Q: Usually, when you post photos, will you “p” them first?

Yixing: Will use filters. 

Q: Latest stuff you’ve posted in your Moments? (T/N: a WeChat feature)

Yixing: Don’t use Moments. 

Q: How often do you change your WeChat profile pic?

Yixing: Don’t change it. 

Q: How many points will you give for your vocal skills?

Yixing: Depends on the situation. 

Q: Who was the last person you called on the phone?

Yixing: I forgot. 

Q: What’s that one song you really have to pick when you go to a KTV?

Yixing: Forever Love 

Q: Use one word to describe your looks.

Yixing: It’s alright.  

Q: How many jin is your idol baggage?

Yixing: What’s an idol baggage? (T/N: They’re asking him how much his idol image weighs for him e.g if he doesn’t care if he goes out without makeup and such.) 

Q: How would you express your love to your family?

Yixing: By actions. 

Q: When you’re not working, what do you usually do?

Yixing: When did I have not any work?

 Q: Your favorite dish?

Yixing: Hunan cuisine.

 Q: That one food you will never eat?

Yixing: Don’t have any. 

Q: Use one word to describe your clothing style.

Yixing: (Anything) comfy.

Q: Tracksuits or Suits?

Yixing: (Anything) comfy.

Q: T-shirt or Dress Shirt?

Yixing: (Anything) comfy              

Q: Briefs or Boxers?

Yixing: Guys should wear boxers right… 

Q: In your closet, what’s that one fashion item you have plenty of?

Yixing: Slip-ons.

Q: In which city do you wish to settle down?

Yixing: Changsha. 

Q: Did it ever happen where you said you’re going out and you actually went out on a trip?

Yixing: The only spontaneous trip I have is going to my schedules.

Q: Playing video games or playing basketball?

Yixing: Depends on the situation.

Q: Coffee or Tea?

Yixing: Recently, it’s tea.

Q: Would take a shower in the morning or at night?

Yixing: Would shower at both. 

Q: What’s the style of the interior design in your home?

Yixing: It depends on what style the hotel has, the hotel is my home.       

Q: Recently, what do you dream of?

Yixing: Recently, my sleep has been pretty good.

Q: When did you find out your natural gift for acting?

Yixing: I’ll probably find it in the future.

Q: What’s the hardest script to act?

Yixing: (It’s) very long. 

Q: Supposing that you don’t work in the show business, what career would you go for?

Yixing: A producer behind the scenes, in the field of music.

Q: In a relationship, are you active or passive?

Yixing: Depends on the situation, can be both.

Q: What’s the most romantic proposal do you have in mind?

Yixing: If I tell you now, by the time I get to propose I can’t use it anymore, and I’d have to think of a new one again.