mohawk dude


Some interesting dead things I found on our trip

- deformed antler set (I ended up buying this one, I’ll make a post about things I bought later)

- cow skull with some sort of tacky sealant, and spots that looked like they were drawn on with a sharpie? Also the horns weren’t actually…part of that skull. They had busted holes into each side of the skull, filled them with a dark grey putty, shoved the horns on, and painted around them to match the bone. This whole thing was a mess.

- A Jacob’s sheep skull!!! Sadly not for sale

- a glass cabinet stuffed full of random bones and those keychains with bugs in them. I almost bought a tiny preserved turtle, but I ended up buying a small snapper shell instead

- a caribou and a gnarly looking boar with an impressive mohawk. These cool dudes were in the same building

- an alligator purse!!! It was pretty old and fragile, but if it had been in better working order I would have snatched it up in a heartbeat

- there was also a very sad looking mink that I didnt get a picture of. It was just an empty skin with glass eyes, but they had propped him up with a doll stand. He had on a checkered scarf and was holding a tiny wine bottle and a green helmet. The tag said “Indy 500 themed mink” and it was far too expensive.

I saw a ton of taxidermy this weekend, but these were my favorites lol

okay, so space economies

{spoilers i guess}

jupiter ascending’s economy is kind of a wierdly literal transposition of actual capitalism as a meat grinder to serve the elite, and ‘the elite’ is a fuzzy delineation that doesn’t only mean the literal nobility, but rather anyone with enough cash to buy in

like, anime girl and feathered mohawk dude traded jupiter to margaery tyrell for a case of soylent longevity, they’re just mercenaries but they did a job for life extension energy drinks, which, of course they did it’s the spice melange and they already soylented those people and a merc takes an opportunity when it comes along

but are they responsible, even in some small way, for the system that literally grinds people up and turns them into allegorical iphones? how broadly can we distribute guilt beyond the abrasax family heirs themselves?

more pointedly, this is a universe with people refineries and a bureacracy planet and farms of humans, and what else? there’s space cops and a military and margaery appears to have a flower planet, but who builds all this machinery, and if soylent blue is the product, what’s the actual currency? the only people we see being paid are anime girl and featherhawk and they get paid in soylent blue.

are they stockpiling soylent to stay alive and earn more real money? or do they need soylent to pay for maintenance on their ship, jetbike, and hair styling?

i just watched john wick, which posits an amazing underground world where assassins and cleaners and professional thieves and whatnot, are both paid in and pay for all their infrastructure with gold coins - there’s a whole sub-economy built up around what a single coin is worth in various contexts

the dune parallels are here too, with the spice melange both extending life for the masses and expanding consciousness for the elites, literally fuelling ftl space travel via guild navigator’s psychic magic spacefold techniques

except, soylent blue in jupiter ascending is a monoproduct that only does the one thing, evidently. the universe would make more sense if it was both life extension //and// power source for all the amazing space technology, but it’s not - instead you have fourteen thousand year old margaery bathing in the stuff to stay young so she can enjoy her amazing space technology //longer//, rather than //at all//

it all feels very like the riddick-verse, where by all evidence the entire economy of the galaxy is based around the offering and collection of bounty heads by the for-profit prison industry. city sized prisons as common as civilian colonies, a whole merc subculture with distributed infrastructure and a dedicated communications network, people hunting fugitives across the galaxy because the prisons will pay top dollar for a big enough name convict - and it all makes a kind of sense until you wonder where the hell the prisons even get the money in the first place. for lack of an apparent central government, it would appear to be taxing the general population as an extended protection racket, which suggests that a not-insignificant number of bounty heads are in fact just debtors

so jupiter ascending has a galactic monoculture built around a monoproduct, and what that product does (immortality) explains why everyone wants it, but not //how they manage to pay for it// or what most of them, who don’t own garden planets or baroque starliners, actually do for a living

also the farm planets don’t even make a profit for the nobles until they’re harvested every few millennia, which suggests either staggering production volumes of people juice or that the stuff lasts forever like honey and costs an increasingly amazing amount of money for a cyclically limited supply

it’s all very heady stuff for a movie where channing tatum spent nearly an hour ice skating in midair with no shirt on

KLK nicknames (canon or fanmade)

The nicknames of Ragyo Kiryuin:

  1. Hagyo
  2. Rainbowmilf
  3. Discomilf
  4. Mother Bad Touch
  5. Rainbow McFeelYouUp

The nicknames of Satsuki Kiryuin

  1. Queen Eyebrows
  2. Steel Queen
  3. Steel Eyebrow Queen
  4. Eyebrows
  5. Perpetually frowning caterpillar-eyebrowed bitch

The nicknames of Uzu Sanageyama

  1. Monkey
  2. Wild monkey
  3. Northern Kanto monkey
  4. Monkey boy
  5. Naked ape

The nicknames of Houka Inumuta

  1. Dog
  2. Doggie
  3. Doggie boy

The nicknames of Ira Gamagoori

  1. Toad
  2. Dorky Titan

The nicknames of Nonon Jakuzure

  1. Snake

The nicknames of Ryuko Matoi

  1. Transfer student
  2. The Kanto Vagabond
  3. The Guitar Case Drifter

The nicknames of Mako Mankanshoku

  1. Slacker
  2. Underachiever
  3. Coconut Head

The nicknames of Aikurou Mikisugi

  1. Naked fool
  2. Naked Nudist
  3. Splendid Naked Officer

The nicknames of Tsumugu Kinagase

  1. Ripped mohawk dude
  2. Naked Nudist
  3. Hentai

Feel free to add more XD