So I’ve been thinking about Xray and Vav a lot lately, considering RWBY is beginning to reach its season finale, I began pondering over what season 3 of Xray and Vav could possibly hold for us. Considering this time around I actually have the digital tablet to do so, I decided to draw who I want in the series this time around.

I REALLY wanna see the team do something with the wrestling letsplay characters that have been created other than a villain. Take for instance Jeremy’s ‘Rimmy Tim’ character from the latest one- and I have the perfect way to slot him in. Xray and Vav are absolutely crap at fighting, and we have multiple episodes worth of content to back that up. Without their superpowers, they epic fail at crime fighting. So… What if they finally get the metaphorical memo, and go to a gym or something to try and find someone who can teach em how to fight better? Enter stage left Jeremy Dooley (a.k.a Lil J’) who not only is strong enough to lay you on your ass, but has the moves to do it too.

How is he this good? He is none other than the mysterious wrestler known as Rimmy Tim! He fights for the world title in the ring and fights to protect the innocent outside of the famous squared circle. That handily brings me to my next point. Who is the current champion of the world???

None other than Xray’s dad, Papa Brownman. Not a villain for starters, but definitely some kind of anti-hero. He kinda does his own thing, interested in holding up the family honour with his wrestling. Lets be honest, Xray in the series is VERY different to his 'dad’ so there is oodles of story potential there I haven’t really delved into.

I will say this though, I can’t imagine 'papa brownman’ being a bad guy, and even when if (when) he lost to Rimmy Tim, I imagine he’d take it like a true sportsmanship, recognising talent and hard work when he sees it. Deep down I imagine he cares for ray, but as every macho guy does, he has great trouble expressing that to his not so macho son. I could go into much greater depth but I was too interested in the one villain I want to see in this story more than any other.

That’s right, i’m jumping on the Risemonger villian train! Not only does Jon have the perfect motivation for the part (insert gif of everyone interrupting him from On The Spot, knocking things over on his desk, making jokes at his expense etc etc), he would make a tremendous voice actor and in general villain. In the picture above, I loosely took reference from the Riddler, from of course batman, and his regular attire at roosterteeth.

Not to mention after Samaya stepped down from the ace reporter role due to the newspaper having questionable morals, that gives a perfect place to slot Jon in. He’d have no problem with questionable morals because y'know… Supervillians with world domination in mind don’t exactly take into account other peoples feelings when conducting their evil plans.

With Jon also being a very good artist and photographer, it just adds to the perfect match for the role. Being in this role would also give the villain 'Risemonger’ a tremendous advantage over the heros, as he would have access to everything which is going on in the city, and even the ability to falsify and change it to match his own plans, or set traps. With his Tshirt making skills and other artistic abilities, it leaves a lot to the imagination on what devious ways he could undermine Xray and Vav in ways the Corpirate and Mad King couldn’t. Artists are powerful beings when messed with. As a little side note, I’d also imagine him having some decent hacking skills to get that little bit extra information when he can.

Now this last part mostly wasn’t my idea, I read it somewhere on tumblr, but imagine if there was an On The Spot episode, where Rimmy Tim and Mogar (or if that’s not entertaining enough, mad king and corporate) fight Xray and Vav- the losing team also lose their life. Another interesting plot twist would be he doesn’t actually have control of the diddle hands he has, their are actually sentient by themselves, and do what they must to protect Jon and keep his safety paramount to anything else.

While yes, they do his bidding, they wouldn’t listen however if he wanted to do something that would give himself up, or let anyone near if they were convinced they were planning on injuring Jon. Whether they are physically a part of Jon though, or similar to Dr.Octopus from Spiderman, I haven’t quite decided yet. I am definitely leaning towards being an actual part of him however, opting for the retractable arms option than the mechanical extensions of his willpower.

Just please Roosterteeth, don’t fuck this beautiful opportunity up. Or worse yet, actually do this, and brush off the character as someone who either never comes back, or make him look like a crap villain. I’d get extremely angry if that happened because there is SO MUCH you could do. Same with Jeremy. Let’s just say I can hold a pretty long grudge if given the motivation to.

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Now with all that said and done, I do have more theories, but I worry the storyline I have generally drafted out here would get cluttered with characters that don’t necessarily have business or reason to be there just yet. I would like to see Jack, it seems they introduce a new Gent or something each season, though honestly I feel like having Jack in the fourth season would be waaaaaay more potent. Have the build up of power span through the 3rd season, I mean we already saw the Corpirate land in the final moments of the second season after being knocked off the building in the first season finales battle. Why not have the Mad King and Corpirate convene for the first time as an after credits scene? Talking about finding Jack, and maybe a few comments about how close Risemonger was to actually winning (the closest yet, may I add). Or y'know, typical mockery appropriate for someone like Mad King and Corpirate.

In summary these ideas are what I want to see in Xray and Vav season 3, but I get the feeling no matter what we will at some point see Risenger in the show- villain or not. I’d love to hear other theories and ideas!