“We’re bringing out the fine details in the embroidered clothing: if you look closely you can almost see individual stitches,” Mohit Kallianpur adds. “We’re trying to mimic the properties of different kinds of materials. If it’s silk, is it a rougher, raw silk of a shinier, smoother silk? That’s going to give us a really rich look.”

The artist never lost sight of the fact that the costumes, however intricate, had to support the characters and the story. Ying says, “Whenever Mike would do a color pass for us on the costumes, his choices were bold and the shapes were completely readable. No matter how much detail you put on them, it would never overwhelm that basic graphic shape.”

The Art of Disney’s Frozen, Charles Solomon

Getting Out The Campzone: The Bachelorette Season Premiere Recap

Sweet. Sour. Sassy. Classy. 

That’s our girl, Rachel.

Rachel is more beautiful than Cinderella. She smells like pine needles and has a face like sunshine.

The journey for Rachel to find a mate is officially underway and even though these men were hand-picked for her, she will still need to weed through the losers to find the love of her life.

And there are losers galore: a ticklemonster, a Whaboom! guy, an aspiring drummer and a dude named Jamey who hates women.

Some of these aforementioned were among the lucky few to get their own video packages.

-Kenny is a father to his beautiful 10-year-old daughter by day, and a professional wrestler called the “prettyboy pitbull” by night. So essentially, he barks, he bites and he’s good at cuddling.

-Jack Stone is a lawyer from Texas who has the potential to be the world’s most boring speaker right behind Ben Stein. His mother passed away from cancer when he was in high school, so he has a tragic story. The best part about him is that he has a labradoodle.

-Alex is a self-described beefy nerd. He says he likes to hit the weights at the gym but also code on the computer. He grilled some kebobs with his Russian mother, who said in Russian that he is only allowed to kiss Rachel on the cheek.

-Mohit is a startup guy, so I am assuming he must be really good at ping pong. He likes to bollywood dance with his family, and they all seemed like a fun family to be around.

-Lucas, aka Whaboom! I respect his dedication to the brand, but he’s going to have an aneurysm shaking his head that aggressively one day, and I don’t want to witness it on my television screen.

-Blake says he’s a personal trainer but his bio says drummer boy, so I already can’t trust him. Blake claims that since working out increases his testosterone, he is great at sex. I’m sorry but I don’t care about his (probably small) penis.

-Diggy is a nickname this man (I don’t know his real name) received after someone complimented his style. “Hey, I like your digs,” they said. Some may say having 500 pairs of shoes is materialistic, but Carrie Bradshaw would say it’s a lifestyle.

-Josiah probably had the most heartbreaking story. At age seven he cut his dead brother down from the rope he used to hang himself. As a troubled youth, he decided to get into crime and was arrested at age 12 for burglary. He was inspired by the people who helped him turn his life around, so he became just like them. Now he is a prosecuting attorney at the same center that helped him. How can that story not warm up your heart?

The Squad Gets Back Together

Usually the show brings in former Bachelorettes to give advice to the new one. Instead, they brought in some of Rachel’s friends from The Bachelor like Whitney, who tried to convince us that she actually knows how to speak. I for one am not buyin’ it.

The robot pretending to be Whitney said she heard the second guy Rachel met on After The Final Rose has bad intentions. It was either Blake or Greg. I am unsure.

This is Raven adorably getting emotional when discussing Rachel’s journey to find love.

Imagine Rachel did get to meet the former Bachelorettes, though? Her, Andi and Kaitlyn could all go into a corner and talk shit about Nick Viall. I would love to be a fly on that wall.

Limo Entrances

I am going to discuss ones that deserve discussing. Obviously the first person out the limo is typically a big interest of the lead and that person usually (not always) plays a big part in the season. Let’s meet first-out-the-limo guy and everyone else worth talking about:

  • Peter, aka “Daddy,” was first out the limo. I normally wouldn’t like a guy wearing an outfit that belongs on a waiter in Las Vegas, but Peter can wear anything. I just want to thank him for existing.

He looks like a movie star from the 1940s. Is this love at first sight?

