These comments are all posted on a live video posted by an Ohio news channel talking about the OSU shooting. THIS is why it’s terrifying to be a Muslim in the United States. THIS is why so many people are afraid to admit their religion here. THIS WILL BE DONALD TRUMPS AMERICA. I am terrified and pray every day for the safety of my fellow Muslims.

This dunya is not a competition. There is no competition in getting a degree, getting married first, going on a honeymoon before your friends, settling down before your sisters. There is no race in finding a better job than your best mate and finally settling down. It is not a competition of bank balances, credit cards and cars. It is not about who looks better and who is the most beautiful. It does not matter who has children first and how many houses you are able to purchase. It does not matter if it is a terraced house, semi detached, a mansion, a castle or a palace. It is not a competition of how many friends you have and how many followers you can get on social media. People spend their lives completely wasting themselves on futile things.

The only thing you need to focus on is you. Are you happy? How you can increase in proximity to your Lord? How do you attain forgiveness? How can you get back up after falling? How will you attain self-contentment? Have you bettered yourself since last year? How do you increase in good? How satisfied are you with yourself? How will you be the closest to the Messenger of Allah in the akhirah?

—  Shaykh Mohammad Aslam

You’re alone? He is al-Wakil (the Sufficient). You’re in pain? He is al-Shafi (the Healer). You’re poor? He is al-Ghani (the Rich and Self Sufficient). You’re a sinner? He is al-Rahman (the Merciful). You’re distant? He is al-Qarib (the Close). You’ve got problems? He is al-Nasir (the Helper). You’re in distress? He is al-Salam (the source of Peace) You need to talk? He is al-Sami’ (the Listener).

You don’t need anything or anyone when you have Allah.

—  Shaykh Mohammad Aslam
Maintaining Religion in the Face of Facts: Now You Can, Too!

A motivated Christian talked with me about coming back to Christianity. Surprisingly, not knowing anything about his religion didn’t convert me, but he also managed to maintain his belief. How does that happen? Well, this particular Christian broke it down for me. While he’s not as eloquent as some, his methods are the exact same as I encounter from even very well-spoken individuals. 

Christian: I choose Christianity
Me: I know you did. so how did you choose it? using what evidence?
X: I read the bible
Me: Do you know what leprosy is?
X: Yeah it’s is a disaster
Me: Right, it’s not a fun time. Tell me, if you contracted leprosy, what would you do?
X: Wat u mean???
Me: What would you do if you caught leprosy? How would you treat it?
X: I would pray to God to give me a miracle to take that away from me
Me: Why would you pray? Leprosy is 100% curable with modern medicine. Did you know that?
X: No
Me: It’s been curable since 1981. What if I gave you a choice between the medical treatment and ripping own a bird and putting the blood on your skin? Which one would you do? If I told you that you had to kill one bird, rip it open, and then take another bird, dip the live bird in the dead bird’s blood, and let the bird flap the blood onto you, would you do that to cure leprosy? Or would you take the medicine?
X: Medical treatment
Me: Why? Is it because birds are full of disease?
X: Yeah???
Me: Right. And that’s smart. But the bible says to do that…the bird blood. So the bible gives us advice that can harm us. You believe YHWH knows everything, so why not tell people how to cure leprosy? Why give a treatment that can make them even more sick?
X: Don’t know
Me: I do. It’s because many years ago, people used to think blood was really purifying. That’s why the bible (and other religions) ask for blood sacrifice. You know who also does bird blood for purification? Voodoo practitioners and priests. It’s common in many religions, and it’s just as unhealthy as ever. In fact, we had a type of virus mutate from birds and we can get sick from it. It killed many, many, many people in 1918. But the bible says to do it…same as every other old religion. By the way, it’s in Leviticus 14:7 if you want to read it yourself. I have another question: does the sun go around the earth, or does the earth go around the sun?
X: Earth go around the sun
Me: Right, but the bible says the sun goes around the earth.
X: In wat book chapter and verse
Me: Joshua chapter 10, verse 13
X: Alright
Me: Why would it say that?
X: Don’t know
Me: The bible even quotes another religious text to say that. It talks about the Book of Jasher, which is not in the bible. Hey, if I tried to grow a plant but put it in a dark room, would it grow or does a plant need sunlight to grow?
X: Sunlight to grow
Me: Right, but the bible says that YHWH created plants, and then later created the sun.
X: Right
Me: so why would he do that if he knows plants need sunlight to grow? It seems the bible was written by people who didn’t really understand the world. If the information came from an all-knowing god, then this wouldn’t be in there.
X: Oh
Me: That’s the same feeling I had when I was studying the bible. Jesus gets kinda angry and mean pretty often, to be honest. He acts like a jerk to his disciples and family,but the strange part is the gospels don’t all say the same thing. For example, they all disagree about his last words on the cross and Matthew wrote about a zombie uprising…but no one else did.
X: O
Me: did you know that?
X: No
Me: why not? You haven’t read your bible, have you? Everything I said today comes from the bible, but you didn’t know it was in there, why not? How can you say the bible is evidence of YHWH when you haven’t even read it?
X: The Bible is the word of God truth
Me: you haven’t even read it, though, so how can you say that? Besides, the sun doesn’t go around the earth. That’s not true, but the bible says it does. You don’t cure leprosy by throwing bird blood on people, but the bible says to do that. So that’s not true. So how can you say the bible is the truth when it has things in there that are factually wrong?
X: Prophecy are being fulfilled itself
Me: No they aren’t, there are unfulfilled prophesies in the bible. YHWH promised to destroy a city during King Nebuchadnezzar’s time…and it is still there. YHWH had promise for Abraham’s descendants, but the bible says they all died without it being fulfilled
X: Yeah they is prophecy are  being fulfilled itself
Me: That is false. Like I said, there are failed prophecies in the bible. The bible also says the Egyptians would all speak Hebrew. That is false.
X: U don’t know wat u talking about i know u don’t know
Me: I will cite the verses for you. Ezekiel 26:7-14 says king Nebuchadnezzar would destroy Tyre, but it still stands. Isaiah 7:1-7 says the king of Judah shall not be harmed, but in 2 Chronicles 28:1-8 it says he was harmed. Isaiah 19:18 says Egyptians will speak Hebrew. Genesis 12:7 says YHWH will give all the descendants a certain land, but Hebrews 11:13 says they didn’t get it (even though they were faithful). Even the bible itself states that some of the prophesies failed.
X: U wrong
Me: It isn’t me, this is the bible. If you think I am wrong, then you are saying the bible is wrong (and I agree with you).
X: The Bible never wrong the Bible is always right
Me: But you already pointed out how the bible is wrong, like with leprosy, plants, and the sun. And the unfulfilled prophesies are listed as unfulfilled right in the bible itself. You say the bible is always right but you haven’t even read it.
X: I read the bible every day so u can’t tell me nothing nothing literally nothing u don’t know wat u are doing i will pray for u right now I’m getting mad
Me: Why are you mad? When I told you some things in the bible, you didn’t know they were there. If you studied your bible, you would have known.
X: So tell me where did people came from i’m testing u now

