moffat what have you done to me

Interesting seeing all the vague blogging from people who refuse to believe my comments about Moffat’s importance to having a woman Doctor.

Like, I know what I’m about. I’ve done my research. I can pinpoint the exact 90s novel where Steven Moffat added a passage about Time Lord gender change into another writer’s book. I can point to Neil Gaiman’s discussion about the Corsair line and how Moffat added to it. I have stats from a fan poll to credit the statistically significant change in support for a woman Doctor from stuff Moffat wrote. (Seriously, ask me if you like, I can pull that all up. It’s all documented.) I wouldn’t say stuff like this unless I had verified it.

Of course Moffat isn’t the main player in casting Whittaker. Of course that’s Chibnall. But he’s continuing on a history that Moffat has spent many years contributing to, and bringing it to fruition. And I think that’s really neat.

Why Johnlock and Destiel aren’t canon.. ( yet)

“ In other news! The internet has been broken! Not only has the two biggest “ships” in history finally share a kiss and more, but it’s canon! Global warming is solved, kids in Africa are all fed, and more good things! all because Johnlock and Destiel are can-”

Kripke: * screams,covered in sweat and wakes up, then picks up his phone and dials a number*

Moffat: *picks up the phone* “Hello?”

Kripke: “ Moffat!! Oh my god I-”

Moffat: * sighs and rubs his temples * “You had the same nightmare again, didn’t you?”

Kripke:*nods and sighs* “Yes.”

Moffat: “ Alright, well how about this to cheer you up. Want to write another episode with me, or for one of the others shows? We can do are beloved thing and use subtext, intense eye staring from each of our two, male, characters, to show how they are not gay for each other. To make it even worse we will make them say how “ not” gay they are! Then right after, show them eye fucking and more!  I know how much you love messing with the fans like me! Sound good?”

Kripke: “Yes, Moffat.”

Moffat:” Good, because you should see what I could have done with season 4 of Sherlock! Ha!”

Kripke” Ha!! Wait till you see what I have for season 12.”

  • Me: I am done acknowledging this show's creators. Who gives a fuck what they have to say.
  • Moffat: [opens his mouth]
  • Me: [dropping in through a skylight] And ANOTHER thing, Mr. Age of Enlightenment, don't lecture ME about the war, you didn't fight in it.
This is pissing me off

Hardcore river supporters need to stop acting like Clara meant nothing to the doctor or as if river will always be supreme. River belongs to eleven and twelve with Clara. “Clara is his bestie he loves her as a friend” NO WTF. It’s been confirmed that the doctor loves Clara in ALL ways, even romantically. And that this is the purest DEEPEST love ever, so don’t start saying river is the person twelve loves the most bc that’s a damn lie. It’s Clara. Clara stole this doctor’s hearts.
“Do you think I care for you so little that betraying me would make a difference?” Moffat confirmed that this was the closest the doctor will EVER come to saying “I love you” to anyone, and this is the man who made river song. They already said goodbye and ya’ll are saying “it’s his wife the love of his life!” Well that’s a bit hypocritical. I didn’t hear river supporters saying eleven still loved rose (nine & ten LOVED ROSE WITH EVERYTHING UNTIL HE REGENERATED) but there’s a thing called moving on that’s very possible for the doctor to do with river too. River isn’t THAT special. You guys always argue that she’s the most special?? Sorry but have you seen what Clara did?? Clara has been in the doctor’s life since he was a child. He BECAME THE DOCTOR BECAUSE OF HER. it was CLARA who told him to steal the tardis we have now. Hell THATS probably why the tardis started loving her bc she brought them together. Clara has been saving his ass every time since he left Gallifrey. She’s been there for him more than anyone. CLARA was the one who helped him save Gallifrey. She’s been HIS ANGEL. CLARA knows him best than anyone. The way she knew war!doctor hasn’t done it yet?? In the 50th it was hard for war, 10, and 11 not to love her they all literally loved her. CLARA saved him from Trenzalore and we have twelve BECAUSE of her. Like holy shit!! If you start comparing what Clara and river has done for the doctor??? No offense but Clara wins! Idc who you ship but stop acting like Clara was just like Donna in the doctor’s eyes (Donna was amazing don’t get me wrong) but hell, Clara acted more like the doctor’s wife than river song. That marriage wasn’t even intentional, eleven had to do it as a way to convince river to stop being stubborn. Even moffat says he isn’t sure if the marriage was real. You guys say river loves all doctors and married them all? That’s disrespectful bc what if 4,5, ect don’t wanna be married to her? And that’s a lie that she loves them all equally because (I forgot where I read this!) she had different opinions on them all, for example she found the first doctor to be boring.
Now, one more thing. Eleven fancied Clara. This was confirmed by moffat. After the name of the doctor, I’m sure his crush grew bigger, even making the mistake of feeling like her boyfriend. She was the first face 12 saw and moffat confirmed he was completely besotted with Clara but hid it in season 8, but then he accepted his feelings which turned into the deepest love of all in season 9. Don’t lie to yourself and pretend you haven’t seen everything that’s happened. Idc if you ship it or not, what you can’t deny is the kind of love the doctor has for his Clara. You saw heaven sent you saw that he’s willing to commit fuckin genocide on his planet (Clara is not proud!) you’ve seen him go against the laws of time for Clara. Twelve will go to HELL for Clara. There’s nothing he won’t do. So idc if you love river (I don’t lmao) but stop treating Clara as any companion or saying that he loves her just like he loved his other companions because THAT. IS. A. LIE. The twelfth doctor loves her more than anything or anyone in the universe.

