YO so @agentalex and I were headcanoning and we have a sanvers prompt for one of y’all to write for the sake of humanity:

imagine, if you will, a Hangover-esque fic, set a couple of days before maggie and alex’s wedding. maggie goes missing in vegas after her bachelorette party, and kara, lena, vasquez, lucy and sara lance have to find her before alex finds out. 

classic shenanigans include: there’s a baby and they don’t know where it came from. the mafia is after sara and she thinks she knows why but everyone else is like WHAT THE FUCK. lena and kara are handcuffed together and nobody has the key. somebody has shaved vasquez’s hair into a mohawk. alex keeps calling kara but kara just ignores all the phone calls but it turns out that she’s calling to let them know that maggie arrived at their apartment at like 4am crying about how much she loves alex and she’s so happy they’re getting married.

anonymous asked:

How the heck did you make Alexander Goth not look... How he did as a teen?

idk what u mean exactly?? i think u mean how he usually looks when he auto ages up and wowza…dat boi needed some halp. i wont go into details but his nose, mouth, and ears were all real fcked up…and he had a mohawk…rip alex