The still life was one of Francisco Oller’s favorite forms of painting. Oller would often subject the local produce—here plantains and yellow bananas— to an almost microscopic analysis in which every part of the fruit seems to pulsate with life. 

Plantains in particular are a staple of the Puerto Rican diet found in popular dishes such as tostones and mofongo, making them a cornerstone of the island’s culinary identity. Furthermore, these fruits in their 19th century and contemporary context may also be considered symbols of the island’s agricultural riches and emblems of national cultural bounty.

Posted by Serda Yalkin
Francisco Oller (Puerto Rican, 1833–1917) Still Life with Plantains and Bananas, Circa 1893. Oil on canvas. Private collection


I am glad u asked intern-cliffy

mofongo(my fave food) is mashed up plantains w like broth and oil and garlic and all that shjt. usually w pork trimmings and if ur in a restaurant they serve it w lettuce and tomato which is, in my opinion, super good w the mofongo bc a lil bit of salad vinegar is SO GOOD on it

u usually have the option to use the pork broth as a sauce on top of it which ends up making it just the perfect amount of salt if u want salt. broth usually has enough sodium in it and adds extra flavor to it so there’s no need for any extra seasonings imo

it can b made with any kind of meat if u want! my fave is pork but u can have pulled chicken or pulled beef(but I don’t think beef would b good imo) and I know someone that preferred shrimp w his mofongo.

it’s rly good!!! find a (good) Puerto Rican restaurant and pig out!! (can also b found at Dominican and Colombian restaurants if ur lucky)