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Anti-Communists: “Communist governments are oppressive!”

Augusto Pinochet: “Tell me about it! That’s why I jailed and killed thousands of Chileans so Chile will be free from Communism!”

Anti-Communists: “Communism is the antithesis of freedom and liberty!”

CIA: “That’s why we supported dozens of coups against democratically elected socialist governments and replaced them with dictators. Like in Iran, Chile, list goes on!”

Anti-Communists: “Communism goes against God Himself!”

Pope John Paul II: “That’s why I strongly crusaded against Communism while whole heartedly ignoring growing accusations of child abuse within my own Church.”

Pope John Paul II: “AND why I told the Madres de la Plaza de Mayo to just forgive the Junta that killed their families instead of seeking justice.”

The Vatican: “And why we stayed silent while said Junta was doing all the killings, even if the victims included some of our priests.”

Anti-Communists: “There has NEVER been a legitimate Communist government! They all arose from military coups!”

Anastasio Somoza Garcia: “Not like me, I was legitimately elected!”

Mohammad Reza Shah: “I inherited the throne fair and square!”

Anti-Communists: “Communism leads to poverty!”

Billions of poor people: “You don’t say?”

Anti-Communists: “Communist governments are more interested in keeping power than helping their people!”

Ronald Reagan: “That’s why I increased the military budget to unseen levels while ignoring the AIDS epidemic.”

Anti-Communists: “Communists always try to meddle in other country’s affairs!”

CIA: ‘bursts out laughing’

Margaret Thatcher: ‘laughs louder’

Anti-Communists: “I am PROUD to oppose communism!”

Capitalist: “Good for you! Now give me your maximum labor for minimal compensation, or STARVE TO DEATH!”

Marx: “Wow…I don’t think they’ve read my books…”

Educated people, like our late Shah, knew exactly that Shiasm does not fit our Iranic identity, so he tried to keep those akhonds away from people. However, Shah remained Muslim, because he know how to distinguish between false islam (shiasm) & orthodox islam (sunnism). Our Shah (Reza, and MohammadReza) were born,lived & died as Muslims. Shah is burried in Masjed Refai in Cairo, he was highly RESPECTED by Arabs who gave him a funeral like KINGS. Please have a second thought & think twice.

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Often I find myself upset because an architect has sanctioned removal of a number of mature trees to make room for his/her commission; an act which borders on environmental vandalism. Are there outstanding examples of projects which worked with existing plantations, limiting loss of tree cover?

I am surprised to hear that these kind of thing still happens. Most jurisdictions have very strict regulations regarding tree conservation including maintenance or replacement of mature trees. Now, to be honest and not knowing the specific case, some mature trees are not considered worthy of keeping if they are not healthy or they don’t contribute to the areas environment and sometimes replacing these trees with other species is considered a positive improvement even if it takes some years for the new trees to reach full maturity.

Here are some designs that maintain and sometimes incorporate existing trees to a design:

Kindergarten Around A Tree Tekuza Architects

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anonymous asked:

First of all, hello. I came about your blog, and your political stance, and while I won't even try to change it, I take it as a personal insult to me, my family, my culture and the thounsands of deaths it suffered, and feel morally obliged, as a citicen of my country (Venezuela) to at least ask one question: Given that you are living in a thriving, non-socialist country (Sweeden, I recall), what are your views on how the ideas you advocate completely and absolutetly destroyed mine?

I won’t even try to change your political stance, but I take it as a personal insult to me, my family, my culture and the millions of deaths it has caused, and I feel morally obliged, as a citizen of my country (Sweden) to at least ask one question: Given that you are living in a non-capitalist country (Venezuela, I recall), what are your views on how the ideas you advocate completely and absolutely destroyed mine? Do you know how many homeless people there are in Sweden, even when we have empty homes available for all of them?

I joke, obviously. But what are your thoughts on the Bengal Famine of 1943, which cased over 2 million deaths in capitalist India, under the rule of the capitalist UK?

Or was this not capitalism’s fault? Then how is the poverty of Venezuela socialism’s fault? Why are supporters of capitalism allowed to say “Socialism is a nice thought, but it doesn’t work as proven by the poverty in Venezuela,” but I’m not allowed to say “Capitalism is a nice thought, but it just doesn’t work as proven by the reign of terror of Napoleon.”?

Or the Atlantic Slave Trade and the genocide of Native Americans.

Or colonialism and the devastation of the global south.

Or Hitler and Mussolini, who whilst saying they were anti-capitalist in order to garner support from the working class, still implemented capitalistic free-market economies, even supplying private capitalists with slave labour.

Or the Lebanon Crisis.

Or the Bay of Pigs Invasion of Cuba.

Or the Vietnam War.

Or the Invasion of Grenada.

