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“That mofugga gone, I’m done with it!”

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Muh-fugga, what the hell are you doing? We got a group assignment with directions, and you openly said that you didn’t read them. To most people, that means you are the least welcome to comment on what we should be doing, especially when it effects our grades. Let the people paying attention do the work, alright?

Shut your bitch-ass mouth. I don’t want to hear how you don’t fit into the Rationals temperament of the Myers-Briggs personality type. Honestly, I think you just randomly put down answers. Or maybe you can’t count. Anyone’s guess at this point.

I swear I will jump over this desk. I don’t know what part of “rational” you think means “inject my undying love for Jersey Shore into everything,” but from what I know, that is stupid. Why would I put the Jersey Shore on a city that’s supposed to represent rationality? In what universe does that make sense?

What the fuck are you on? We chose a tree theme for the city because, like the packet said, rationals like to sit up high and watch the goings-on. Don’t look at me like I’m crazy, I’m reading and applying what I’ve learned. I also don’t want to include your irrelevant interests.

Why are you taking the paper away from me? Oh. You’re going to color it in. Color in what is effectively a sketch, because I thought when you said “you are in charge of drawing” you meant that, not that you’d take it away from me mid-line and start coloring random pillars brown. Now those are the only things with color. With pencil marks under it. Why.

And no, naming our fictional city Owl City after the animal metaphor that represents the Rationals and the band isn’t clever, and never will be.

Yes, I mad.