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interstellar, a zodiac series: 5/13
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“Effort makes you. You will regret someday if you don’t do your best now. Don’t think it’s too late but keep working on it. It may take time, but there’s nothing that gets worse due to practising. So practise.” —  Jeon Jeongguk


MCU Ladies Week | Day 2: Unsung Hero | Raina

Who doesn’t like flowers?

Fight me.  At the end of the day, the tiny girl in the flower dress was in fact a hero.  She did some pretty non-heroic things along the way but in my humble and very biased opinion she was never a villain, only an antagonist, and while her being a gorgeous, slightly mystifying woman of color means that fandom at large has never rushed to romanticize her, it makes her just that more compelling.  Raina was self-interested by necessity (nobody else was going to take care of her if she didn’t take care of herself) and chaotic neutral to a fault, but she also wanted to be more, to be special.  Even though a rebuilt SHIELD Wall of Valor probably won’t sport her name and there might not be anyone to plant flowers at the grave she doesn’t have, she went out nobly to help our Daisy grow, and I can’t imagine a more appropriate resolution (if there indeed had to be one, which there did because Ruth got another job, but if that doesn’t pan out I would love a surprise twist not-really-dead!-line) or more beautiful redemption than that.