Exclusive Stylesight Video: Mohsin And His Machines

Denim History with Mohsin Sajid of 'Endrime'

Last week, Mohsin gave us a whirlwind on denim history, with everything from how he started to the ins and outs of ‘proper denim’.
Mohsin started in the world of work with an internship with a store on the prestigious Saville row. To say he did well would be a tremendous understatement as he left as a senior designer for the company. This catapulted him into fashion and he then went onto work all over the world, including places like Italy, Germany and DKNY jeans in Asia. He currently consults for Timberland and of course his own company - Endrime.

There’s no doubt that Mohsin has a passion for Jeans. In fact i’m not sure I’ve met anyone quite so passionate about anything! Before his talk I was completely unaware of the intricate details of jeans. The purpose of rivets for example and the fascinating history behind them. I didn’t know how jeans were made, the different types and what makes a good pair. He stood firm in his belief that any good pair of jeans would have any overlocking, which is completely different to anything I’ve been taught. However,  he did back it up and showed how they can be finished to a higher standard without.

Mohsin brought around four tables worth of full jean samples to illustrate each point he made with a chance to examine them at the end. The scratch a sniff raspberry jeans and glow in the dark pair were a big hit from his friends company, 'Naked and Famous’.

Part of his concept is to create jeans that are ergonomically designed and fit perfectly without having to be worn it at the knees for example. He creates darts at the knee bend to allow extra movement. Mohsin also has an eye for detail and adds touches like burnt leather branded tags, leather backed rivets, sketch style drawings of each machine that’s been used to make that pair of jeans and a washing diary.