You guys really seemed to like the other comic I made, so here are a couple more ideas that didn’t make the cut.

And some Lotor in the spirit of new season 3 information!

Thank you guys for all your sweet words and compliments. I hope you enjoy these bonus scenes as much as you loved the original comic. GBFs (Gay Best Friends), Keith and Lance, appreciate it too.

Shelley Niro | The Rebel. 1991

In Niro’s ‘The Rebel’ the artist’s mother, June Chiquita Doxtater, poses coquettishly atop the the trunk of the family car. This image pokes fun of how the media’s use of women’s bodies while also layering the context of an Indigenous body.  Commenting on how the media portrays Indigenous women and the on going racialized and sexualized violence experienced by Indigenous women–experiences that greatly go unreported within the mainstream.

themes of humour and the unexpected are often found within Niro’s work, in doing so offering the viewer an opportunity to rethink their knowledge of Indigenous people.

According to Niro, this work was an act of liberation born of tension following the first Gulf War and the Mohawk defense of Kanesatake against the Quebec Provincial Police and then the Canadian military (popularly known as the Oka crisis).


(via The Spirit of Light in Syracuse | by Vicki Jauron | Flickr)

Eastman Johnson (1824-1906)
“Hiawatha” (1857)
Pastel drawing

Hiawatha was a pre-colonial Native American leader and co-founder of the Iroquois Confederacy. Depending on the version of the narrative, he was a leader of the Onondaga, or the Mohawk, or both. According to some versions, he was born an Onondaga, but adopted into the Mohawk.

Here’s Leonard the Rhydon, Don Q the Scizor, and Delta the Feralitgatr! I was orignally just gonna draw Delta but I felt like doing the trio haha. Leonard consider himself the smart leader but he’s really too rash and angry to lead well. Don Q (who looks way angrier than usual here cuz i wanted him to post cool xD) is charming and genuinely nice, he likes sportz and wants to be an actor. And Delta (who lost his left hand in an accident) is an eternal frat boy, loud, rude, tries to make everything a joke. Leonard has a crush and Delta and they eventually get together and are happy though XDD Leonard forever holds a grudge against Bergot for stealing his former crush, Leith Jr. haha)

Also I uploaded my favorite tomodachi life song i made, about Delta.

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