I hate to see how *upset* loo is about this. Shes getting hate for a character she didnt write. She literally portrayed her in the most wonderful way possible in the “i love you” scene, and people are hating on her for what the writers have done with her character. Seriously just leave her alone, shes a wonderful woman and shes handled the situation in the best way possible.

Also what moffat said about her “ just probably going and shagged another man to get over it” is really rude in my eyes, molly isnt like that, not to me anyway, how can he be so vile. 😭
A brief reminder...

For those feeling down and in need of a pick me up. I present to you a list of reasons with TJLC is alive and well-

1. Mark and Steven hate queer-baiting. They HATE it. Why else would they have talked for 10 minutes about how important it is to have queer representation? Why else would they stress the importance of portraying characters like the ‘gay baddie’ the ‘grumpy bisexual’ and the ‘camp gay?’ It has to be done delicately, Moffat said. I trust he will not disappoint us. And of course, don’t forget the survey done by BBC on representation just before the show’s creation. 
2. If TJLC isn’t real, explain Arwel’s elephants. The number 57. The drink code. THE PRIVATE LIFE OF SHERLOCK HOLMES (this alone deserves it’s own point, but I don’t have all the time in the world. Just watch Rebs’ video for a reminder) It all adds up, and it most certainly doesn’t mean nothing. (What do we say about coincidences?)

3. The show itself. The dialogue alone is enough to go off of. If you need me to remind you:

  • “I’m not gay” “Well I am. Look at us both”
  • “I don’t mind.” 
  • “The man we both love.”
  • And a throw back to one of their very first interactions… “Do you have a boyfriend? Which is fine, by the way.” “I know it’s fine.”

I could go on and on. The point is, it’s not just a cheap gay joke. It never has been and it certainly won’t be on Sunday.

4. The creators all believe, whole heartedly, that this show will be groundbreaking. They believe they are fixing a story that has been told wrong for ages. They believe they are doing something that has never been done before. What has been done before? Mary’s death. The child’s death. Moriarty’s return. The third Holmes sibling. Mycroft’s death. Sherlock and Irene. It’s all been done before, but what story remains untold? I think you know the answer.

And for my final, perhaps most assuring point…

5. The screening today means NOTHING. Absolutely nothing. Why would they require a waver for episode two, but not the finale? They wouldn’t dare leak important spoilers of the most ‘groundbreaking’ episode yet. This is a stunt, a ploy, one of the many red-herrings this season has to offer. Don’t lose faith, my dears. There’s still hope yet. 

Stay strong, and remember: love conquers all. 

anonymous asked:

What's wrong with Steven moffat please help me!!

I don’t exactly know what you’re asking, anon, sorry. :P

I don’t think there’s anything particularly wrong with Moffat. He received quite a lot of critique and backlash a few years ago, and have in my opinion done a marvelous job answering to that and bettering himself and diversifying Doctor who in the process, paving the way for a female doctor among many other things. It’s so refreshing to see this kind of growth in to industry people.

However, lots of people disagree or are very set in their beliefs about the man, and also haven’t watched Who in a while (or simply don’t like his style, which is fine), and tend to blame him for every single thing ever and there’s still a huge amount of hate for him on this website, a lot of the time using unsourced information and outdated arguments. :P

Does that answer anything?

