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aspenstarbounder  asked:

Do fauns normally have unique-shaped pupils, or is Paisley's pupil just an overly aesthetically pleasing genetic mutation? (PS fauns are awesome. We need more fauns pls)

Little of both! Fancy eyes designs are a personal appeal to me general, and in-universe, fauns don’t have a greater or lesser tendency to have Awesome Eyeballs than other species. However, cyclopean citizens do have an increased chance of peculiar iris shapes (fauns are not always cyclopean, eye count can vary among most species in Purg, with varying degrees of regularity), and Paisley in particular is considered to have a very unique eye even by that standard, due to her iris being asymmetrical, which is quite rare.

I don’t want to accidentally make more characters I don’t need by designing some fauns from scratch, so I’ll just share some doodles of regular characters species-swapped to fauns