  • Bryan went up to Rachel and started speaking Spanish. Apparently he’s a Columbian guy who called himself “trouble.” I’m into it, and apparently so is Rachel.
  • Will came out the limo as Steve Urkel, slipped on the ground and said “Oh, did I do that?” He ran back into the limo and came back out as Stefan Urquelle. It was probably the most creative limo entrance ever. Rachel got the reference right away because she’s Rachel. Will is probably already in love.
  • Fred had the most hilarious entrance I’ve ever seen. Rachel was his camp counselor 15 years ago, so he brought out a yearbook and showed old pictures of him and Rachel. Rachel said Fred was a bad kid growing up. Most people get friendzoned at some point in their lives. Some even get sexzoned. Fred, however, got campzoned. What will it take to get Fred out of the camp zone? Stay tuned…
  • Jonathan, in typical ticklemonster fashion, tickled Rachel. Apparently he is a doctor in real life. I feel like tickling someone is some sort of violation. Like I said earlier, we will see this guy on the sex offender registry in due time.
  • Alex came in with a vacuum and I literally JUST understood his reference as I am typing it out. His entrance was an homage to Rachel dancing while vacuuming in her video package on The Bachelor. Well played, sir, well played.
  • Matt wore a penguin outfit and was quite adorable. He explained that penguins mate for life, which is what he says he wants to do. He said he’s gonna “waddle right into her heart.”
  • Mohit used the most basic best man wedding speech in existence as his opening line. If you didn’t work at a wedding hall for three years and haven’t heard this at basically every wedding ever, let me explain. Almost every best man at a wedding has the groom put his hand over his wife’s hand. He then says “This is the last time you will ever have the upper hand in the relationship. Enjoy it.” Negative 10 points for originality.
  • Lucas, the Whaboom! guy, was all sorts of extra. First he rolled down the window with a megaphone and did his best Bruce Buffer impression. I didn’t want to know that Lucas has one testicle bigger than the other, but now I do. What will I do with this source of information? Suppress it, probably. Lucas then shows us what Whaboom! really means, and it’s not pretty. Let’s just say there’s a reason why Lucas looks like he is recovering from a stoke. Whabooming! is a violent activity.

Originally posted by lanadelgarbage

My reaction after witnessing what a Whaboom! is.

The Goings On In The Mansion

Some worthwhile observations…

Blake is clearly this season’s villain and Whaboom! guy is the token weirdo for the first few episodes. Blake’s presence already annoys me. He’s no Chad. Chad was at least funny.

Mohit took one for the team and was the one who got completely hammered on night one. He was so drunk that he grabbed someone else’s drink out of their hand and started drinking it.

Josiah, Alex and DeMario have already developed a friendship. I hereby name them the “Goon Squad” for being a bunch of clowns. DeMario keept calling Rachel his future wife and Josiah was announcing that he probably will get the first impression rose. I believe at one point Josiah asked, “Who has had time with my wife?” Alex is just guilty by association.

Fred by far had the best interaction with Rachel: 

  • Rachel: “Frederick. I can’t”
  • Fred: “Yeah, you can.”

Rachel says she knew Fred as a third grader and can’t get past that memory. If the guy is hot enough, I think she could do it. If she can’t get past it, that probably means she’s not interested and Fred will remain forever in the Campzone.

Bryan pulled Rachel to the side to have a private talk. Right out the bat, Bryan tells her he is 37 years old, wants something serious and doesn’t want to waste her time. Oh, he also says “I’m good with my hands.” Ya know, because he’s a chiropractor. 

Just showing some appreciation for Bryan’s face.

The two were flirting back and forth. It felt really genuine like they met at a bar or something. Bryan just went for it and grabbed her face to give her an aggressive face readjustment. A+ for grabbing her face like that. You go, Glen Coco.

Peter said in an ITM that he likes Rachel because they both have a gap in their teeth and honestly that is the cutest thing I’ve ever heard. He brought chocolate from Wisconsin for her and she confessed that she didn’t like chocolate but said she would eat it anyway. Why? Because Peter is fine as hell so you gotta do what you gotta do.

I also observed that Kenny is hilarious. For example, this line: “If she chooses Whaboom! guy, we need to re-examine what we think is fly.”

When the time comes for Rachel to give out her first impression rose, she doesn’t give it to the over-confident Josiah, she gives it to Bryan. They kiss again with a hammered Mohit accidentally witnessing the entire thing. 

  • Here’s a shot of them kissing that didn’t look like Bryan’s tongue was searching for the Chamber of Secrets down Rachel’s throat.

Good thing Mohit was blackout drunk so he was likely physically incapable of snitching. Too bad Bryan later snitches on himself on the Ellen date. 

Rose Ceremony

The first rose is always super important. That person usually plays a big part in the season.

Peter got the first rose. This, on top of him being first out of the limo, is pretty big. Producers are pushing Peter on us hard. 

Will aka Stefan got the second rose. Soft-spoken Jack Stone got the third. I think Anthony, the deep-thinking bald guy, got the fourth rose.

Producers picked Whaboom! guy to stay to 1. entertain us and 2. piss off Blake. I’m just scared Lucas is going to hurt his neck Whabooming! At least Bryan will be there to work his chiropractor magic if need be. Imagine getting adjusted by Bryan? There is no way I’d be able to relax. 

By the time several of the guys get eliminated, it’s daylight outside. It looks like it’s around noon. 

Blake K. the hot asian went home. Apparently he asked to leave early because his grandfather is sick. Dammit, ABC, put him on Paradise. He might be too good for the show, but I still need to see more of him.

Grant, the ugly Dan Humphrey also went home.

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Another eliminated guy cried about how he spent so much money on outfits and now no one will be able to see them. It was kind of funny but, I hate that I was able to relate to this so much.

So there you have it folks. The real fun starts on Monday once the group dates are underway. I also promise the upcoming recaps won’t be the length of a short novel. I need to get back into my blogging groove.

