Tips for Closeted Trans Dudes
  • Long hair isn’t feminine, it’s the perfect cut for badass viking warriors and elves of all types. Legolas, Sirius Black, 95% of the Hamilton cast, all guys with long flowing hair. Embrace it
  • Let those milk sacks on your chest breathe every once in a while so they stay healthy and unproblematic. My advice: After you shower, before getting dressed, get comfy and play a game on your phone, write, do anything that will distract you from those chesticles for half an hour or so so you can let those babies breathe. Trust me, it’ll be better in the long run.
  • I know you think slouching will help hide your chest, but it won’t. Sorry kids, people still know you have chesticles and you’ll just ruin your posture for life. the best thing I’d learned when I was a smol kid just figuring myself out was that when most cis guys walk they straddle a line, as opposed to most cis girls who walk on the line. Trust me, it sounds vague and undescriptive, but it works. fix that posture and straddle the line, you’ll feel better and more confident and no one will be able to figure out why.
  • Boxing is a great sport to build up the muscles in your shoulders, arms, and obliques if done right, and it’s also a good way to learn some self defense. If you don’t have access to any boxing equipment, just lock yourself in your room and do as many punches as you can handle. If you don’t know how to do a proper punch, google is your friend
  • Skinny jeans. I know, i know, they emphasize your hips and waist, but really, regular bootcut jeans are a million times worse. They’re made out of such a flimsy material and are specifically cut to show off your hips and butt, then flare out at the knee. Not a good look if you’re trying to lean more towards androgyny
  • Converse are androgynous shoes that last a million years, if you can afford them
  • Guys wear makeup too, just look at Pete Wentz. Plus, you can use makeup to contour your face to look more masculine when you’re having a bad day.
  • If you’re not out online, make new accounts under your masculine name. Make new friends that know who you are from the start, and when you’re ready to come out, you already have your online presence established, so you don’t need to feel like you’ll be isolated from your friends and family while they figure things out, and you can come out to certain people at certain times and add them online without giving it away to every one of your billion friends on facebook
  • carry a wallet, if you can. You need a safe place to keep your cards and cash, and pockets won’t cut it. If you’re not able to get a wallet, stick with a neutral satchel
  • If you’re living with your dad or an older brother and they’re amiable, borrow their hoodies and sweaters. Everyone loves a too big hoodie, and it’ll make you feel better to wear masculine clothes.

Hope this helps :) Stay safe
Confirmed: Orlando Cops Told to Stand Down — Not to Pursue Shooter for “15-20 Minutes”
Cornwell recalled getting orders not to pursue the shooter, hold their position and wait for SWAT. It would take SWAT a long time to respond. Cornwell explained that he and the other officers obeyed the orders not to stop Mateen, and they held their position for “15 or 20 minutes — could’ve been longer” until the SWAT team arrived. Cornwall described hearing gunshots and screams for help as they sat there — waiting for SWAT. When asked if he felt the urge to disobey the order to stand down and try to stop Mateen, Cornwell said he had to follow orders.

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Tranz Australia is a growing nation-wide collective helping with trans education, support and advocacy. Tranz Tasmania (our state’s part of this collective) is made up of two transgender students named Percy and Jasper, advocating for positive change for LGBTIQ people. In less than a year we have achieved many things, including:

  • Advocating for an LGBTIQ educational forum to be presented at a local college, which ran successfully to a mixed audience of students and teachers,
  • Completing ‘Time to Tell’ a two day training which better qualifies us to be panel speakers,
  • Volunteering at Tas Pride’s street parade in 2014, and joining the organizing committee for 2015,
  • Attending marriage equality meetings and contacting local politicians about their position on marriage equality,
  • Being asked to become LGBTIQ Human Library Books (voluntary positions as part of an organization which aims to “promote dialogue, reduce prejudices and encourage understanding”),
  • Proposing ideas for an education session to Launceston City Council, which has since progressed to become a film night and education forum where we will be panel speakers,
  • Being invited to attend Queer Collaborations (a national Australian queer conference) to run workshops and expand our horizons.

