Every time I read something new about the top presidential candidates I can’t help to think it’s all literally a joke, like they sit down somewhere, check out what the American woes sound like, and go against it. Not to preach the George Carlin choir but everything they say completely goes against what the public wants, it’s as though they try their very best to make themselves the least desirable. All to make one or two others seem like the ‘okay’ choice, whom usually later on either get right into allowing bad policies or break at some point to greedy tendencies like Obama did. But if there’s no real choices and just about everyone who is processed into the top candidates is a sham, what’s the point? Someone will say, well, what about the people you can vote into congress that can better represent you? We still have people and groups that get a seat from investing a lot of money and the least lobbied for which are normally the most sensible don’t get much space to make their voice heard since in here money talks, not sense. Wouldn’t we need to somehow make things fair and balanced again before we can vote people into congress or even vote for presidential candidates? Like say, place some regulations and fairer rules that take money out of the process and favors credentials and public feedback rather than depending on positive corporate feedback. I’m asking genuinely because I’m not too informed on this. And I know I’m missing something, so, what’s the point? And what can we do to change things?

Tumblr Tuesday

Mohandas Gandhi. I’ve followed this lovely lady for so long that when I hear the name Gandhi I usually assume people are talking about her. 

Red Light Politics. When I wake up in the mornings, she’s always peppering my dash with incredible insights on everything race, gender, privilege and politics

VOA 60 News. Welcome to the news and politics circle to a promising Tumblr newbie. And yes, VOA stands for Voice of America.

Warda Sahra. One the few people around doing coverage of Morocco. And she’s doing a great job. 

And @machistado (aka @mohandasgandhi) just shared a very good read on America’s interrogation experiments in the Philippines and its pursuit then of the idea of enlightened imperialism. To read the whole excerpt, do click through the pic above.

Oh, and if you’re not yet following Anna in both blogs, you’re missing a lot from the Tumblr experience.

Re: Tumblr Live-GIFing the Debates

Background: The new gifwich idea is not universally liked.

I appreciate the beliefs that this (1) invalidates more informative means of political discourse on Tumblr, and/or (2) is a wasted opportunity. With that said, I think both are incorrect.

Here are my own two cents: If a community predominantly interacts in gifs (or Spanish or Esperanto, etc.), while I may not love it, if I have a message I will convey it in the native dialogue of that community. This may result in lessening of the totality of my message, but its penetration will be greater within that community than a more holistic message in whatever my preferred language is.

This choice on my part does not cheapen or invalidate my more informative messaging. This is a seductive idea that falls apart when you ask the question, “Would my longform essays get substantially more than 5-10 notes if gifs did not exist?” because the answer is almost assuredly no.

In fact, I’d argue that these less informative gifs actually increase the amount of people seeking out longer form content.

After all, rarely in such cases does a person who is already engaged with the longer form content say “You know what, I don’t care about these essays anymore. Look at this photoset!” Instead, people who otherwise would not be engaged are now more likely to come across my longer form content. In this sense, the native gif/spanish/esperanto messaging is an informational gateway.

Is this a wasted opportunity? Perhaps. However, for me to agree with this statement would require a specific counter-example of what would be better. I have not yet seen nor thought up one.

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Follow Friday~

A quick little list of some awesome blogs that you should all follow~

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