What we gave to our writers is just a simple, you know, a simple description. Grunkle Stan’s in jail, we have all the dialogue, and we say, “He escapes in some really cool way! Figure it out artists!” We knew he was gonna use the power of the antigravity somehow but we didn’t know. So that’s when I went to my very talented artists, my storyboard team. I gave them that description. 

Artists, basically, had to take my script, and they had to interpret all of that. And this is why the artists are the lifeblood of the show because of these shots. You look at this stuff, they’re awesome. Figuring out the angles, figuring out where to put the camera, figuring out how to draw everybody in these poses.

And, actually, this is an idea added by one of our storyboard artists, that Grunkle Stan, even in the middle of escaping from jail, still has time to kick someone in his stomach and steal his wallet. This sequence was storyboarded by our director, Stephen Sandoval, and cleaned up by one of our artists, Dana Terrace, very talented artist.

And you also see, at the very end here, when the gravity reverts itself, the terrible cops, Blubs and Durland, come out of here. And we actually decided to change that later. We thought it’d be more fun if they had a, I think a, pinata, is what we added. So we’re representing Mexico with the show, haha.

-Alex Hirsch, Creativa Fest, 2015