Queer Collaborations is a national Australian conference which will be held in Canberra in July 2015. Money raised will go towards flights and accommodation during the week-long conference. We are students who are currently supporting ourselves and don’t have the funds to get to Canberra without donations.

We want to attend Queer Collaborations to connect with others, network, gain experience, share our knowledge and ideas, run workshops, and meet and inspire others like us. We also believe it’s incredibly important to give young trans people a voice in a society where our age is seen as a reason to silence us or believe us unqualified to talk about our experiences and create change.

We live in a small, mostly rural state where it is hard to connect with other trans people and there are far less LGBTIQ services than in other states. As young people with no tertiary qualifications (yet) but only our passion, we will be better received with the connections, support and ideas from participants at Queer Collaborations. Attending will give us the connections we need to branch out beyond our state, as well as being a hugely rewarding experience for both of us.

As the face of Tranz Tasmania, our role includes sharing news and resources, giving educational presentations, increasing visibility, engaging with LGBTIQ community, giving advice, and living our lives authentically while helping others have the courage to do the same. We want to make a difference to our community and to the lives of all LGBTIQ Australians. So please help us by donating or signal boosting. Anything you can do helps and means the world to us.

Thank you!

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Ace positivity: Romanticize yourself. You're the snow that quiets the hardened earth. You're the deepest recesses of the earth's womb. You're the vastness the stars, boisterous and terrifying as you illuminate and consume and lay low all in your path. You're the quiet pulse of your heart that needs no recognition to run steady and smooth through years and decades.


My boyfriend is so amazing, he is making an app for genderfluid individuals, to inform friends and stuff about your gender and/or pronouns at the moment. Like, so that if you’re feeling a specific gender you can select it and the people (fluid and not) on your notification list, and they’ll get a message saying yo they are feeling _____ and using ___/____/______ pronouns.
I’m in love with this idea
And him


hi beautiful people!!

my name is eliot and i am a non-binary beb with serious mental health stuff goin’ on. i’ve been seeing a new doctor lately and i am optimistic about treatment but i do not have medical coverage currently and it’s starting to get really expensive. i’ve got a few days left before my school semester starts and i’d really love to take some knitting orders if possible, it would really help me to get some help i desperately need.

i make pronouns hats as my specialty; the pattern is my very own and i’m really proud of it!! i have photos here of they/them and she/her but i have some other pronouns made up and believe i could write other patterns if you have different pronouns. I am charging $25 USD + shipping which will get you a handmade, double-thick knit hat which will surely keep you warm for the rest of the winter, in addition to showing off your pronouns in style! I can knit with wool or acrylic (hypoallergenic) yarn, and as some of those middle photos show I can also make other hats, headbands, etc. what i have in the photo are just some examples but please contact me as I’d love to make it in whatever colour combination suits you best!

please message me via ask if you’re interested! I take payment via Paypal and really appreciate inquiries, well-wishes, prayers or good vibes. i’m trying to be chipper about it but this new treatment is really expensive and i’m starting to stress.

thank you for your support and please signal boost!

Don’t push straight people out of the Pride Parade for 10 reasons:

  1. Some lgbt+ people don’t want to go to Pride by themselves and will invite straight friends or family members. I know I want to take my sister and cousin to Pride sometime and they are both straight.
  2. Lgbt+ parents with straight kids.
  3. Lgbt+ kids with straight parents.
  4. Straight trans/non-binary people.
  5. Heteroromantic asexuals.
  6. Heterosexual aromantics.
  7. Lgbt+ people who want to share their culture (yes, we have a culture and a history) with straight friends/family.
  8. Poly/Bi/Pan/Ace/Aro people who want to take their straight lovers with them.
  9. Straight people who are questioning.
  10. Two spirit people.

These are all valid reasons for heterosexual people to be at a Pride event. Do not make Pride a hostile place for heterosexuals.

Silent Hill & Diversity (or lack thereof)

As much as I love the Silent Hill franchise, it has huge problems with diversity.  Take a look at the protagonists of the core games:

So in 8 games, 7 main characters have been male, and all 8 have been white.

And now that Silent Hills has been announced, we’ve got this guy (name unknown as of yet):

So…another white guy.  This one has stubble, I guess.

