Moogle Plushie
Final Fantasy

Kupo! These mysterious beings tend to flock around humans, closer to man than beast. They communicate via their network Mognet and their distinctive cry and fluffy appearance endear them to all. Standing about 20cm tall (excluding pompom antennae), this Moogle plushie is the perfect addition to your Final Fantasy cosplay or for any fan of the games!

By Nerd Bird Craftings

Update: MogNet is finally released! 

Final Fantasy Unleashed is proud to present a new feature for our members: MogNet! We are teaming up with the Moogle Mailing Service, better known as MogNet, to give everyone a fast delivery system for updates, announcements, event details, and user created material–and that’s where you come in! 

Most of you have noticed a “coming soon” under the MogNet tab on our front page.

It’s one of many new features the Creature Committee has been perfecting and we are finally able to bring it to you, FFU!

It’s been a year long process to design a method to bring the latest news to our members in one place, and we believe that this project is finally available for the public.We are currently in the last part of the Beta of our new system and we could use your help! Take a look at the page, try out a submission, and be sure to check out the features. One click brings the story to you!

Here’s a rundown of our new addition:

MogNet Tutorial!

On the MogNet splash page, there are links to major tags that will be used to broadcast news to members. That list of tags will be growing after MogNet has encountered new submissions that require additional tags. We would appreciate your suggestions; currently, in the beta test, MogNet is using only official FFU tags. Even if you do not follow MogNet, you will get updates on the tumblr tags: “ffu announcements”, “ffu events”, and “ffu members”.

These tags are used frequently on our Masterlist, but on MogNet, they will work in some exciting new ways!

FFU Members (

This tag is what we use to help keep up with the influx of new characters on the Masterlist. On MogNet, this tag will also inform prospective members of reservations, new openings, and user activity. Every 2 weeks, a new activity post will be generated and posted to that tag on MogNet. If you’re interested in watching activity or want to check your hiatus, this is the tag for you! Everything regarding activity will be in one easy place. In the past, we have conducted activity monitoring through private messages. This will continue to be the norm, but now this information will be available to the public under this tag! It will also serve to be our recruiting tag to generate interest in joining FFU! 

FFU Events (

Our most popular tag on MogNet will be regarding events, minigames, and other community involvement! FFU Events have come to represent how we interact as a group and we are proud that this has become a mainstay with all of our members. FFU just celebrated its 2nd year, and with it, completed our 15th event together! How incredible!! We have some exciting events planned for the rest of the summer and we will continue to serve the community’s interests in planning these. That is why we welcome everyone to submit ideas and suggestions for events, minigames, or other community enriching experiences by using this tag on MogNet. The Creature Commitee will review every suggestion with care!

FFU Announcements (

When major changes are made or when new features like MogNet are being previewed, the FFU Announcements tag is what we typically use on the FFU Masterlist. We try to bring you updated information and news whenever relevant to our community. Using this tag on MogNet is your opportunity to update everyone with member generated news. This can be: a link to your open RP thread, Alternate Universe suggestions,  user created materials such as art or writing, and general suggestions for group interactions. We ask that you do not abuse this tag with anything other than in-character interactions. OOC announcements will only be accepted if they fit the above criteria. We also ask that you limit your submissions to only (1) ONE per day. 


Now that you understand the tags, we invite you all to experience MogNet for yourself and submit to us with your ideas and creations! We look forward to bringing frequent updates by using this awesome new feature! 

Thank you all for making this possible! Please send us any feedback or submissions you see fit and enjoy MogNet!

We ask that every member please follow MogNet to get updates frequently! Although it is an optional service, it will allow you to get updates on a more frequent basis!

Check it out here!

Final Fantasy 50 Day Challenge Number SEVEN

I hope you’re all ready for GUSHING because today’s topic is some seriously intense shit.

VII. Which game had your favorite representation of Chocobos? Which game had your favorite representation of Moogles?

Short answer for both: Final Fantasy IX.

Final Fantasy IX did SO MANY THINGS RIGHT! Even the mascots receive the greatest attention and features they have for the whole series to date. Everyone, even people very unfamiliar with Final Fantasy at least know about Chocobos and Moogles. Both are very cute in appearance and behavior and have caught the eye of many curious gameplayers out there. However, each species has much more depth and a deep personal attachment waiting to be made.

Essentially, the reason for my choice are the variety of minigames in Final Fantasy IX featuring moogles and chocobos. On the moogle side, we have the endearing sideplot of Mognet mail delivery service and for Chcobos we have the insanely addictive Chocobo Hot & Cold minigame! Each minigame offers a totally different kind of interaction with these loveable mascot characters that help flesh out their place in the Final Fantasy series and world of FFIX.

The Mognet mail delivery service acts as a postal distribution for the entire world of Gaea, the setting of most of Final Fantasy IX. Unfortunately, during the game’s events a minor mishap with Mognet HQ causes a butterfly effect with the various postmen across the planet, leading to a severely lacking and misinformed workforce scrambling to reassemble the ensuing postal chaos. The player’s party is recruited to help alleviate the issue, delivering mail to moogles far and wide in person.

Every single letter you get has background plot details, thoughts of moogle characters, and insight on moogle culture. Running these seemingly small tidbits of information helps paint the picture of how the game’s events are affecting its inhabitants and serves as very intriguing trickle-drip world building. By the end of your sidequest, you meet and solve the problems of dozens of moogles who are not simply cute this time around, but are realistic characters with realistic problems and loads of personality. Some write to each other about the loss of a loved one, others complain about food shortages and the severity of war. Following the string of letters crafts a web of information unveiling what moogles are truly like as a race. Who they are, what they care about, and why you should care about them more than screaming about how you’d like to hug one and pet it.

Concerning Chocobo Hot & Cold, be warned this is my absolute favorite minigame not only in the Final Fantasy Series but across all games I have ever played. Chocobo Hot & Cold introduces you to your own personal Chocobuddy named Boko who helps you dig for treasure basically. Joining the two of you is ironically a moogle that serves as your trainer and guide into the workings of Chocobo Hot & Cold.

The minigame takes place across several locations in the game, including a forest, a seaside cavern, and a floating island. Boko is just a young chocobo who needs a friend. His previous owner treated him cruelly, so it is up to you to nurture him and make him stronger and feel more confident about his abilities as a Chocobo. As you uncover more treasure with Boko, you level up his digging abilities and he will also unlock different abilities to assist your world map navigation. Boko can learn to wade through shallow water, walk across the ocean, cruise through mountains, and eventually fly through the sky.

Without Boko, in fact, you have no way of fighting the game’s ultimate boss, Ozma, or obtaining the main character’s best weapon as well as a myriad variety of equipment and items. These locations and items are found by unearthing Chocographs, little semi-ambiguous image-based clues that help track down where you can take Boko on the world map to peck away some extra treasure. Part of the fun is the hunt to find these locations as they are very, very specific and lead to further discoveries the more you collect. Traveling around and finding these bonus chests deepens your relationship with your Chocobro and actually ends up tying into the Mognet sidequest near the end. Very cool stuff!

Personally, I find the level of involvement and character development for species that are normally delegated to sucking in new fans extremely satisfying. For those of you like me who have always wished to learn more about Moogles and Chocobos, Final Fantasy IX is the place to find what you have been looking for. That point aside, it is a fantastic game that deserves all the praise I and any others offer for it! Chocobo Hot & Cold is enough to make me want to play the damn game alone.