under the cut, you will find a list of native american & first nations fcs ! you will also find info of which tribe/nation they’re affiliated with beside their names. i made this because representation is very important and i’d love to see more people use native fcs in their rps.

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YO so @agentalex and I were headcanoning and we have a sanvers prompt for one of y’all to write for the sake of humanity:

imagine, if you will, a Hangover-esque fic, set a couple of days before maggie and alex’s wedding. maggie goes missing in vegas after her bachelorette party, and kara, lena, vasquez, lucy and sara lance have to find her before alex finds out. 

classic shenanigans include: there’s a baby and they don’t know where it came from. the mafia is after sara and she thinks she knows why but everyone else is like WHAT THE FUCK. lena and kara are handcuffed together and nobody has the key. somebody has shaved vasquez’s hair into a mohawk. alex keeps calling kara but kara just ignores all the phone calls but it turns out that she’s calling to let them know that maggie arrived at their apartment at like 4am crying about how much she loves alex and she’s so happy they’re getting married.

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Hello! So I've been adding some native american characters to my rpg, but I'm not sure how to name them? Could you maybe direct me to a masterlist or a generator or smth? I've tried googling but I'm not exactly sure which sites/generators are for real or not and I don't want to just put names with fcs if I don't know if they're 'real' or not. Hope this makes sense since English isn't my first language and thanks in advance!

Hi I’m going to direct you to the third bullet point on this post of mine, as I’m not sure what you mean by ‘native american names’. As for last names a character may have this masterlist of the Top 100 by Admin Bug is great, and this is the full-scale version based on US census data. For specific tribes, I tend to visit the section under ‘notable people’ on wikipedia (let’s say I was doing this for the Mohawk then click here, let’s say I was doing this for the Lakota Sioux then click here), as well as looking at the tribal council names listed on each tribe’s website (let’s say I was doing this for the Meskwaki then click here, let’s say I was doing this for the Tohono O’odham then click here). As for first names, I can’t find something of the top 100 or anything like that that natives will give their kids, but as I point out in post of mine I linked to you, many are European in origin. If you do want names from the actual native language of the character, here are a few thanks to native-languages. If you are looking to see if a name is actually fake, native-languages is very helpful with that too, composing a masterlist of names attributed to natives that either: 1. don’t have a translation into any native language they could find or 2. aren’t meaning what they say they’re meaning and you really shouldn’t use it. I also, personally, do use behind-the-name a lot, usually in the user submitted names for each language. Though here is my cautionary tale, both with behind-the-name and anything else: Look up the name. Search it on FaceBook. Search it on Google. Search it on Instagram. Wherever. See if someone actually has it. As you point out above, people can say “this is a real name”, but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything. I could submit “Odjebi” and say it is a Croatian name roughly meaning “wonderous soul”, but it means “fuck off” and no self respecting Croat would ever name their child that. Let’s run an example. On the Mohawk submitted names, you see Kawisenhawe, but okay, is that a real name? Well, a simple Google search tells me yes. It is the Kanien’kehá:ka (Mohawk language) name of Twilight-fame Mohawk actress, Alex Rice. We can not sit and confirm the meaning, sadly, but at least we know it is a real name, and can be given to your character.

I have no idea if this was the type of native name help you were looking for, but hopefully this did help at least a little bit.