I’m so sorry I took so long to respond but I just didn’t know how to copy shit on my note orz I just got back to Oman like two days ago to find out that my pc, tablet, most of my belongings are in my car that my dad took to the country house |: Thanks dad. Thank you so much.

So anyways, I just took my old ass laptop to reply and shit * v *

oh btw Happy Eid to all Muslims out there ♥

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mohammadyazid said: Come on! You can do it!! Use reference if it helps, besides it’s better with them because it’s an evidence of research!

I tried looking for refrence before but couldn’t find anything that looked like what I had in mind so I gave up half way and swong things orz I should seriously stop doing things in a half-assed manner orz

I will inshaAllah do that next time ; - ; thanks for the encouragement /sobs

bad-ringo said: WHAT EXACTLY DO U NOT LIKE ABOUT DIS OMG! the skin is shaded nicely the clothes and the folds are well too the hair is forever great ! AM’MA KILL YOU *^* <3

d'aww you’re too sweet ; [ ] ; thank you /glombs!! but sigh idk I think i’ll leave it for teh time being orz

heavywoodenbox said: ToT i like the pose and the shading.

Thank youuuuuu ヽ(; 7 ;)ノ

hypocritezombie said: I wish I can help but I’m facing the same problem TBH T_T. also, I couldn’t skip this post because I read “code lyoko” omg why did you watched that XD

dude dude dude dude y u be reading this shit! LOL well I was in the 10th grade at the time and didn’t know what anime was or wtvs XD so yea code lyoko was the “best” thing in arabic channels at the time you know XD

coffeekinns said: lots of gingers does sound like Harry Potter

it does XDDD I never actually saw anything HP related but the whole ginger thing was screaming “Ron Weaslyyyyy” in my head XD

mohammadyazid replied to your post: Gail Simone day!

Woahhh all my friends are becoming famous one by one!

Hyah! Though, technically, I just get people to like my artwork, but not one of them “follow"ed me, so with future dailies, I’m still gonna get minimal notes.. still, at least for this one, I got 60+ notes…

haniemohd replied to your post: Gail Simone day!

duuuude that;s so cool 

I know >o< I’m pretty damn excited over this gift ^o^ 

mohammadyazid replied to your post: Livestreaming…

What for? You’re so fast the livestream won’t even catch you working. By the time the buffer loads for people without broadband you’re done.

I tested just now, a rough sketch takes me approximately 15 minutes for a sketch card… so maybe people would have enough time to actually watch the last 5 minutes!!

kluna01 replied to your photo: The Keenspot Comic-Con booth. I’m not in Comic-Con…

If I were to go I would buy your book, and ship it to you and have you sign it, and then have it shipped back to me yeah

Only if you provide the moolah to ship it back!! Hah!

mohammadyazid replied to your photo: The Keenspot Comic-Con booth. I’m not in Comic-Con…

Woahhh having your artwork printed in life-size at Comic Con!!!! Congrats duuuuude!

Thanks man, though I did have a life-size standee of Jess in Comic Con 2009, but this one looks even more grand and awesome.