Alright, I just can’t keep it inside, and I have no one to share it with. I don’t know if it’s going to be on the tag so I will put it under ‘read more’ thing to prevent any spoilers.

I’ve just finished watching a Doctor Who episode.

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gay or disappointing, fucky or trash

Okay. So I ventured back to tumblr and have a general sense of what went down at the screening (though I have not been spoiled for plot and don’t want to be). If anyone wants to read, I have a few thoughts.

First things first: you take care of you, do whatever you need to do. Me? I am cautiously optimistic, for a few reasons.

1) far less spoilery things than a kiss/confirmation have been edited out of bfi screenings in the past.

2) things are clearly fucky. The biggest thing I keep going back to is skull hell. This took a lot of work for arwel to do, and I sincerely can’t think of a reason to have done it that is coincidental.

3) the writers care about giving the audience a good surprise more than anything else. And I know some people disagree with that, and that’s okay if you do. But it is what it is. Whenever moffat and gatiss go rogue like this in interviews, it tends to bother me less than other people, so I’m willing to accept this and move forward.

4) I genuinely don’t think the writers felt that introducing a psychotic secret Holmes sister would be “the one thing that everyone got wrong” that they want to fix. And I genuinely can’t think of what other element of Holmes canon would meet this criteria.

5) from the sounds of it, if we get exactly what was shown on Thursday, claims of “television history” will have been wildly exaggerated.

6) from the sounds of it, if we get exactly what was shown on Thursday, there are some big plot points that will have gone unaddressed, or even worse, retconned. And keep in mind that we have been told by characters in the show that there are no loose ends, and by cast and crew outside the show that there will not be any coincidences.

Ultimately it comes down to this: I’m not going to make proclamations or draw any conclusions until I have all the data in front of me. I fell for this show because of the good writing. I know what the writers are capable of, and that the episode is categorically VERY good. I trust the evidence of my own eyes. I also trust what we have been told inside the show itself: TRUST YOUR INTUITIONS. And so I am.

Not to mention, the entire plot of TLD is Sherlock getting his mind fucked with, being manipulated to believe he can’t trust his own perceptions anymore. Being told from everyone on earth that what he sees and believes is wrong, it doesn’t exist. Of course, ultimately, what he sees and believes turns out to be not only true but central to the plot.

What I’m saying here is that we’re (probably) in the morgue scene right now, guys. Just like Sherlock was presented with fake Faith, we’re (probably) being presented with a close imitation, but not the genuine article.

So what happens if all of this is wrong and there’s no overt confirmation? I will be very, very disappointed. But I’m not ready to call it trash unless TFP reveals to us that the surface narrative is what we were supposed to be going with the whole time. That, to me, would signal laziness in the writing on a massive level.

And what happens if it’s fucky but not gay? Well, let’s be clear - you know it, I know it, subtextually this show is already gay as fuck. Keeping it subtextual means that we just get what we’ve been getting, and quite frankly doing analysis of that subtext has and will continue to bring me joy so I can’t imagine stopping. I do queer media analysis as a hobby. That won’t be stopping anytime soon. Keeping the status quo would be disappointing, but I’m ready to roll with it. It’s what we as a community have had to do for centuries. And yes, that time should be in the past, but if it isn’t, then I personally am ready to take what I have and keep moving forward.

However, on a gut level, I just trust my intuition about the story I think I’m being told. And I’m trusting Sherlock when he tells me to trust myself. Too much just doesn’t add up otherwise.

It’s already gay.

Wait, what, please I can’t handle my feels. BBC why have you cropped this out? Why have you done this to me?
Why. Why.

Now I need to find that DVD Box.
It is the new purpose of my life finding that box set with that scene.

Clara Oswald and Ashildr Me have their own TARDIS.

This is not a drill. THIS IS NOT A DRILL.

Is this real life?

Moffat, did you give us an ending for two female characters full of agency and empowerment?


I have all the feels.


IT is hard to convey to someone who just doesn’t “get it“, just how much an event like Sherlocked can give a girl like me.

“It is just a TV show”, they said. “It’s nothing more than paid-for stalking,” they imply. Do I care what they think? Nope. Because what’s just happened will stay with me for the rest of my life.

I paid out for a gold pass and it was perfect, in my opinion, for a busy and rewarding convention experience. I know people who got a basic weekend pass and loved it equally, so there really was something for everyone.

As a first-time foray into the world of convention, I thought it was bloody brilliant. There were a few things I would probably change for future events, but overall, I came away realising I didn’t have any time where I did not have something to do or see, in fact I didn’t eat at all while the event was going on.