Or the CIA’s 1953 Iranian coup d'état where the US overthrew a democratically elected socialist (Mohammad Mosaddegh) in favour of an authoritarian dictator (Mohammad Reza Pahlavi).

Or the CIA’s 1954 Guatemalan coup d'état where the US overthrew a democratically elected social democrat (Jacobo Árbenz) in favour of an authoritarian dictator (Carlos Castillo Armas).

Or the CIA’s 1973 Chilean coup d'état where the US overthrew a democratically elected socialist (Salvador Allende) in favour of a totalitarian fascist dictator (Augusto Pinochet who went on to kill over 3000 people, torture 30,000 people, and put 80,000 people in concentration camps).

Or the CIA’s 1991 Haitian coup d'état where the US overthrew a democratically elected social democrat (Jean-Bertrand Aristide), who is widely believed to have been the winner of the first honest election in Haiti, in favour of an authoritarian dictator (Raoul Cédras).

Or the fact that the 10 poorest countries in the world are all capitalist (Malawi, Burundi, Central African Republic, Niger, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Madagascar, Liberia, the Gambia, Guinea, Somalia). If you don’t like socialist Venezuela, perhaps you’d prefer capitalist Malawi? No? It’s almost as if not all capitalist counties are rich, and not all socialist countries are poor.

I think you get my point. Socialism and capitalism are both economic systems. You can’t blame Venezuela’s poverty on socialism any more than you can blame the Holocaust on capitalism.

By the way, have you been to Uruguay recently?

Uruguay is ranked first in Latin America in democracy, peace, lack of corruption, and is first in South America when it comes to press freedom, size of the middle class and prosperity. It ranks second in the region on income equality, per-capita income and inflows of FDI. Uruguay is the third-best country on the continent in terms of HDI, GDP growth, innovation and infrastructure. It is regarded as a high-income country (top group) by the UN. Nearly 95% of Uruguay’s electricity comes from renewable energy. Same-sex marriage and abortion are legal, leading Uruguay to be regarded as one of the most progressive nations in the world, and one of the most socially developed, outstanding regionally, and ranking highly on global measures of personal rights, tolerance, and inclusion issues.

And they are… GASP! SOCIALIST! Like… Like VENEZUELA?

In fact, Bolivia, Chile, Cuba, Ecuador, Guyana, Nicaragua, and Suriname are also socialist. But the only one people who advocate for capitalism ever talk about is Venezuela. I wonder why? 🤔

In all seriousness, I don’t want to come across as rude. It’s just that I hear this argument a lot. If you still live in Venezuela, I genuinely hope that either the situation there gets better, or that you get out of the country. Regardless of what you may think, I don’t want anyone living in poverty. Not in Venezuela, and not in Sweden, and not in the US. Take care of yourself.

The great ethnic and geographical diversity of Iranian national football team 

(from left to right, standing)

Alireza Beiranvand - Lur - Khorramabad - Lurestan province 

Ramin Rezaeian - Mazani - Sari, Mazandaran province 

Pejman Montazeri - Bakhtiari - Ahvaz, Khuzestan province 

Jalal Hosseini - Gilak - Khoshk-e Bijar, Gilan province 

Saeid Ezatolahi - Gilak - Bandar Anzali, Gilan province

Andranik Teymourian - Armenian - Tehran, Tehran province 

(from left to right, crouching)

Ehsan Hajsafi - Kashi - Kashan, Isfahan province 

Alireza Jahanbakhsh - Tat - Jirandeh, Gilan province 

Mehdi Taremi - Southern Iranian - Bushehr - Bushehr province 

Sardar Azmoun - Turkmen - Gonbad Kavous - Golestan province 

Ashkan Dejagah - Tehrani - Tehran - Tehran province 


The reserve players 

Alireza Haghighi - Azeri - Tehran - Tehran province 

Mohammad Reza Akhbari - Isfahani - Isfahan - Isfahan province 

Karim Ansarifard - Azeri - Ardebil - Ardebil province 

Vouria Ghafouri - Kurdish - Sanandaj - Kurdistan province 

Milad Mohammadi - Qazvini - Tehran - Tehran province 

Morteza Pouraliganji - Mazani - Babol - Mazandaran province

Masoud Shojaei - Abadani - Shiraz - Fars province

Omid Ebrahimi - Mazani - Neka - Mazandaran province

Vahid Amiri - Lur - Khorramabad - Lurestan province 

Dariush Shojaeian - Lur - Nurabad Mamasani - Fars province 

Mehdi Torabi - Tat - Eshtehard - Alborz province

Reza Ghoochannejhad - Kurmanji Kurd - Mashhad - Khorasan Razavi province


Iranian national team also has an Iranian-Armenian assistant coach, Markar Aghajanian