IT’S OFFICIALLY FRESH FRIDAY!!  i guess i’m the one who’s kicking this off, huh…

Angela, you were my partner, i hope you enjoy!  ♥  i know you like Red and Green quite a bit, heehee–which turned out to be appropriately in the holiday spirit, at least color scheme-wise!  

and once again, a super huge thank you to Suppi and Rachael for putting this together for the second year in a row, taking it upon themselves to organize a big endeavor like this and just being lovely friends in general, mwah~

Time to Get Reading

Time to Get Reading

In my push to work on Hecate Applebough 1, 2, & 3, my poetry has been getting somewhat short shrift.  True, Cate is a poet, so I include some of “her” poems in the text, but as for my own (“real”) poems, I’ve hit a dry patch, which tells me I need to begin a Reading Phase.  (Either that, or I need to win a trip back to Venice, but I don’t see that happening any time soon.)  Reading poetry is…

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