I really liked the picture experience, and particularly the dance music which played in Photo Booth 1 which really ramped up the atmosphere and excitement. I was worried I would look stupid, but I came away happy with all but one of them! The joy shone through my goofiness I think. I got oodles of cuddles, lots of silliness and even Rupert Graves shouting “NOT REALLY” in my ear.

And then there was Benedict. I had my drawing to give him, but there didn’t appear to be a gift table as I had been told there probably would be. So, I chanced it, and got ready to give it to him at the photo. No one stopped me, and I couldn’t believe it. The conversation between us was a bit of a ramble, but he looked at it for some time, and said he loved it. He asked if I would like to have it in our photo, so we did. He was wonderful, and charming, and I feel so lucky to have had this opportunity.

Minutes later, I saw him very briefly again, as I was lucky enough to have a group photo with my dear friends Linda and Sheridan, which was FANTASTIC! And then it was time for the talk. It was very interesting, Benedict was jovial and happy although I later found out he was really unwell. The fact he didn’t cancel was nothing short of a miracle, let alone fulfil his thousands of obligations.

Anyway, I stuck my hand up for a questions. I still don’t know why. And I got picked. What followed is so embarrassing.

Me: “Hello, I’m Clare and I’m from the Isle of Wight.”

Benedict: “Where are you Clare? Oh, there you are, hello Clare.”

Me: “Hello darling.”


He laughed, said he married on the Island. I asked my question and he gave me a long and interesting answer - it felt like we were the only people in the room for a split second :)

After that, Saturday was a blur but we ended it with a great group pic in Mycroft’s Office with my girls Bex, Ollie and Claire.

Sunday was more relaxed, and Mark and Andrew’s talk was one of the highlights with so much comedy. Una, Lara and Loo were next up and that was, again, a joy. Sunday was my friend Claire’s day. She got to meet Lara and her reaction was just amazing.

I treated myself to some extra autographs with Andrew, Una and Lars, signing the drawing I had had done. To have Andrew ask if I was a professional, and to have Louis Moffat ask to take a picture of it, was a real honour.

The weekend ended with me getting three hugs, an autograph and a “you tit” from Loo Brealey who I really love so much.

I never wanted it to end. And not because I wanted more of what I’ve just written. I wanted more time with a band of ladies (and one chap…that’s you super Thom) who aren’t just friends, they are kindred spirits, brought together by a show and some actor, who knows not who were are, but who, through his work, has enriched our lives exponentially.

This was my first EVER girlie weekend away with friends. I am almost 34. It’s taken me this long to find out who I really am. And it is thanks, in many ways, to them. To their spirit, their love, their support and their joy. I have a bright corner in my heart for them always. And to be able to have all we did this weekend, together, was hella magic. 

As James Kimberly Griffith said: “You know, if this was heaven, I’d be pretty fucking chuffed.”

The Empty Hearse DVD commentary:

Gatiss: But this is actually even nastier than what he’s just done to him.

Moffat: Oh, it’s far worse. It’s far worse. As a piece of behavior, it’s inexcusable. But I think the logic of it, in a way, or the emotional logic is: “I’m like this. Why do you expect me to be different?” And true to the original Sherlock Holmes, who simply would do that kind of thing, wouldn’t he.

Gatiss: For effect.

Moffat: Just wants his moment of drama.

Gatiss: Yes, yeah. I mean, that’s a… It’s not commented on enough, the amount of people who say… Well, Lestrade is always saying, “You’d have made an actor and a rare one,” and all those things. But he just loves the dramatic. He’ll do anything for a big, theatrical flourish at the end of a case.

Moffat: Quite unnecessarily, he will lie, he’ll withhold information, just so he looks good.

Gatiss: Yeah.


Gatiss: And Sherlock.

[They laugh cackle.]

Other than the elephant in the room...

Non-Johnlocky things I loved about “The Sign of Three”:

1.  More of this BBC Sherlock’s tradition of delightful visual puns, like Mycroft’s power complex!  Molly dressed in the exact shade of yellow as the walls of the reception hall:  she’s a wallflower!  Sherlock stretching himself so far out of his comfort zone, he doesn’t even know his own name anymore, even though it’s stuck to his forehead!  And Mycroft doing actual legwork!


