I am glad u asked intern-cliffy

mofongo(my fave food) is mashed up plantains w like broth and oil and garlic and all that shjt. usually w pork trimmings and if ur in a restaurant they serve it w lettuce and tomato which is, in my opinion, super good w the mofongo bc a lil bit of salad vinegar is SO GOOD on it

u usually have the option to use the pork broth as a sauce on top of it which ends up making it just the perfect amount of salt if u want salt. broth usually has enough sodium in it and adds extra flavor to it so there’s no need for any extra seasonings imo

it can b made with any kind of meat if u want! my fave is pork but u can have pulled chicken or pulled beef(but I don’t think beef would b good imo) and I know someone that preferred shrimp w his mofongo.

it’s rly good!!! find a (good) Puerto Rican restaurant and pig out!! (can also b found at Dominican and Colombian restaurants if ur lucky)