What? I know! I did the research and I found that I was ethically able to order these swimsuits. They’re the only all-over printed items I carry which aren’t printed in the United States, but I talked with the manufacturer for a while to assure that I wasn’t supporting sweatshop labor. So! I’m able to (as ethically as I can) offer these kick-ass suits! And the best part?


Hey, do you have swim trunks?

No, not yet! But I’m working on that. I’m in communication with my printing company. I know! You want them! I want them too! As soon as I get them, they will be posted SUPER FAST.

What about [insert flag here]? How come you didn’t post that?

I posted the flags which most commonly sell in my pride flag items. But have no fear! If you’d like to purchase your flag on a swimsuit and I don’t have it posted, contact me and I’ll be happy to make sure that you can purchase it ASAP! As a poverty-line artist, I can’t afford to put up every variation of every flag – it actively costs me money to keep open listings that don’t sell, so I handle less-frequently-ordered flags on a per-request basis. That way everyone can get the suits they want and I can afford to pay my mortgage. 

I need it by [time], can you rush shipping if I pay for it?

No. :( I don’t have control over that. The average print time is 2-3 days at my print provider & shipping is 5-10 days after that since they’re coming from overseas. I cannot guarantee an arrival date, so order quick if you want them by a certain date! 

Okay, awesome! Where can I buy these suits? 

You can get them on NerdyKeppie, along with a bunch of other bomb-ass stuff. 

(Please note that free shipping ONLY applies to the suits – if you pick up other stuff, and it would be rad if you did, you’ll be charged for shipping for the additional items only.)

call me a bigot all you want but goddamn I’m so sick of going to “queer” spaces that are full of green haired sixteen year olds using “faeself” pronouns instead of actual lgbt people. and I swear if I see one more person wearing elf ears or a fox tail I’m gonna set myself on fire.

lgbt doesn’t mean “blindly accepting of anything weird.” it means “lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender.” and if you somehow equate that with misfits, outcasts, freaks, or anything like that, congratulations on your homophobia! now get the fuck out.


The rest of this is just going to be Hampsterdance lyrics, but formatted like a discourse post to see if anyone reblogs it without looking! Here we go!

  • That’s it!
  • That’s all into it!
  • Alright everybody…

Now here we go. It’s a grand new version, everyone knows! Just tap your feet, and clap your hands. Come on everybody, it’s the hamster dance! Take some time, do the beat…

You don’t even have to move your feet. Just shake your hand, I want to see you move! Now spin around and feel the groove!

Let’s try!

  • You’re gettin’ all!
  • Terrific!
  • Come on, everybody!
  • Clap your hands!

Come on everybody, come on everybody! It’s the hamster dance!

Here comes the music! 👏👏👏

This is Cam and Trevor. They are both transgender. They are both boys. They both use he/him pronouns. And, most importantly, they’re both valid.

Cam doesn’t bind because he feels comfortable not binding. He takes a lot of pride in being trans, and is very open about his gender. He doesn’t have dysphoria, but that’s okay, he’s still trans and he’s still a boy. He might not start hrt  or undergo surgery, because he’s fine presenting the way he does currently. Even if he does, he’s not “stealing trans resources”. Cam is not a girl.

Trevor binds, and has dysphoria when he doesn’t. Trevor is usually pretty quiet about his gender, and feels pride when he passes. He plans on starting hrt and plans on getting top surgery some day, so he can present the way he wants to. And hey, guess what, Trevor isn’t a girl either.

Trevor and Cam are friends, and enjoy talking to each other at school. They respect each other’s pronouns and hang out a lot. Cam comforts Trevor when his dysphoria is really bad, and Trevor reminds Cam that he’s valid when gross truscum harass him online.

You know what? There are a lot of things I don’t understand about the LGBT community as a binary trans mlm. I don’t understand how trans people can be non-dysphoric, because my experience with dysphoria is very different. I don’t understand why there are so many MOGAI labels, or why xenogenders and things of the sort exist. I don’t understand how some lesbians can use he/him pronouns. I don’t understand why some nonbinary people use neopronouns when they can just use they/them. I don’t understand why there are so many ace/aro spectrum labels, because frankly I myself don’t like labels that much.

But guess what? I’m not an asshole.

I respect trans people and acknowledge that they are trans even if they don’t have dysphoria, because I know being trans isn’t an universal experience and is different for everyone.

I respect MOGAI labels, even if I think they are ‘cringy’ and unnecessary, because if they make you happy then what’s wrong with them? What’s wrong with using more words to describe yourself?

I respect he/him lesbians and use their pronouns, because even though I don’t fully understand why, it’s obvious that these pronouns make them more comfortable and as a trans person I understand that.

I use and respect the neopronouns for my nonbinary siblings even though I may say them wrong sometimes (I don’t have a lot of experience with them) because I understand what it’s like to be referred to as the wrong pronouns.

I respect ace/aro identities, regardless of ace discourse, because they are valid, and I don’t need to understand why or how someone chooses to identify. I myself would technically be demisexual, but I don’t choose to identify that way because it feels unnecessary. But if you feel like it fits? You do you.

Here’s a thought: you don’t need to understand something in order to respect it. Just let people keep identifying how they identify, they aren’t doing anyone any harm. And guess what? Even if they do turn out to be cishet, that’s fine too. At the end of the day, all we have done is earn an ally to the community.