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anonymous asked:

There were a lot of annoying things about the episode and you have pointed out almost all of them, but you know which one made me really furious? “Number Ten once regenerated and kept the same face - I had vanity issues at the time.” It's even among the "top 12 quotes" according to doctorwhotv, but I think it's just ugh. Tentoo only counts as a full regeneration because Moffat wanted Matt to be the 13th, other than that he's a metacrisis, not a product of "vanity issues". Ugh. What do you think?

To me it’s a prime example of Moffat both not understanding Ten’s character at all, and not understanding that you have to look beyond the surface.

He looks at that scene in Journey’s End, and this is what he sees: “Used the regeneration energy to heal myself, but soon as I was done, I didn’t need to change. I didn’t want to. Why would I? Look at me.” And that's all he sees. He doesn’t see that jokes like that are the Doctor’s front. He’s just being silly, he doesn’t really mean that. There are so many reasons why he chooses not to regenerate there; because he’s just found Rose and he doesn’t want to change for her, but also for Donna, and Jack, because they’re in the middle of this massive war and he can’t change now, and yes, because he doesn’t want to go, but not because he’s VAIN. Maybe Ten is a little vain, but that’s not all he is, and it’s definitely not the full cause of him not regenerating. You want to know a part of the full cause? Just keep watching the scene:

ROSE: You’re still you? 
DOCTOR: I’m still me. 

(Not to mention that it literally states in the episode that it’s not a full regeneration: “I didn’t want to. Why would I? So, to stop the energy going all the way, I siphoned off the rest into a handy bio-matching receptacle, namely my hand.”)


Claudia Boleyn Reviews Doctor Who: Dark Water


 In this review I talk about:

  •  issues of gender (in the context of THE SPOILER)
  • what I think of THE SPOILER
  • Clara Oswald actually becoming a complete three dimensional character at last
  • heteronormativity and forced kisses
  • three words that were way too scary to be on Doctor Who ever EVER
  • Steven Moffat. In a good way. Yes. (Who is this and what have they done with Claudia?)

If you enjoy this review then please give it a reblog. It’s extra long because this week loads of people online sent me things they wanted me to talk about. So thank you to everyone that helped me with that!

 Tell me what you thought in the comments or on twitter. xxx


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A conversation re: His Last Vow

This is a conversation between two of my friends in which one of them tried to defend Moffat’s latest “gem,” and the other was absolutely on point (posted with permission, of course): 

[Greg] I just watched the last Sherlock ep and it didn’t make me want to ragequit the show…?
[Colin] Well. Enjoy, I guess.
[Picc] There were plenty of TWEESTS but they were explained by the end
[Colin] What part did you like best: the part where Sherlock flails around the Mind Palace for 45 minutes, the part where he solves no mysteries whatsoever, the part where a man blackmails the entire world with no proof, or the part where Sherlock gains access to the villain’s headquarters by tricking a girl into thinking he’s going to marry her because all women are desperate husband-hunters according to Steven Moffat?
[Greg] A woman also actually pulled the trigger and smacked her blackmailer in the face with that same gun
[Colin] Accomplishing nothing
[Colin] She had to beg Sherlock for help only to have him shoot the guy in the head anyway 40 minutes later
[Colin] Good thing a big powerful man was there to take care of that for her
[Greg] There was some “Namek explodes in five minutes” time there but Sherlock’s mind operates as fast as ten fast men
[Greg] She didn’t know the blackmail was virtual, but Sherlock did, maybe if he hadn’t broken in when he did, he would have confessed that to save his life at gunpoint?
[Colin] But then we’d never have gotten the scene in the hospital where Sherlock gets to call Magnussen’s assistant a whore
[Colin] You can just picture the semi-erection Moffat got as he typed that line into the script
[Colin] Another woman exposed for what they all really are
[Greg] Well what were you more disturbed by, the fact she was easily manipulated, or that it was a Walter White level of emotionless manipulating that Sherlock had to do? John had this look on his face like ‘wow you are the worst human being”
[Greg] He did solve the mystery in that if he hadn’t been involved everyone would still think there was a phsyical place where all this stuff was
[Colin] He didn’t solve shit
[Colin] The dude told him
[Colin] If I’d been standing in the room he would have told me too
[Greg] You mean, if a high ranking member of Her Majesty’s Secret Service was your brother, and you had befriended a druggie who was actually very smart (someone’s been watching breaking bad) to knock him out and borrow his laptop, which Sherlock had done while trying to create false skeletons in his closet to fool this Magnussen
[Colin] No
[Colin] What I meant is that Steven Moffat is a legitimately wretched human being and I actually feel dirty watching him play out his creepy awful fantasies over what would otherwise be enjoyable stories
[Greg] Augh XD Well what you can be mad at is how the story would move forward, then lurch backward in time to give everything context, and repeat like three or four times
[Colin] I can be mad at way more than that, sir.

