mog stumbles in flash

It moves a bit too fast but there we go. This was focused more on the lip+mouth movement practice than having his jaw move as well. Plus normally his head trail would be flowing and stuff but baby steps @__@

Yeah the speed thing is only really a problem for his eye since when his eye widens his pupil/iris was supposed to shrink slightly but it doesn’t read at the proper speed and it just looks off bwuh

my first attempt at animating anything in flash? asghda its confusing for my tiny brain xc

I tried to add more movement/the second part of the scarf to make it look like he’s breathing and the wind affecting something other than just the scarf but I couldn’t get it down still figuring it out ffff

made this and two other short gifs in class today, which only lasted an hour because most everybody was sick/not present! the other two are pretty bad, this one’s not that good either but since it’s literally like the 4th thing I’ve attempted, it’s not too bad for that. Worth sharing for progress I spose?

THe cigarette’s movement timing is off though it bugs me >:1