I am just profoundly disappointed by this.  Silent Hill is about taking one person’s unique hell and making it real.  The monsters are what’s inside their deepest, darkest dreams, and through the course of the game, we help the character either overcome it, or be consumed by it (depending on our choices).  By ignoring any demographics other than “white male”, the game developers have lost the chance to explore entirely new dimensions of fucked-up-ness.

Here.  I’ll give you some examples of how a not-straight-white-male character could take the game in awesome, fascinating new directions.

Following a worsening of their condition, a person with a degenerative / pain disorder comes to Silent Hill seeking a specialist doctor rumored to have a cure for their ailment. They struggle to get used to their wheelchair, and must traverse through a world seemingly designed to prevent movement, themed around feeling trapped and ‘broken’.  At certain points, the player would have to leave the wheelchair behind and walk slowly, tortuously under their own power, but heaven help you if the monsters catch you before you can make your way back to the wheelchair and escape…

A survivor of sexual assault comes to Silent Hill in order to confront their rapist (either to accept their apology or to take revenge, depending on player choices).  But first, they must face phallic creatures and scantily clad echoes of themselves who whisper “It’s all your fault”…

A black character gets an email from a friend murdered by a white supremacist cop summoning them to Silent Hill.  They fight cone-headed monsters who drag others in chains and faceless figures with oversized jackboots, all the while taunted by gibbering stereotypes as they try to come to terms with a world that oppresses them…

A gay / lesbian character is contacted by a slain lover, who was murdered in front of them in a brutal hate crime.  The character must face their survivor’s guilt and living in a world that forces unwanted sexuality upon them…

After running away from home, a trans / non-gender conforming teenager finds themselves in Silent Hill.  In addition to facing monstrous versions of their conservative, religious family, they must face exaggerated male and female monsters (hulking, muscular bodybuilders covered with strange bulges; lithe, impossibly proportioned women) that represent society’s constricting gender expectations…

Silent Hill is all about delving into the darkest parts of humanity.  We’ve seen everything that straight white men can offer.  Let’s try something new.

MOGAI teens is officially up and running! A huge thanks to all the people that reblogged the original post, as well as all of our contacts and admins. Without you this wouldn’t be possible!

What is MOGAI Teens?

A safe place for MOGAI teens to get help, advice, and talk to other MOGAI teens one-on-one. You can ask questions anonymously on the main blog, or talk to an admin/contact individually. Our goal is to help people find their identities, give advice on how to come out, and help with any other problems or concerns MOGAI teens may have.

If you’re interested in becoming an admin or a contact, click here. Other than that, I look forward to finally begin answering questions and posting!

- Site owner and admin, Emily

I unfollowed someone (not a mutual) for reblogging a post about how ace and aro people should not belong in LGBT. It was just that, no explanation or whatever, just a malicious joke as usual.

For longer I knew this viewpoint of them because it is kind of obvious if they
1. reblog that post that says “I want a lover who I do fun things with” reblogged with “do you mean friendship? :)”
2. reblog that one post where an ace celebrates sexual people dying of aids.

Claiming ace to not be LGBT is one thing, but that point 1 post denied asexuality as an identitiy altogether and point 2 did validate it but only to say it’s a sexuality of racist cruel evil people.
Basically they put anti-ace propaganda on their blog and they do not reblog the more heartfelt posts on the subject. The ones they would reblog if they’re other LGBT issues. (even though people can be gay AND ace)

It’s pathetic cause all this hate comes from not understanding and being very loud about your ignorance and your wish to stay ignorant. I followed that person for about 3 years now and they always acted like they were better than ‘tumblr’, but why are they so actively against something that did not hurt them as a straight person?

I do not know how you all perceive me, but I am constantly questioning myself and are aware of my flaws. Perhaps it is out of anxiety but I really want to be maximum compassionate, considerate and wise.

So I want you to all do some self-reflection from time to time.
Review why you are against these groups and pro others. If you can distance yourself in a way you can see a both sides but also to pick sides cause it really isn’t always gray. Be aware of time and place in issues. Just Grow.