The deterioration of Lusamine’s mental state


As I’m playing through the game, I really starting to feel for her. I imagine younger/stabler Lusamine had less shieldy hair up until Mohn warped off into ultra space. After that, her hair got cocoon-ier as more family started leaving her – as if to shield her. In that same logic, Gladion probably takes after his mom more since he too has half his face covered (which I assume happened after running away with Null)

Pokemon Sun and Moon Character Summary (SPOILERS)

Mom: *waves as child leaves to fight evil man-eating beasts from another dimension with supernatural powers all alone* this is fine

Faba: lean green science bean

Gladion: edgy teen

Lillie: Nebby plz

Kukui: my body is ready

Guzma: it’s ya boi

Plumeria: don’t touch my 38 siblings

Ilima: I swear I’m a guy

Kiawe: do you even lift bro

Lusamine: crazy jellyfish woman

Mohn: dad of the year: never


Nanu: I hate everything kill me plz

Hau: sugar rush in human form

Red: …

Blue: u liek

Colress: *playing pokemon go*

Grimsley: what do you mean there isn’t a bar in Alola


Wicke: thicke


Anabel: wait why am I here

Mallow: Cilan’s female form

Lana: dat rare bone tho

Sophocles: we should be fine- oH JESUS-

Acerola: spoopy

Olivia: discount Steven Stone

Hapu: them darn skull hooligans be trippin’

Kahili: missing golf commentator

Oak: pUN


Sun: um

Moon; *pulls out fan and fans self* oh dear

You know, everyone always dwells on Lusamine’s abusiveness towards Lillie and Gladion, which definitely makes sense, but like there’s one major thing that I’d like to point out. Lillie and Gladion lost BOTH of their parents around the same time. Like, Mohn goes missing (apparently), and then they probably had some issues there because their dad is suddenly gone, and then freaking Lusamine starts getting abusive with them right when they need some support. Heck, right when SHE needs some support. And you know what? Those kids kept trucking right along, albeit painfully, with neither of their parents really present in their lives.

I mean, they kinda had Wicke? But she definitely couldn’t be there enough to give the structure that kids really need to grow up into healthy human beings. And actually, they did a REALLY good job growing up into healthy human beings. Sure, they definitely show the signs of abuse (Lillie not changing her clothes for a while, apologizing profusely for using any of you m/cs time, Gladion being very emotionally reserved, etc), but for the most part they know they were treated badly and didn’t deserve it, and are ready to move on from the past and start new relationships.

In conclusion, Lillie and Gladion are tough as nails and definitely need some hugs. And maybe a visit from their gosh darn dad out in his gosh darn bean field.

Just realized that Mohn, the guy who runs Pokepelago, is Lillie and Gladion’s dad. He’s got the hair, the eyes, the whole “my husband found out about UBs and alternate universes”, the fact he lives in a computer realm(???)

I’m just losing it though because while all the sad family angst was going on for who knows how long, their dad was just living it up on some islands in the middle of nowhere with pokemon 

Eating beans.