MOFW 2012 Indonesia Day 1

(Minimal top, Topshop pants, Time Depot Baby G x Ke$ha watch, Kookii Boutique bracelet, love.eyecandy bag, EMODA earrings) Hype this look on Lookbook here

Went for a all gold ensemble on 12/12/12 and the first day of My Own Fashion Week Indonesia! I got this shiny mosaic top from a lovely store called Minimal in Solo Paragon. No regrets with this purchase, as it is now my ultimate go-to top whenever I feel lazy to dress up. There’s nothing like a little shimmer to get you through everything. Even my watch is super shiny! :D

Men Of Few Words

Mack quietly considered the man known as Mundy as they went about their daily ritual of brewing coffee. A single, perfectly plucked brow slowly lofted as he continued his silent observation of the sniper. What an interesting man, this Mundy, even though they had never exchanged anything outside of passing glances of acknowledgment or the occasional ‘pardon me’ in the halls.

Still, even with the lack of interaction, he couldn’t help but find the man fascinating.

Such a passive man was the team sniper, yet the man’s capacity for ferocity when sinking his beloved knife into the yielding flesh of an enemy was, by all means, astounding. Mack had witnessed both sides of the man, albeit from the safety of shadows and corners in Sniper’s nest in the guise of empty air when he became bored of the frays of battle. Yet every time the bushman was able to stick it to an enemy it never ceased to entertain the fellow RED. Such an interesting Australian.

His mouth twitched into a smirk as a low, guttural chuckle rolled in his throat while he adjusted himself against the wall he reclined against. “Mundy, is it not?” he asked, folding his arms as he looked at the man expectantly. “I recall one of our colleagues addressing you as that.”



because it’s a wear-your-cap-because-you-just-feel-to kind of day ♥ w/ my forever “pare, mahal mo ba ako” hahahahaha jk, i just keep on teasing him about that song, because we used to call each other, pre, six years ago. haha k bye

MOFW 2012 Fukuoka Day 4

(dazzlin skirt, Choies top, Mango blazer, EMODA earrings, Esperanza boots, Romwe bag) Hype this look on Lookbook here.

Sorry guys, my bag isn’t Laguna Moon but it sure looks like it. It was sold out when I went to the actual Laguna Moon store in Japan, but thanks to Romwe I managed to get myself the exact same design. Thanks to ViVi and a close-to-iconic photo of Lena Fuji holding the same bag, I went all cat crazy for the nth time. Lucky for me last F/W, high street had a lot of these feline furries.

For the 4th day of MOFW, I’m wearing a gold skirt from dazzlin and a pair boots from Esperanza. First things first, Esperanza is on the top of my list when it comes to the best shoe brands I’ve ever tried in my life. I have another pair of boots from them, a black platform pair with a higher heel height, that I’ve worn on my Lookbook a number of times already. They are still in almost-mint condition after wearing it pretty much everywhere. Most of the time I pack at least one pair of heeled shoes when I travel, and that particular pair is always my first choice. I never get blisters and I can wear them for hours, without hurting! What is this sorcery, Japan?!

Anyhow, after a good experience with the Esperanza shoe brand, I got myself another one back in Fukuoka. This time I chose a shorter heel height which is ideal for traveling in both comfort and style. There’s a slight cushion inside that makes it even more comfortable! Plus it makes you feel like you got your money’s worth lol. I also chose it for the two-toned design which was all the rage in Japan during my short visit. :D

On the other hand, this fabulous gold skirt is from the popular Japanese brand, dazzlin. I know them primarily because they present regularly in the touchMe presentations along with EMODA, MURUA, and the other brands from Mark Styler (a fashion group that manages a roster of brands that I all coincidentally love). They recently got Jennifer Eyemere, editor-in-chief of France’s JaLouse magazine, to style the recent dazzlin presentation, which I think is quite genius for them to do, since it presents a different kind of Japanese fashion to people from all over the world. Not the popular notion of it always having to look like cosplay, lolita, decora, etc. I’ve already lost count of all the times when I’ve gotten strange looks from people who ask me about my ultimate fashion influences. When I say Japanese fashion, I guess most people expect me to dress up like Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku Girls. Story of my life. Huu, it doesn’t always have to be wild and colorful! T_T

