mohini banjaree

Lemonade Mouth AU

because I’m the biggest piece of trash

  • Keith as “Olivia White, the lead singer of the band. She was a shy girl without any friends but eventually made friends with everyone in the band” 
  • Lance as “Wendell “Wen” Gifford, the pianist and also a rapper of the band” 
  • Hunk as “Stella Yamada. Stella was seen as a weird girl by everyone at first. She was the person who brought the band together.”
  • Pidge as “Charles “Charlie” Delgado. Charlie has an older brother that everyone thought is perfect. Charlie had to play soccer because of that, but he got into detention and met the bandmates. He’s the drummer of the band”
  • Shiro as “Mohini “Mo” Banjaree, an Indian girl who was afraid of her dad. She’s the bassist of the band”
  • Allura as “Scott Pickett, Mo’s boyfriend, a successful guitarist from Mudslide Crush.”
  • Matt as Tommy Delgado, Pidge’s perfect older brother. 
  • They meet in detention. Keith is in for skipping class, Lance is in for public disturbance, Shiro skipped class to be with Allura while she was playing a set, Pidge, honestly, for trying too hard, and Hunk for public disturbance. 
  • Lance has had a low-key crush on Keith for the past semester or so, but has never said anything. He betters himself to compare to Keith. 
  • Shiro doesn’t want to lead the life of the traditional Japanese man that his parents want, with an arranged marriage and a structured life. He just wants to be free. 
  • Allura makes him feel free, but Ray who is Sendak, makes him think Allura cheated on him with someone else. 
  • Their band is called, you guessed it, Voltron, but it was actually a verbal spat with Sendak that made them think of it - something about transformers, and calling them geeks? 
  • Keith has an anxiety disorder, which makes it really hard for him to perform on stage. 
  • Pidge is trans, which is half the reason his parents are convinced he’ll never make it as good as Matt did
    • Matt is at school for engineering
  • Hunk, the gentlest of all of them, makes a speech about basic human rights and self expression at the Bash. He might be the most surprised out of all of them that he actually went through with it. 
  • Things at the Bash are great, until the Principle, Zarkon, shuts everything down. 
  • Their song, still Determinate, is on the radio, every is awesome. 
  • Shiro gets sick, Pidge breaks his fingers when he angrily closes the cabinet where he keeps his drumsticks, Lance injures his eye when he loses control of a picture frame after he becomes shocked at the news of his father when he asked him to be his best man in his marriage (his father picked him, out of all of his siblings), and Keith loses his voice after arguing with Lance for complaining about his father’s girlfriend.
  • Hunk protests the removal of their food goo machine: it’s gross, but it’s theirs. 
  • They get temporarily detained.
  • The next day, at Rising Star, everything sucks, but fans support them, and Allura joins them on stage to help. 
  • At Hunk’s dad’s wedding, Hunk meets Mel, also known as Coran. For whatever reason, he agrees to buy the music hall, and everything is resolved pretty well. 
  • Keith writes it all down and sends it to his imprisoned father, Thace.
  • Lance brings Keith a kitten named Red after his cat dies. 

Klance, Shallura, and defiant against the system Hunk. What more could you want? 

Mohini “Mo”Banjaree

Mohini “Mo” Banjaree is an intelligent, shy, rocking and a goody two-shoes kind of girl. She strives to please her father, but when he’s out of sight, she’s ready to rock. She’s eager to trade in her preppy sweaters and pleated skirts for short dresses and heels. She has a clear passion to express who she is. “Mo is practical, very bright, a talented violinist and under the thumb of her very strict father. Once at school, though, Mo trades in her sensible sweater set for trendy dresses and her violin in for a guitar. She is the ex-girlfriend of Scott Pickett.

Faceclaim/Playby: Naomi Scott