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Princess Fawzia Fuad of Egypt(1921-2013) was an Egyptian princess who became queen of Iran and wife of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. The daughter of Fuad I, she descended from the Muhammad Ali Dynasty. She was also known as Fawzia Shirin (sweet). After the Egyptian Revolution of 1952 her role title was no longer r confused by the Egyptian government. Till her death in 2013 she was the oldest member of the deposed Muhammad Ali Dynasty residing in Egypt. Her beauty was compared to film stars Hedy Lamar and Vivian Leigh, and was even featured in life magazine .

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Often I find myself upset because an architect has sanctioned removal of a number of mature trees to make room for his/her commission; an act which borders on environmental vandalism. Are there outstanding examples of projects which worked with existing plantations, limiting loss of tree cover?

I am surprised to hear that these kind of thing still happens. Most jurisdictions have very strict regulations regarding tree conservation including maintenance or replacement of mature trees. Now, to be honest and not knowing the specific case, some mature trees are not considered worthy of keeping if they are not healthy or they don’t contribute to the areas environment and sometimes replacing these trees with other species is considered a positive improvement even if it takes some years for the new trees to reach full maturity.

Here are some designs that maintain and sometimes incorporate existing trees to a design:

Kindergarten Around A Tree Tekuza Architects

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Educated people, like our late Shah, knew exactly that Shiasm does not fit our Iranic identity, so he tried to keep those akhonds away from people. However, Shah remained Muslim, because he know how to distinguish between false islam (shiasm) & orthodox islam (sunnism). Our Shah (Reza, and MohammadReza) were born,lived & died as Muslims. Shah is burried in Masjed Refai in Cairo, he was highly RESPECTED by Arabs who gave him a funeral like KINGS. Please have a second thought & think twice.