MOFW 2012 Indonesia Day 5

(Tricia Gosingtian x Catherine Jannelle batik print skirt, Sheinside sweater, olive + piper necklace, Watch Factory watch, Mirota Yogyakarta bag, Jellybean Zara-inspired heels) Hype this look on Lookbook here.

Here’s the second item that Cat and I produced for my MOFW Indonesia. This pleated skirt was made from another batik print fabric that I found in Mirota Yogyakarta. I was actually wondering why this wasn’t sold out yet - You can’t really see it properly in the pictures but there are some parts of this print that are outlined with some sort of shiny gold material. Super cute and also elegant in its own inexplicit way.

MOFW 2012 Australia Day 2

(Bardot floral gradient top, Romwe jacket and pants, S&H heels, Dazzled Bags satchel) Hype this look on Lookbook here.

When I went to Melbourne, I wanted to go crazy at Bardot. Someone bring it to Manila! All their items scream sass and sophistication.

As soon as I laid my eyes on this gradient top, I knew I had to have it! If my mom wasn’t around to stop me, I would’ve also gotten a jacket and a pair of trousers in the same exact fabric. 

Just imagine if I wore these three items all together, lol.

I naturally matched the yellow-green of my top with a bag of a similar shade. I know I’m months late with the neon trend, but I only recently acknowledged its knack for being a bold statement. No need for accessories if you’ve got something as bright as this. Kept it simple and fuss-free by wearing all the embellishment on my jacket instead of my neck and wrists. 

Hope you enjoyed the second day of my blog’s mini event. Watch out for my next post tomorrow! :)

MOFW 2012 Hong Kong Day 1

(b+ab x Angelababy top, b+ab x Hello Kitty iPhone case Forever 21 skirt and hat, SM Accessories bag, ring and earrings, Naughty Monkey heels) Hype this look on Lookbook here. Thanks to RG for taking my photos!

Pearls, not diamonds, are a girl’s best friend. My love affair with pearls goes a long way, for me to able to say this. As a kid, my mother would often mention that wearing pearls is the best way to make yourself look elegant without looking too overdone. Just look at Audrey Hepburn! She was able to pull off a super sophisticated look by just wearing pearl accessories with her little black dress. 

I have pearl earrings in all shapes, styles and sizes, but I can’t seem to get enough of them, it seems. When I saw this b+ab x Angelababy top, I went on major delusional mode, and got it from the rack without even bothering to look at the price. It turned out reasonable (THANK GOD) when it was time for me to pay, making it probably my most favorite purchase from my recent Hong Kong trip.

Tiny pearls shaped to create this lovely pattern? SOLD. The fact that it’s also part of the Angelababy collection made it even more special. I can’t stress my love for her enough, but so can’t the rest of the world. I bought her Japanese magazine covers when she was doing a lot of modeling work in Japan, and even kept a copy of the b+ab FW12 catalog with her on the cover after buying this top. I follow her religiously online, and I am so happy that she’s been going places and making a name for herself outside Asia as well.

I sound like such a creeper, but I solemnly swear that the mere sight of her pretty face and perfect features make me so happy and inspired! Girlcrush alert. She seems like a sweetheart too. <3

Toughened up a little by wearing a hat and a black pleather skirt, but still kept it feminine by wearing…

…the most adorable polkadot heels, which I now aptly call my official New Year heels. I’m a month too early, but these will be perfect for that Chinese (and Filipino) tradition of wearing round shapes that we can associate with money and prosperity. The more round shapes, the better, so polkadots are the easily the best choice!

