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Can purebred only patterns/colors be passed on to mixed kittens? Like a Bengals marbled stripes/rosettes or a black amber classic tabby coat that comes from Norwegian Forest Cats? I have a marbled tabby bengal mix oc and an amber tabby oc and Im wondering if they're even possible.

honestly it’s such a gray area and it really depends on 1. what genes the purebred parent carries (whether they’re homo or hetero dominant etc), 2. what genes / patterns the moggy parent carries, and 3. luck

i do know that sometimes the marble pattern with bengals can get passed down (i’m p sure the other parent has to be a classic tabby though). i’m unsure about regular rosettes and what other genes they would need in order to show through. the problem with this is that purebreds are rarely crossbred with moggies so there hasn’t been much research done on it (i mean who’s gonna breed their $1500 bengal to a non-purebred cat??)