Prediction Corner: Top 5

  • Peter
  • Bryan
  • Kenny
  • Will
  • Jack Stone

Who do you think will get the 1-on-1 next week? 

Exclusive: Barun Sobti says his character in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3 is unapologetically dark

Shweta Keshri  ||  May 27, 2017 | UPDATED 18:08 IST || Link to original article

When Barun Sobti asked for a black coffee with no sugar, it instantly reminded me of ASR. Not Advay but Arnav Singh Raizada from Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon. Who can forget the angry young man from the first installment of Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon, that made Barun Sobti a household name.

The actor looked cool in a simple black t-shirt and blue jeans.

In an exclusive chat with India Today Digital, the actor reveals about his role in his upcoming show Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3 and more.

You will be back on TV after five years. What took you so long?

When I had quit, at that time I wanted to travel with my wife (Pashmeen Manchanda) and spend some time with her. After that, I took things as it came. So I did films, short films and a web series. This (Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3) concept was the first that I liked.

Are you choosy about your projects?

Thankfully, I have the liberty to be (choosy). I have a very adjusting family. They are not like ja paise le ke aa types. (laughs)

Tell us about your character Advay Singh Raizada.

Advay is a science professor. He is not much of a nice guy. I can’t call him grey because he is not at all considerate of the society. He is out and out a dark character. He is unapologetically dark because of the things happened to him.

What made you say yes to the show?

When I was being briefed about the character of Advay, I was thinking in my head that this is very wrong what he is doing. So, when is he going to do the good things. That’s when my producers told that’s where the whole challenge of the casting comes in. We have to hire an actor that will make this character look compelled enough to do this. Where people when they watch you, they think if I was in his place, probably I would have done the same thing. That was one thing that really struck me and got me excited about the role.

How different is Advay from Arnav?

Arnav had found a way to hide his misery behind his work. Arnav never really dealt with his problem, he never liked to talk about his parents. Basically, that was what ate him up and that was what the whole character was about. Advay, on the other hand, refuses to stop thinking about it and his whole agenda lies around his past life. He is not like he will not talk about it. He will talk about it and he will react and behave based on what has happened in his past life. His agenda is very clear.

What sort of homework do you do before getting into the character?

I have read a lot about the character – the back stories, character traits, correlations with the other characters, screenplay and the script. I have given it a lot of thought. I do play the scenes again and again in my head and improve on what I thought initially.

You take interest in your character and the story. What part of film-making interests you the most?

This is a very difficult question. I have directed on behalf of my directors a few times. But I have not directed with credit of course. Directing is a very-very difficult job. With respect to keeping your sanity, the more you are dedicated to your job, the more you think about it. And there is so much to think about for the director. I don’t know if I am prepared right now or not, but somewhere down the line, I would like to do it. That’s the plan, actually. I really hope I can.

You left television because you felt stressed out. Are you now ready get into the daily soap mode?

I am totally committed to this show. I don’t know how many people know this but at the time  I had signed the first show with my producer saying I will do this only for a year. But at that time I was not good with paperwork. But this show is going to be finite series, which will run for a year, hopefully.

Sanaya and Mohit are a part of Nach Baliye. Are you following the show?

Of course, peet degi yaar agar follow nahi karenge.

You have been a part of TV, films, web series and a play. Which medium you find most difficult and why?

Plays are definitely the most difficult of them all. They are entirely a different category altogether. I don’t have the courage to try out plays. I am not ready to be laughed at, right now. A lot of respect to people who do theatre but I wouldn’t make a good theatre actor is what I feel.

You like reading. What kind of books interests you more?

I like to read non-fiction. I like to be aware of the cultural and political setup of our country and the world. Currently, I am reading Mihir Bose’s The Indian Spy. It’s about a secret agent who was spying during the second world war for five countries including India.

Fans are crazy about you. Anyone, you are a big fan of?

No, no. I am not a crazy person. I think the craziest thing I have ever done was when I saw Sachin Tendulkar for the first time. I had a very difficult time fathoming the courage to walk up to him and shake hands. That’s my crazy. I am actually boring.

What do you miss the most about Delhi?

I miss the Delhi winters the most.

Your favourite hangout place in Delhi?

It used to be Friday’s in Connaught Place. It’s shut now.

Your fans were eagerly awaiting Satya Ki Kiran. It got shelved. What exactly went wrong?

I don’t know what went wrong. I am guessing they (the makers) were not happy with how it turned out. We had shot just the first episode of the show.

Tanhaiyan was magical. How was your experience shooting for the series?

Woah! It was awesome. It was a very quick 29 days. I had very very good experience.

How does your wife Pashmeen deal with all the female attention coming your way?

She’s a very wise woman. She doesn’t think about it like that. She knows what the reality of our world is. There’s nothing to handle basically. (smiles)

I’m intrigued about what kind of a character Sobti, the guy who brought us Arnav Singh Raizada, thinks is dark. I also liked Sobti’s take on Arnav. I think it sheds a lot of light on how he played Arnav and how he’s approaching Advay.

I am loving the idea of a science professor, not gonna lie.