mofongo de camarones

Me and Steph went thru a whole conv. about food from our country, tho Steph is in USA and im here.

Steph I know u miss THIS  a ton, so some Images for u:

Mangu con queso frito, huevo y salami/longaniza, seriously Dominican Breafest is just MY KIND of hardcore (this are actually small portions).

Pastelon de platano maduro y carne molida, a wonderful lunch, dinner, 3am snack, wtvz.

Platano frito con salami/huevo/longaniza/queso frito, this can be eaten at any time.

Mofongo de camarone/res/cerdo/anything, sinfully good. (Puerto Rico should know.)

Moro de guandule, not my fav but I don’t mind.

Asopao Sancocho, every country surely have their version of this, but still, honestly, tons of dif. meats and vegetables mixed together in any kind of broth dreamily.

Steph if u can get the ingredients, do some.

someone corrected me that i putted Asopao for the last one. Im so ashamed, cause asopao and sancocho are nothing alike!! XD

THIS IS ASOPAO is could be discribe like a dominican risotto.

  1.  carlsgrimmes said: Nico is super excited about going a trip to some exotic place, but when they get there, Percy eats something weird and end up really sick and they spend most part of their trip locked on their hotel room, while Nico takes care of Percy :D

I giggled. Poor Nico. x3

Also mofongo de camarones is not weird, it’s freaking delicious. Okay that’s all.

“This is your definition of ‘exotic,’ Nico?” Percy asks, gazing around at the palm trees gently swaying in the breeze. 

Nico shrugs. 'Exotic’ translates in his mind as 'somewhere I’ve never been to,’ and since he’s been to China (accidentally), Argentina (also accidentally), and pretty much every European country west  of Greece (not as a tourist, really, but on the way to Epirus and then carrying the Athena Parthenos). So yeah, a tropical territory of the United States counts as 'exotic’. “They apparently have good food here, and a lot of it.”

“Is food all you ever think about?” the older teen teases.

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