And @machistado (aka @mohandasgandhi) just shared a very good read on America’s interrogation experiments in the Philippines and its pursuit then of the idea of enlightened imperialism. To read the whole excerpt, do click through the pic above.

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mohandasgandhi replied to your photo: Behind bars.


Barkley is refused basic items, like clothing and silverware, that you and I take for granted. If he wants fresh air and sunlight, he is denied the basic dignity of a door, and forced to crawl through a small hole in the wall.

He has been hoarding short pieces of rope obtained from his captors. Some think he should be put on suicide watch, but rather than fashioning a noose, he merely chews on these items to pass the time.

He is paraded around the grounds, naked, at the end of a tether. There is no predictable schedule to these outings. He must be constantly on guard.

As far as I know, he has had no access to legal counsel.

And it could just as easily be you or I.