iolanthee  asked:

I'm in the middle of reading The Progress of Sherlock Holmes for the first time. In Chapter 4, Sherlock does this: "His heart is beating very fast. I press my fingers against his wrist, I want to count, to feel it. -- I count the beats of his heart." You were so In Character that in 2011 you predicted the way Sherlock would come to beat Irene Adler. :-) (What else are you going to predict, I wonder) All the kudos to you. Can't wait to finish this fic. (I don't have an AO3 account so ask it is.)

Hahahahaha! I wish I’d have him do some deductions based on heart rate, that was a good idea. ;) 

It’s funny, when I first wrote that story, emotional!Sherlock wasn’t very common in fandom, and I found myself apologizing for writing it and defending it a bit. And I did it in a “yes, but what if” sort of way. I just didn’t want to write about a guy with no feelings, or shallow feelings, I wasn’t all that interested in that. Overwhelmingly intense hidden and misunderstood feelings are way more interesting to me! I was so surprised, frankly, that the writers of Sherlock felt the same way when series two aired! I really thought I was doing a diversion thing right off the bat.

At one point early on someone who wrote a very dark and sociopathic Sherlock accused me of writing him out of character in The Progress of Sherlock Holmes, and it hurt me a bit, honestly, though I didn’t want to admit it at the time. Even though I wrote it thinking it was probably not what Moffat and co. were going for. (Aren’t we all so sensitive!)

But all fanfiction characters are out of character to a degree, because you’re having them do things they haven’t done before, generally, so there’s always some of that.

But given the absence of interiority in most visual media, I feel like you can’t really be fairly accused of writing a character out of character if what you’re modifying with is what’s in their heads. If they still respond the same way on the outside, but have big feelings on the inside, I don’t think you can call that out of character when we’re never inside a character’s head in canon.

Except now we ARE inside that character’s head, since the second iteration of the mind palace. Which is so interesting and so innovative for television. I swear to god they came up with that just so I can’t make the “but there’s no interiority in television” argument. But now we know how deep Sherlock’s feelings go, and how neglected they are. It’s pure wish-fulfillment for me. Still a huge surprise, to be honest. I’m not one for predicting fiction. It was just a stroke of luck.

Sherlock, The Abominable Bride

Interview with co-creator and executive producer, Mark Gatiss

When did you first get the idea for a Victorian version of Sherlock?

The night that it first formed was when we were doing the publicity shots for series three. Me and Steven Moffat were out in the freezing cold night and we started to come up with it.

What happened when you told the rest of the team about the idea?

Well, when we pitched it to Benedict and Martin it was a very unusual situation because Rathbone and Bruce are the only people who have done both, until now. From the point that we fell in love with Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson in their original incarnation, the whole idea of making it 21st-century was what became the exciting new part of it. But obviously, to do it with gas lamps and top hats and hansom cabs, as a full-on sort of Gothic treat is completely irresistible. This is our 10th one and it’s been an unbelievable international success. We thought we’d sort of earned the right really.

Did you have to persuade the actors?

No, hilariously, because Benedict’s been agitating for a haircut since the beginning of the show. So, we breathlessly pitched it as this ‘it’s 1895, we’ll just do it…’ We told him the story, the case and everything. He was sort of agog and then went “Can I have my hair cut?” That was it… that was easy. And Martin just loved the idea.

When you first started, you were asked how Sherlock would work in a world with emails and smartphones. How did you deal with technology going back in time?

We’re retro-engineering all the questions we got six years ago. How are we going to deal with it? The way that Doyle did! The point is, as we said when we were initially modernising it, Holmes was a modern man.

If you read the original stories, it’s all in there. For example there’s a telephone in Baker Street. He wasn’t living in an antique world - he wanted everything as quickly as possible

Sherlock has done very well around the world. Why do you think that is?

Sherlock Holmes is the most photographed character in all fiction, so, there’s a massive established tradition in Japan and Russia, all kinds of places already. So you’re sort of pushing an open door. I mean, if you knew why it did so well, you would bottle it and sell it, wouldn’t you, because whatever we have got right, the chemistry is just there on screen.

BBC, 25.11.2015 (x)