mohammed saleem

But the elderly Muslim man who was murdered in Birmingham, he was murdered before the soldier was killed in South London. Both were for religious/ racial reasons, but the latter got much more publicity at the time and is still a topic of discussion, while the former is only now, now after almost 6 months, on the news.

Why is that when a “white” person harms a “non-white” person it is dealt as a low profile case, but if vice versa it is dealt as an extremely high profile case? So high that it manages to change, shape and form the public’s opinion in it. “Lee Rigby’s horrific death was greeted with shock across the country” - and what about Mohammed Saleem’s death? Was it any less horrific?
Seriously. The murderer even OPENLY admitted to killing him - he did not even feel a glimpse of guilt. Does it not horrify you, that this human being killed another human being on purpose, because he wasn’t white, because he was Muslim?

Both cases are so similar, in different ways, yet the difference in attention from the media is ridiculous. It’s almost as if they’re trying to hide the faults of “white” people’s actions, and expose and exaggerate the faults of “non white” people’s actions

While condemning racism.