How many times do we hear cases of people complaining about life suddenly becoming bad, evil eye and many spiritual illnesses. However, my question is how are we using social media? You’re looking extra good, you put upload it on Facebook. A new house, your wedding photos, that expensive dress, the delicious food, the latest car, the new suit, the coolest phone- you put it on social media. You bought a new headscarf or thobe and it matches your shoes - boom put it on social media. Your smile looks extra nice today, so the world has to see it. You been banging weights and all your mates have to see the 6 pack or the new vein in the bicep so upload it for all to see. That new make up has made you look extra pretty so your friends must see it. You prayed, fasted, cried and gave charity, so your 5,000 friends have to know. Be careful of how you’re exposing your blessings to the world. Not everyone possesses what you do and not every person wants to see you happy. Make sure you pray, recite verses of protection daily and before you sleep. Not everything has to be for social media.
—  Shaykh Mohammed Aslam

These comments are all posted on a live video posted by an Ohio news channel talking about the OSU shooting. THIS is why it’s terrifying to be a Muslim in the United States. THIS is why so many people are afraid to admit their religion here. THIS WILL BE DONALD TRUMPS AMERICA. I am terrified and pray every day for the safety of my fellow Muslims.

A husband is supposed to be the one who cures the heart of his wife. He is her friend, her companion, her support and the one she confides in and he covers her faults. He drys her tears of pain. He makes her smile. He brings joy to her life. He trusts her and his love for her is eternal. He honours her during hardship and ease. He respects her and misses her when she is not around. He plays and jokes with her to show his affection and he prays with her to show their sacrifice. He supplicates for their love and blessings to increase, and he asks Allah to gather them together in the palaces of paradise.

This is what the Messenger of Allah ﷺ taught us throughout his blessed life. This rule can be applied for both genders.

—  Shaykh Mohammad Aslam

People go into marriage with false expectations. Not every second will feel like a honeymoon. You won’t always tell each other you love one another. It won’t be like what you see in Bollywood movies. You won’t take walks on the beach every week.

You will fight, argue and not get along at times; that is life, but, this religion teaches us that sometimes love and loyalty is truly demonstrated when things are not right and you refuse to give up on one another.

—  Shaykh Mohammad Aslam

It doesn’t matter if you didn’t wear the Hijab or you didn’t pray. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t have a beard and you never fasted. It doesn’t matter if you had relationships and you disobeyed. It doesn’t matter if you partied, drank, engaged in sex and had a heavy addiction to porn.

What matters is now. What matters is the present. What matters is you right now. Never give up. Never lose hope. Never despair. Never feel like you can’t be forgiven. If you filled the oceans with sins and you dropped a tear, Allah would forgive you. Your Lord is the One who forgave a mass murder who killed a 100 men. Your Lord is the One who pardoned a prostitute. He transformed alcoholics in to awliyah and turned sinners into saints over the period of a day and night due to a sincere tear.

—  Shaykh Mohammad Aslam

You haven’t been blessed with children? Remember Prophet Zakariyah. Your family abandoned you? Remember Prophet Yusuf. Your community turned against you? Remember Prophet Ibrahim. You’re drowning in the world? Remember the Ark of Prophet Nuh. You’ve been through war? Remember Prophet Dawud. You’ve been plotted against? Remember Prophet Musa. You lost your parents? Remember Sayyiduna Muhammad. ﷺ عليهم الصلاة و السلام

Stop asking, “why me?” and take patience in the fact that your allowed you to join the ranks of the great ones. Your tribulation is a sign of His love for you.

—  Shaykh Mohammad Aslam