This iPhone case was part of b+ab’s old Hello Kitty collaboration, which I was still lucky to stumble upon last month in Hong Kong. It came in different colors, but this black and gray one looked like it was made just for me! It was the safest choice, and you know how I always wear the safest choices, which is also the reason why I have such a boring and predictable style, lol. Anyhow, it features the b+ab bunny mascot hiding behind the iconic Hello Kitty bows. Too adorable for words!

Thanks to Beauty & Butter for my nails! I must mention that they have an unlimited manicure promo happening right now. For only P499 you can get full month of hand pampering. You can get your nails prettified as often as you want within 30 days by simply presenting your Unli Mani Card at any Beauty & Butter branch. I go to the one in Megamall - maybe I’ll see you there soon? :)

Bag and ring from SM Accessories. 

Stay tuned for my My Own Fashion Week post tomorrow! And advanced happy birthday to me in a few hours. I’ll be turning 17… 

(Yeah, right!)

MOFW 2012 Australia Day 7

(Sussan top, Romwe shorts, Luxury Mall sneaker wedges, Sunpocket shades from Terminal Store from Ronac Art Center, spiked bracelet from a store in Haji Lane Singapore, Forever 21 necklace) Hype this look on Lookbook here.

I’m so sad I’m on my last look for “My Own Fashion Week” Australia edition! I swear this whole project of mine has brought nothing except good news for me and my once-lost discipline for blogging everyday. I remember there used to be a time when I would go for a week without updating at all! Shame on me, but I can proudly say that it won’t happen again any time soon. I’m in a full-force blogging mood, so expect more entries in the next couple of days. Well, at least the days before I leave for my Hong Kong trip! It’ll be a relaxed vacation of sorts, so I probably won’t be bringing my laptop with me, but I’ll definitely make sure to queue some posts on certain events that I haven’t shared yet. :D 

Sundays call for simple and relaxed outfits that I can easily move in. This top from Sussan was such a steal! It has a very nice metallic sheen to it that I really love, because it’s just the right amount of dressy that can be used for both sophisticated and casual looks. 

I know I almost never wear sneakers, but this particular pair of sneaker wedges that I’m wearing here is absolute perfection! It’s not too high and not too chunky, so it can still pass off as normal sneakers. Super comfortable that I can see myself wearing this pair when traveling in the future!

Now that was a good week, yeah? I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did! Blogging everyday? Never thought I could do it until MOFW happened. I’ll be missing doing Australian brand-integrated personal style entries, but there will still be more MOFW entries to look forward to in November and January. What’s exciting about the next ones is that they’re both right up my alley! Fans of Hong Kong and Japan, get ready! :D

MOFW 2012 Australia Day 6

(Portmans cardigan, Bardot clutch, FashionCookie ShoeAvenue boots, Forever 21 top and skirt) Hype this look on Lookbook here.

New hair color! I opted for a much darker shade this time, since the bleach (from a long time ago) would just refuse to die even after I’ve dyed it brown so many times already. Hopefully it doesn’t fade to blonde again. How do you like it? NGL, I camwhored a lot today because I’m sooo in love with this new color. The richer and darker brown shade allows me to do my make-up a bit lighter too!

Anyhow, for today’s MOFW, I decided to tap into my wild side and play with different animal prints. To complete and toughen the whole look, I wore my ultimate “it” item of the season, the leatherette skirt, with my new studded wedged boots.

I didn’t completely turn away from my girly style though, as I still kept my favorite pearl accessories. 

Watch out for my last MOFW Australia post tomorrow! 

MOFW 2012 Indonesia Day 4

(Batik Keris top, DAS wedges, Soeurs necklace) Hype this look on Lookbook here.

I’m on the 4th day of My Own Fashion Week already? It really is the busiest time of the year. I just felt like posting the first one yesterday, and now I’m three entries away from completing yet another series.

