And @machistado (aka @mohandasgandhi) just shared a very good read on America’s interrogation experiments in the Philippines and its pursuit then of the idea of enlightened imperialism. To read the whole excerpt, do click through the pic above.

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CWnL: Ken blogs about science, politics, and the cosmos.

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Barkley is refused basic items, like clothing and silverware, that you and I take for granted. If he wants fresh air and sunlight, he is denied the basic dignity of a door, and forced to crawl through a small hole in the wall.

He has been hoarding short pieces of rope obtained from his captors. Some think he should be put on suicide watch, but rather than fashioning a noose, he merely chews on these items to pass the time.

He is paraded around the grounds, naked, at the end of a tether. There is no predictable schedule to these outings. He must be constantly on guard.

As far as I know, he has had no access to legal counsel.

And it could just as easily be you or I.


Above is what happens when a stronger force is constantly willing to negotiate and the weaker force refuses.

In 1858, the Ottoman Empire allowed significant land reform. The caveat was that applying for land meant risking military conscription and increased taxes. As a result, a few elite families from each village took up title of village land and moved to urban areas.

During the late 19th and early 20th century, Jewish groups bought up a significant amount of land from the local elites.

1937 - Palestinians reject the Peel Commission’s plan in its entirety.

1936-39; “Great Revolt” ends with Palestinian elites leaving the region. For nearly a decade, Jewish groups were relatively unmolested while they created the institutions necessary to govern an independent state.

1947 - Palestinian leadership rejects proposed partition plan. Exasperated, Britain decides to simply abandon the mandate.

War ensues. Israel wins due to myriad factors. Wars keep starting on a regular basis for several decades.

Unsurprisingly, Jewish forces win time and time again.

Palestinians refused to come to the negotiating table until the 80s. Does that say something? It wasn’t until Arafat put down the gun that self governance became a possibility in the occupied territories.

If Hamas puts down the gun and recognizes Israel, negotiations can move forward.

Again, I sympathize with the average Palestinian. It would suck to have leadership that is thoroughly corrupt and disinterested in looking out for your interests. It would also suck to feel so powerless compared to your occupiers.

So recognize Israel. Negotiate. Stop firing mortars and rockets into civilian populations. 

Someone will have to make the first step toward a real peace. As long as rockets rain down over Israel proper, don’t expect it to be Benjamin Netanyahu leading the charge for peace.

At some point, Palestinian leadership needs to recognize that the deal for them gets worse by the year. Israel isn’t going to magically disappear. The longer Palestine holds out, the less territory they’ll have in the end. Is that fair? I don’t know. In this conflict what’s fair rarely appears to matter.

On my Absence, as well as a note on the #Politics Tag and its Editors

Apologies for my absence! The network has given us a very short turnaround for our last few episodes so I’ve been swamped at work. I’ll soon have a small break before my next episode starts shooting so I’ll hopefully be at it again in a few days.

In the meantime, I want to acknowledge that I have received your [many] messages regarding a certain top political editor. Since I have not been around, I cannot comment on whatever rude or vile remark he must have said this time.  But I do support some of your efforts to request mohandasghandi be made editor in his stead (there are of course others I support, of whom I am more ideologically aligned, but I’m specifically responding to messages that have mentioned her). Although we disagree on a number of things politically, she has shown - by creating a separate non-political blog - a capacity to compartmentalize serious commentary from the unserious. This is a trait that is grossly lacking amongst many current #Politics editors, which has unfortunately rendered the curated #Politics tag mostly irrelevant. (See my regularly updated post for examples on the persistent unseriousness of the #politics tag). Further, she lends an international awareness that is also in short supply; and she seems to not make it a habit of using vulgarity and churlishness with those who may disagree.

As always, you can ask questions or leave comments here.


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i love le moustache.

Merci Hecky! It’s actually something which I keep else I look like what I used to back in college. Again, thanks! 

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Aside from the college hair eh hume-‘helluva’ kayo sir, ah.

Haha! I guess that’s what happens to me on a heavy day at work sir :D

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Ugh, I’m right there with you. Hang in there.

Thanks Anna! I actually refresh my thoughts once in a while with things on the dash. And your post on why people shouldn’t read Ayn Rand got me. I actually don’t like her too! Will go over it later when I have more time. Again, thank you very much!

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You’re about violence and materialism?

lmao let me clarify. Like, Jain monks and nuns aren’t supposed to shower bc it could kill bacteria (they’re allowed to use a wet towel but running water or bathing in ponds isn’t allowed). They can’t eat onion or garlic bc they’re grown underground and harvesting them might kill bugs. They aren’t allowed to handle money at all. They can’t beg for food, it has to be given to them. And like, I try to practise ahimsa as much as possible but I’m really attached to showers and food with onion and garlic tbh.