Get angry and change the subject: the greatest method for keeping one’s religion alive

It doesn’t matter if you didn’t wear the Hijab or you didn’t pray. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t have a beard and you never fasted. It doesn’t matter if you had relationships and you disobeyed. It doesn’t matter if you partied, drank, engaged in sex and had a heavy addiction to porn.

What matters is now. What matters is the present. What matters is you right now. Never give up. Never lose hope. Never despair. Never feel like you can’t be forgiven. If you filled the oceans with sins and you dropped a tear, Allah would forgive you. Your Lord is the One who forgave a mass murder who killed a 100 men. Your Lord is the One who pardoned a prostitute. He transformed alcoholics in to awliyah and turned sinners into saints over the period of a day and night due to a sincere tear.

—  Shaykh Mohammad Aslam

You haven’t been blessed with children? Remember Prophet Zakariyah. Your family abandoned you? Remember Prophet Yusuf. Your community turned against you? Remember Prophet Ibrahim. You’re drowning in the world? Remember the Ark of Prophet Nuh. You’ve been through war? Remember Prophet Dawud. You’ve been plotted against? Remember Prophet Musa. You lost your parents? Remember Sayyiduna Muhammad. ﷺ عليهم الصلاة و السلام

Stop asking, “why me?” and take patience in the fact that your allowed you to join the ranks of the great ones. Your tribulation is a sign of His love for you.

—  Shaykh Mohammad Aslam

Many sisters become extremely upset, disheartened and worried when they cannot get married due to various reasons or if they haven’t been blessed with children. Relax and refuse to despair no matter your situation. Sayyidah Maryam never got married and she never had a husband, yet look at her rank, her honour, her piety and nobility. Thousands of years have passed and her praise and mention has not left the hearts of mankind. Her remembrance is recited daily by millions, Allah named an entire Surah after her, He made her an example of excellence for mankind until the end of time and made her from the greatest women who tread this earth, yet she had no husband.

Prophet Ibrahim and his wife didn’t have children until he reached an old age. It didn’t affect them and didn’t cause him to despair. They remained filled with gratitude, worship and supplication and never lost hope. When they were blessed with offspring, they were given a son who was a Prophet. How beautiful was their patience and how beautiful was that which they were gifted by their Lord. عليهم السلام

—  Shaykh Mohammad Aslam

When you look into the eyes of Buddha can you say, ‘Buddha understands my pain?’ I believe not because Buddha ran away from pain to sit on a hilltop with one desire, to desire nothing.

When you look into the eyes of Mohammed can you say 'Mohammed understands my plight?’ I believe not for he was a cruel conqueror full of blood lust who oppressed many nations born out by the fact that many nations today are oppressed by the words of his command.

When you look into the eyes of the Atheist can you say, 'the Atheist understands my being?’ I believe not for they cannot answer the deep, meaningful questions of life because for them in an amoral universe nothing brought you into existence and when one hits the grave nothing ensues.

When you look into the eyes of Jesus can you say, 'Jesus understands my life?’ I believe so because He did not run from pain but willingly endured 'ex cruciatus’; He did not conquer militarily yet He did set the captives free; He is the only religious leader who truthfully explains the why’s of life.

When people look into the eyes of Jesus they see themselves and they do not like what they see so they run to the hills, viciously oppress others and deem their lives meaningless!


You have to read this and reflect. When Shaykh Adib al-Kallas would speak about his wife, he would become extremely teary and very emotional. He would say, “I will never forget her loyalty and goodness. I will never forget her kindness and the way she treated me with honour. I will never forget how she stayed by my side and stuck by me even though I suffered with such high levels of poverty and we lived in such hard conditions!”

The shaykh lived in a small simple apartment. At times, the lights would go out, and they’d have to use torches and candles. They could not even afford to buy meat, yet a moment would not pass except she would show him how much she loved him. When they had no money, she never complained. Instead, she would tell her parents that he was the best husband in the world. When they struggled, she gave him ease. When he was in pain, she gave him cure. He had thousands of students, but before anyone ever knew him, she stood by him. Before creation chased him, she was praying to the Creator for him. When they got old and the years passed, she became ill and he would emotionally say, “Adib prays that he will be with you in paradise!” Search for a good partner and wallahi, you will experiences joys of paradise whilst on earth.

—  Shaykh Mohammad Aslam