“In July of 2011, I promoted and performed at show for a friend’s album release promo tour.

I had a few fellow brethren musicians come stay at my house and we set up a pro tools studio and promptly got to work. The day after the show my voice was completely shot but we only had two more nights together to get any more studio work done. I was with my brother Cornbread aka Corn tha Coon (Andre Middleton) and my boy from Vegas, Hapz Onthabeat (Matt Knake), and jokingly said I didn’t care a jot about having a voice.

I’d create a character called Whispers the kid, the illest hitman that ever lived! We all laughed and then realized we had something brilliant. A few funky chords on the guitar, some synths, programmed drums and Live bass guitar riffs later, we had the perfect soundtrack to bring whispers to life. Hapz and I spent the night into the sunrise hours writing and perfecting the simple verses to perfectly illustrate this character into something visual to the ear. A fun one off single has now become the focus of a conceptual project or a series of characters for what we now describe as an Audible Novella. Graphic comic books for your ears and imagination.

In early 2013, Hapz was back in town and stayed with my family and I for a couple months. We completely dissected the tracking and went back in with careful data cleaning and tightening up the project for what had become the master copy.” -Mohrer Les


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The Legend Of Whispers The Kidd by @mohrerles

Artwork by 96

Original Production By: The Eyes-Lo Brothers’ Production Unit
“Cornbread” A. Middleton - Rhythm Guitar, Bass Guitar, intro and additional vocals
“Hapz Onthabeat” M. Knake - Main Guitar, Lead Guitar, Keys/Synths, Percussions
“Mohrer Les” L. Westfall II - Drum Programming, Composer
Written by - A. Middleton, L. Westfall II, M. Knake
Peformed by - L. Westfall II aka Mohrer Les aka Whispers the Kidd
Intro/additional vocals by Cornbread aka Corn tha Coon aka Cornfucius.

All rights reserved. Affluent Loser Music/Cosmonostro - 2011/2013