The Achievement Hunter Prophecy

So me and @blackwhitetiger000 were discussing the new Jones baby and stumbled upon this weird fact that we decided needed to be shared.

So Geoff Ramsey was born in 1975.
And Michael Jones was born in 1987.
Making Geoff 12 years older then Michael.

Millie Ramsey was born in 2005.
Iris Jones was born in 2017.
Making Millie 12 years older then Iris.

It’s like some weird internet prophecy. What’s even better is that Geoff is also Iris’ Godfather.

(Also just think in a few years a new season of schooled could just be all AH kids)

It was my buddy’s birthday on Monday, and here’s my (admittedly late) present to him ^^ His character Mogar from the DnD campaign I’m running (have mercy on her soul). She’s the only tanky character in a group of five, too, so you can imagine that she takes a lot of punishment.

She’s a lovely person really.

Happy Birthday @lucarioguy15, and thanks for having such a great character getting so involved in my mean, stupid world xD <3

Mogar is most certainly, totally ready. And he’s pissed.

I had a lot of fun working on this and tried some new things that I didn’t know would work or not. I wanted to draw a Mogar in my style and I must say I’m pleased. I imagine Mogar as a character that transforms from a normal dude to a fucking badass warrior when the bear head with magic jewel is put on. 

Also, this is going to be a series of illustrations with each one inspired by a different Achievement Hunter (obviously this one was inspired by Michael). Not all of them will be based on a joke or character though. I’ll post a sneak peak of all the other ones I’ve finished so far which include: Jack, Ryan, Geoff, Mica, and Michael. I still have the following to start and finish but the ideas are in place: Trevor, Matt, Jeremy, and Gavin.

Does anyone have ideas on what to do for Trevor though, AH community? I’m completely stumped.

Anyways, enjoy and have a good holiday!