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Ghandi Quotes You’ve Never Heard

The lack of communication and documentation allowed Ghandi to create a perfect self-image of himself. But the popular image of Ghandi is a myth. In reality, Ghandi was a fascist sympathizer, blatant racist and a homophobic bisexual.

Here are some quotes from the man himself:

While in South Africa: “We were then marched off to a prison intended for Kaffirs [offensive term equivalent to the n-word]. We could understand not being classed with whites, but to be placed on the same level as the Natives seemed too much to put up with. Kaffirs are as a rule uncivilized – the convicts even more so. They are troublesome, very dirty and live like animals.

We believe as much in the purity of race as we think they do… We believe also that the white race of South Africa should be the predominating race.” — Vol. 3, p. 256

Feb. 15, 1904: “Under my suggestion, the Town Council must withdraw the Kaffirs from the Location. About this mixing of the Kaffirs with the Indians, I must confess I feel most strongly. I think it is very unfair to the Indian population.” — Vol. 3, p. 429

To the British during WWII: “This manslaughter must be stopped. You are losing; if you persist, it will only result in greater bloodshed. Hitler is not a bad man.

1946: “Hitler killed five million Jews. It is the greatest crime of our time. But the Jews should have offered themselves to the butcher’s knife. They should have thrown themselves into the sea from cliffs… It would have aroused the world and the people of Germany… As it is they succumbed anyway in their millions.

Gandhi believed this act of "collective suicide”, in response to the Holocaust, “would have been heroism”.