Do you know what it feels like to be mentally ill? To have your mind manipulated by something you have no control over. To constantly think about stuff you don’t want to think about. To always feel like there’s something wrong with you, something bad. And because you’re so scared of your own mind, you’re also too scared to ask for help, but you know you need it. You know there’s no way you can do it all by yourself. Thinking it’s all your fault, thinking people are better off without someone like you.

That’s how Even feels. That’s what he’s trying so hard to hide from his Isak. Because Even’s own mind is his enemy that even he is scared of, so he’ll try to protect Isak from himself.

So, to everyone talking shit about Even because of his mental illness, fucking leave. Being mentally ill is not a choice or something to joke about. Even just needs some help. And that’s okay. Despite it being for various reasons, we all do, we all need a little help sometimes.


skam this is the best thing to happen in 2016 😍😍😍

I just wish everyone would show some respect. You don’t have to like or enjoy SKAM, but then for fucks sake keep your opinion to yourself. Damn.

There are so many people out there who you are actually offending with what you’re saying. Is it really that hard to keep negative shit to yourself? Like and enjoy the things you like, and let us like and enjoy the things we do.

SKAM really doesn’t deserve all this bullshit. It’s such an amazing tv show that has taught me more about respect, equal rights, feminism, friendship, love and many more very important things than anything or anyone ever has. And if you don’t feel the same way, that’s perfectly fine, but don’t fucking harass people who didn’t ask for it.

The thing with Skam is that it’s able to tell emotional stories that are totally realistic. 
Eva is just a messy girl in love. She’s insecure and she makes a lot of mistakes, but she costantly tries to be a better person. She tries so hard that eventually she takes the most difficult decision: she give up her love to find herself.
Noora is been abandoned by her first love and she’s so scared to love again that she hides behind several layers of sarcasm and hostility. She has to learn again how to trust someone else.
Isak has to face with the separation of his parents and the illnes of her mother. He finds the courage to come out with his family and friends. He falls in love with a boy and has to learn how to help him with his bipolar disorder.
There aren’t absurd plot twists.
There isn’t unnecessary drama.
They are regular teenagers struggling with normal problems.
Skam is so incredible because it shows there aren’t more interesting stories than real life.


You’re a bit brainy.
I llike that. I think it’s hot.

skam means shame

In the first season Eva felt shame for being with Jonas and hurting Ingrid, for not knowing who she is and for not having her shit together basically. By the end of the season Eva realises that she no longer needs to let Ingrid make her feel bad about Jonas nor will she let her mistakes destroy her life. She also realises (as she tells Isak) that she doesn’t have to know who she is and she can find that out later on, hence her and Jonas breaking up. She makes friends and in the second season we see Eva growing and making some bad decisions but still progressing and trying to find who she is. By the third season Eva seems to be in a better place, despite the fact that we haven’t seen much of her (yes making out with PChris is a better place he’s vvv pretty. trash but pretty)

In the second season, Noora feels shame because of her feelings for William. At first she doesn’t want to acknowledge them but once he tries to walk away she understands that she doesn’t need to feel shame for her feelings, in front of him, at least. Then, she feels shame for hiding her relationship with William from her friends, especially Vilde, and because she knows being with William is going to look like she’s doing everything she’s against. Yet, by the end of the season she tells all her friends and makes herself vulnerable in front of William in order to make him realise he can’t leave. She tells him that people need people. She admits that she needs him as much as he needs her. We also see her feeling shame about the situation with Nikolai and this quickly makes us realise Vilde is not who we thought she was, as she says that in no way this was Noora’s fault and that she should’ve gone to the hospital the minute she thought she might’ve been raped. We see Noora completely destroy Nikolai, overcoming her shame. There’s also the incident where she was tricked into having sex at 13 and then abandoned which she then confides to her best friends.

Now season 3. Obviously, we have Isak feeling shame for his sexuality. At first he hurts Eskild with his words and says homophobic things in front of his friends just to overcompensate because he hasn’t accepted himself. However, we see him completely comfortable when he’s alone with Even and when he comes out to Jonas instead of closing in on himself, we realise that he’s beginning to overcome his shame. By the 7th episode, Isak is almost completely comfortable and we see him spend his days and nights with Even, posting pictures and being cute af. Then the 8th episode happened. For now, we can only speculate that the shame is coming from Even about his mental illness and we’re possibly going to see him try to make Isak realise that his feelings are real. Or we possibly might see Isak feeling shame for not accepting his mum and Even for their mental illness despite having been so worried that someone might not accept him for his sexuality. We might see him overcome that shame by reaching out to Even, as he did with his mum.

just some thoughts.

Despite all the fuckery Skam is putting us through right now, I’m just so happy about the way they portray an lgbt relationship. They treat them like they’re no different from straight couples, no hate from any friends, no nasty comments, no hiding. The fact that Even was so proud to say “My beautiful.” to a complete stranger and that Isak just posts the cutest pictures on his Instagram, it shows how proud they are to be with each other. How proud they are to be who they are. Like they should be. Like everyone should be. And I’m really thankful to Skam for making me realise that we must all be proud. Because love, is just love.
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SKAM. "You're so fucking beautiful, you know that?", Chris murmured with a small grin, his eyes shining with mischief, as he gazed upon the girl in his arms. Man, he was smitten. How the hell did that happen? Chris/Eva