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H/c Del is only like a cm shorter than Vanoss and he constantly teases Delirious about it. (idk I thought I was cute)

Okay so, this is so funny because a centimeter is nothing right? Like you can barely even tell when unless you’re back to back against the other person. Now, knowing that, and also knowing how much these two tease and fuck with each other, it’s absolutely hysterical. Because you know these mofos legit stood back to back, and then pulled out a tape measure. Or even, they measured themselves against a wall and made tick marks like when you’re a kid. Delirious is outraged right? And not only because he’s a centimeter shorter, but because he knows for a fact that he will never hear the end of it.

“What’s up, shorty?”



“How’s the weather down there, short stuff?”

“Why do you care? You’re about to be dead anyway.”

Imagine Evan ruffling Delirious’ hair when he sees him, and Delirious does a flying tackle at him so that they’re both rolling on the ground trying to get the other in a headlock. Their friends just walk away, except for Tyler and Nogla, who take pictures to send to the group chat with the caption: Look at these two elves wrestling.