past and the present.

.blend together.

          .there is just you and me.

.and this empty place.

         .in this quiet moment.

.that belongs.

          .only to us.

.to you and to me.

          .and our future.

.looks amazing.

france has the best sugar

okay so idk how other countries do it, but surely y'all can’t top france

i mean first we have this classic one :

saint louis, nice, nice.

but then we have this beautiful, wonderful pink one :

daddy. yes, we have a sugar called daddy. sugar daddy. my whole childhood this was a cute thing. now it took a whole new meaning and i’ll never see it the same again.

listen i’m not trying to say the french sugar industry is daddy louis af, but they sure as hell aren’t denying it.