Do you know who this woman is ?
She is Faith Penhale she the Head of Drama at BBC Wales
She over see and helps produce all drama (including Sherlock and Doctor Who) from BBC Wales
She has said (on the 30th of May 2014)
“The BBC refute claims that Doctor Who is a sexist show under Steven Moffat, strong female lead characters are at the heart of his writing. The BBC is hugely appreciative of all of Stevens work.”
So is women -who’s above Steven Moffat and is basically the boss over BBC Wales said that Doctor Who isn’t sexist under Steven moffat
I know you haters are just gonna ignore it
But I think the moffat likes should see this and show there support for her !

Someone pointed out to me [that] in the previous Doctor Who, the first one I had run, there were no gay or bisexual characters and I was sort of slightly appalled. I was thinking, I’m not like that at all. I would never have done that. So I was thinking, Dammit, it’s the one criticism I’ve ever listened to. Good point.
—  Steven Moffat (reminder that he isn’t the homophobic bigot Tumblr makes him out to be) 

When you find out a HP Facebook page you follow has a moffat hater :(
Love moffat or hate him but never say he should have stayed way from who
Blink,night of the doctor,the empty child/doctor dances, name of the doctor, the eleventh hour and so many other good (and bad) eps
They have shaped Doctor Who and he’s written the best DW ep ever !
Well it’s in most peoples top 5!
And I think they mean Steven Thompson as they said after that the cliffhanger to series 2 was amazing ! So they just hating in moffat for no reason

Moffat head canons

I hate it when people moan about moffat making his head canons, “official” canon
I’m sorry I thought you were a doctor who fan but never mind
A doctor who fan would know that probably ever since The Tenth Planet the show has basically been just writers canoning their head canons ?
And even if they didn’t watch classic who do they really think the cybermen have always come from a parallel word ?
The master has always had drumming ?
The time war happened ?
If you ever complain or bitch or moan about how other writers wouldn’t do that then you’ve lost my respect that I had for you for sharing what you thought !

According to Moffat Hate logic !
Rose and Martha are the same characters because they fancy the Doctor !
Tegan and Peri are the same character because they aren’t British !
Jack and Nyssa are the same characters because they weren’t born on earth !
That means the Doctor and the Master are the same characters because there both renegades from Gallifrey !
So why are they auguring that Moffats Master isn’t the Master ?
She a renegade from Gallifrey therefore she’s the same character -also they probably haven’t watched the classic series so they don’t actually know the sexual tension was there from the start !


What links all theses characters ?
They are all forgotten about when people say Moffat can write good female characters
Only Charlotte(CAL) and Abigail dont pass the bechdel test -by that I mean they either don’t talk to other women or only talk about a man
Amy talks to Lorna about shooting herself in the head if Lorna doesn’t stop talking
Sally and Kathy talk about there made cop tv show on ITV
Anita talks to Donna about Miss Elangalista
Nancy talks to Rose about how horror of the war going on for 60 years
Jenny talks to Vastra about solving crimes all the time
There are probably so many other forgotten female moffat characters which are amazing and yes do a a few flaws but overall show women as real people with real lives also some kick ass and really show women’s strengths
Nancy won’t let german bombs stop her for protecting children
Anita won’t let dying stop her for helping
Kathy will help Sally even know she’s stuck in the past

I just saw that Moffat don’t you think he looks tired? thing and I won’t be reblogging it because it’s the worst thing ever. But – Ten regenerated and ruined a woman’s life. She both stood by her actions and helped him when she believed him to be right, sacrificing herself to save him and the universe. Ten was wrong. Ten was wrong. Ten was wrong. I believe the show was saying that by bringing her back. Even Rose thought so, and Rose was completely dedicated to Ten. If Ten is your favorite Doctor, stand by the best things he did. Don’t emulate the worst.