1. Mogwai print, Houston
2.  Wake Up Young Man - Layne Staley , Shatter variant, test print
3. “Gypsy Eye”, 
4. Chemical Brothers print 
5. Radiohead print
6. Frida and Vincent
7. “The Deal”, pinwheel variant
8. We Carry Each Other, Japanese edition. Black Chromalux
9. WEEN print
10. Radiohead print

This is the first post for the Jermaine Rogers spotlight! 
Another one is going up shortly.
Thanks to my buddies at “We Carry Each Other” for providing photos of some of these awesome prints!



Songs We Love: Mogwai, “Bitterness Centrifuge”

New music from the Scottish rock instrumentalists is familiarly cinematic, full of mountainous waves that build momentum more through patience than velocity.