This top was my very last purchase from my Indonesia trip. I asked one of the people helping out in the familiarization trip if there existed a number 1 destination for batik souvenirs in the mall nearest the airport, so she led me to Batik Keris. I spent a long time choosing what I wanted in the store, because everything was so pretty and the prices weren’t bad at all. In the end, I decided on this 100% cotton top for its bright fire-like color and high neck (which you all know I absolutely love). What do you think?

I paired it with a girly old rose pleated skirt to give it a nice modern contrast, as well as sky-high wedges that can be seen from a mile away! 

MOFW 2012 Indonesia Day 3

(INVIO top, Soeurs suit set, Forever 21 heels, Bayo bag, Minimal necklace) Hype this look on Lookbook here.

During my trip to Indonesia, INVIO was one of the local department store brands that immediately caught my eye. They offered a ton of sophisticated-but-edgy workwear (clearly the inspiration for this post), as well as classy button-downs with the most interesting cuts and prints. This one that I’m wearing here was my number one choice from their current selection of clothes. Chic geometric prints, and that stripe detail at the bottom? Love! 

MOFW 2012 Australia Day 3

(Sportsgirl sweater, Zara skirt, Forever 21 bag, Cheap Fashion Finds necklace) Hype this look on Lookbook here.

Third day into My Own Fashion Week and I decided to wear a peach sweater from Sportsgirl, another one of Australia’s great retail brands. The thing I love most about this sweater, apart from the cute color, is the extra long sleeve design. If I don’t wear this sweater properly, the sleeves can go longer than the whole length of my arm. I don’t think it’s too sloppy since I feel like the length can become handy in the long run. I dislike wearing gloves during winter (I can’t function, and not to mention, text properly!), so I’d rather just cover my whole hands with oversized sweaters and jackets.

Following the whole opposite seasons in Australia thing, I decided to not wear any black today! Good news! I bet you guys are already sick and tired of me always wearing black and white with a single color accent. 

This whole look is loosely inspired by Lana del Rey (LOVE HER) and her gorgeous H&M photos with her wearing a fluffy peach sweater. She also graced the cover of Vogue Australia this month of October. It’s all very timely since I’m dedicating a whole week of my blog to Australia.

Watch out for Day 4 of My Own Fashion Week Australia tomorrow!

MOFW 2012 Fukuoka Day 5

(SpRay jacket, Greenhills top, FashionCookie ShoeAvenue boots, moussy bag) Hype this look on Lookbook here.

Debuting my lighter hair color in time for spring/summer. Actually, this is only my lame excuse for simply being fickle about my hair. No bleaching involved since my hair ends are pretty much fried already. I just missed the light brown after 3-4 months of dark hair. To be quite honest, as much as I loved my previous color (which was quite *mature*), I think I was really made for this in-between brown and blonde thing. Makes me feel lighter and brighter too!

I can’t believe I’m already on my 5th day (LOL, it sounds like I’m talking about my period) of MOFW, which means I only have 2 more purely Japanese fashion features after this! Sad face.

On a lighter note, this outfit is very me circa early 2012, back when I was obsessed with wearing oxblood with light blue denim and black. I also came back from Japan around then, so I’m pretty sure they’re the ones to blame for all the red that I’ve been consecutively wearing. Never a bad thing though, because I love it anyway. Matches the red of my blog layout!

This jacket is from a brand called SpRay which I was able to visit in Tenjin Core Fukuoka (but they also have a store in Shibuya 109). The whole place looked like my closet because they had so many sweaters, jackets and collared tops a.k.a. my default uniforms. And the prices were comparable to CECIL MCBEE as well, which I previously mentioned is already an affordable gyaru brand compared to most. 

Spazzed like a crazy person as soon as I laid my eyes on this jacket, because it was perfect in so many ways. I’ve been meaning to get a red varsity jacket (since I already have a black and a pastel one) but it was so hard for me to find the ideal length and design since I usually only found short ones with like, weird embroidered text. :))

Paired the jacket with my ever-so-trusty moussy bag, also purchased in Fukuoka. It only occurred to me now that the handles look very Givenchy!