Aces and aros are LGBT

Pan people are LGBT

Bi people are LGBT

Trans people are LGBT

Non binary people are LGBT (this includes xenogenders and people who use neopronouns)

Lesbians are their own identity and need to be represented

Non binary people don’t always fall under the trans umbrella

Trans women are women

Trans men are men

You don’t need dysphoria to be trans

Being against gay PDA in public is homophobic

Being against seeing sex and kinks in public is not

Going to pride is not consent to seeing sex or kinks

The a is not for ally

However allies are welcome at pride as long as they stay in their lane

Allies being welcome is also important to keep closeted people safe

“Cishet” aces and aros isn’t a real term, it was coined to mean “cisgender heterosexual heteroromantic” and is just a term used to gatekeep, reminiscent of “bihet” used to invalidate bi people in het passing relationships

Police should not be at pride, private security is fine and necessary

Not all LGBT people are queer, but those who identify as queer are valid. Don’t call people queer that don’t want to be

Same applies to f*ggot or any other slur

Pedos and sapiosexuals aren’t valid, and sapiosexual is ableist

Feel free to add on

Ace people “coming out” as ace to their coworkers, their boss, or anyone they dont have a personal relationship with is not revolutionary or brave in any way, in fact it is mostly just weird that you think you need to tell these people about how much or how little you feel sexual attraction. It is never going to be the same as a gay person’s employer finding out about their relationships and it is never going to carry the same consequences, you guys just really wanna feel special.


Hey just in case you people forgot what actual transphobia is, here’s a reminder!
I circled that comment because it’s true. It’s tumblrs fault things have gone so wrong. It’s not /only/ tumblr since there are a lot of other social medias that contributed to this shit but tumblr had a big role.

Stop saying you’re trans just to be cool and progressive.
Stop saying you’re trans when you call yourself anything other than male or female.
Stop calling every comment on your delusional gender transphobia and making actual transphobia look like a joke.
Stop forcing yourself into trans spaces just because you want to be included in everything.
Stop hating on cis/het people and pretending you’re something better for being trans (when most of you people aren’t anyway) and gay.
Stop. Fucking stop. If you’ve ever done any of those things then you’re part of the problem. Stop. Leave us alone. We’re not some fashion or political statement, we’re not your entertainment or fetish, leave us the fuck alone.

People who are valid members of the LGBT community:

  • Lesbians
  • Gays
  • Bisexuals
  • Transgenders
  • Queers
  • Asexuals
  • Nonbinaries
  • Agenders
  • Pansexuals
  • Heteroflexible/Homoflexibles
  • Aromantics
  • Demisexuals
  • Demiromantics
  • Anybody who is attracted to somebody of the same sex in any way, shape, or form.
  • Literally anybody who identifies as a different sex than they were assigned at birth

People who are NOT valid members of the LGBT community:

  • Cis/het Otherkins
  • Cis/het Furries
  • Cis/het Fictionkins
  • Clovergenders
  • Transages
  • Transraces
  • Necrophiles
  • Tucutes/Transtrenders
  • Cis/Het Intersex
  • MOGAI identities

Today’s Customs and a few new items, because designing things is very therapeutic and makes for a happy Spider.

More versions of the rose pattern and the boots will be added over time – I am painting these patterns while I am trying not to watch the Kickstarter very carefully. It’s sort of my therapy. :) 

Please note that the sizes that are listed in the drop-down are the only sizes that we have at the present time. We have access only to the shoes that are available through our printer. Yes, I wish we had larger sizes, too. 

i know that most anti-mogai posts are blatantly hateful and dont always give reasoning, so if you read one post on the damage mogai does, read this.

mogai harms lgbt people. it harms young gay, bi and dysphoric/trans kids.

lets start with gender. i used think i wasnt a girl because im very gnc and a lesbian. both of these things disconnect me from womanhood in ways only lesbians, esp butches, can understand. this was at a time where i was deep in mogai circles. i ended up with some crazy madeup label that furthered my disconnection from being a woman. this isnt just a personal experience. its happened to so many people i know, including my friends and girlfriend. just searching “mogai hell” brings up so many. not only this, but it also confuses the hell out of actually-trans people, especially gnc ones who think that they cant really be a transman or transwoman bc “im too feminine/masculine so i must really be *insert mogai gender*!”

sexuality. mogai promotes the fact that theres a lot of different sexualities. but there isnt. theres four (gay, straight, bi/pan, ace). everything else is just a preference, like demisexual, morosexual, sapiosexual, etc. it also offers new terms for the same thing, ie androsexual (attraction to men). some of them are just blatant fetishisation of trans people too, eg skoliosexual. i used to call myself gynesexual because i didnt want to be a lesbian, and polysexual because i was attracted to “everyone but men”.

which leads on to my next point. mogai creates these false genders and sexualities which gay/bi/trans kids use to mask their internalised homophobia/transphobia. i called myself gynesexual and polysexual because i had so much internalised homophobia that i didnt want to associate with the term lesbian. my best friend went by a mogai gender for nearly a full year because he didnt want to come to terms with the fact hes a trans guy. it creates a false solace that these teens are using to mask their internalised hate for their actual identity, but is actually just making it worse.

as well as this, all these labels are inviting cishets into the community. cis + straight people are using these terms and then thinking that they’re oppressed. buzzfeed literally published an article by an “androsexual” cishet woman. all these stupid labels are also making a mockery out of lgbt people. theres literally people who are saying their gender is space. look up kalvin garrah’s “trans guy reacts to tumblr” video. he’s mean but he gets the point across, especially from a trans perspective.

mogai harms lgbt people. it harms young lesbian, gay, bi and trans teenagers.