Michael Toke (Canadian, b. 1964, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, Toronto based) - 1: Four, 2013 Acrylics, Painted Collage on Fresco Surfaced Raw Silk Panel  2: Eight Is Enough, 2014 Acrylics on Fresco Surfaced Gray Linen Panel  3: Scale Monument, 2014 Acrylics on Fresco Surfaced Panel  4: Study 4 Six or Nine, 2014 Acrylics on Fresco Surfaced Linen Panel  5: 73 Is The Best Number, 2014 Acrylics on Fresco Surfaced Canvas Panel  6: Study For 4, 2014 Acrylics on Fresco Surfaced Canvas Panel


Last week, Australia had an outbreak of a “Spider Rain”, with dozens of spiders falling from the sky. Apparently this is a common thing - spiders spin webs and they can be picked up en masse by decent winds. Here’s video of a spider rain in Texas.



I saw this in a box, and knew that the tumblr world needed to see it.  The bodice opens in the front. With the beaded section at the center becoming fully removable. Pictures of the interior construction, and closure tomorrow.  For now just enjoy the beading! 

Beaded Bodice, date unknown, silk, L: 22in. The Fenimore Art Museum, Cooperstown, New York, Gift of Miss Mary MacLeod, N0185.1964.

… at his sentencing next week

Ross Ulbricht, convicted of being the Dread Pirate Roberts, owner and operator of the original Silk Road, is due to be sentenced next Friday. And his family would be happy to see you there.

“It would be good to have some support. I think it’s going to be very difficult,” said Ross’ mother, Lyn, who has campaigned tirelessly on his behalf. It is clearly taking its toll on her and the rest of the family and no wonder – even the “best” outcome is pretty shitty.

“20 years would be a victory, as horrific as that is for all non-violent charges,” says Lyn. “It’s the least she [Judge Forrest] can give him with the mandatory minimums”.

Even though Ulbricht’s lawyer has provided pretty compelling evidence that Silk Road provided habitual drug users with a far safer experience than their usual manner of getting drugs (the same things I pointed out in a blog in 2012, just saying’), the prosecution is pushing for a life sentence. “We hope she’ll see that 20 years of a young man’s life is sufficient,’ says his mother.

Whatever the outcome, his family will be appealing, even if it renders them destitute. …


A balconette inspired style composed of soft sumptuous red silk with a delicate black lace detail that is essential for any occasion.

The design has a slightly higher apex than most balcony bras to offer increased support for larger busts and with a soft foam lining to promote beautiful contours this low cut bra provides a smooth, rounded and lifted shape.

Our straps are lined with stunning soft silk for both comfort and beautiful detail. The wings are lined with strong and soft black power-mesh for comfortable support and the 3×3 hook and eyes in our larger sizes provide additional comfort and support.