moffat hate for ts

As a request,i present you my collection of not-so-friendly Moffat gifs

(or ’tired of your bullshit’ reaction gifs)

If you feel annoyed or angry or you just need gif material for the oncoming 50th anniversary or just any of his episodes- here you go.

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*round of applause for Amanda Abbington’s portrayal of Mary, which managed to capture enough nuance to save her from being stuck as just another one of Moffat’s Psychotic And Sexy And Dangerous Female Characters Who Despite Being Strong Must Ultimately Be Saved From Themselves™ type characters.*

list of things that are unacceptable on my dashboard: 

  1. moffat apologists
  2. gifs/pictures of steven moffat
  3. steven moffat 
  4. people praising things said by steven moffat 
  5. get this disgusting garbage man & his uncritical minions out of my face

i get so angry at ppl who say “be nice to moffat!!!!! he is a human being!!!!! don’t be mean to him!!!!!” or something along the lines of that. you get what i mean. 

it’s not like we’re sending him actual hate messages telling him to go die or something? he is misogynistic, racist, ableist, homophobic and there is actual proof of that. we’re criticising him for fucks sake and as doctor who fans, we have the right to criticise him because he has made a show that we love absolutely terrible. he’s a fucking asshole why would u even defend him

Moffat is like George Lucas

His early ideas were good, and with the help of editors and a good director, the stories were actually worth watching.

But then he started caring only about the money and flash and special effects

and didn’t give a shit what the fans wanted

and now all we have is the tarnished after image of something we loved.

anonymous asked:

How do you feel about rumours that Charles Dance may play the Master?

If it turns out to be true… I’d be quite thrilled about that, actually. I think Charles Dance would be a terrific Master.

My concerns are rarely ever about who is chosen to play certain roles in DW though, because even someone who doesn’t appear to be a good candidate for a certain character can easily surprise us — it’s the writing/storylines/characterisation that I worry about.

A lot.

i don’t get why people turn the very valid criticism against steven moffat into a moffat versus rtd thing.

moffat is the current showrunner and if he’s a sexist douchecanoe he deserves to be called out on it regardless of whatever rtd did during his run.

and i know a lot of people started the show with eleven and moffat but this selective memory about how rtd was universally beloved and never criticized during his run is BULLSHIT.

by the end of time people were clamoring for rtd’s departure and they’d grown weary of ten, they were saying moffat would bring back who to it’s old glory (lol, how did that work out for ya)

tl; dr - rtd was criticized plenty. sit down.

moffat’s scripts being full of sexism, racism and queer baiting are not “opinions” these are facts.

b4ttleborn asked:

I agree completely with you! It was all flashy lights and piling in scary monsters but it was one of those episodes where you're watching it and thinking "nothing excited has happened yet, we're running out of time!" It was just uneventful and there was zero emotional build up. Matt is fantastic and even through the terrible plot he still shined. But he got cheated out of his regeneration scene and THERE WAS NO RIVER??? and nothing made sense I just wish he had gone out on a better episode. :(

I agree Matt got the short end of the stick, it was pretty sad excuse for a sendoff. I mean, no matter how melodramatic and plottily sketchy End of Time was for Ten’s sendoff, I’d never complain that it lacked emotion.

I’m not River’s biggest fan, but I’d definitely have preferred River in the role of the nun-commander for the Church of the … Whatever. That could’ve been interesting. Instead we got another cardboard cutout Strong Female Character® who can inexplicably fly the TARDIS and has romantic-flirtatious history with the Doctor. Again: Moffat wasting screen time with undeveloped characters we don’t know or care about, instead of giving us satisfying emotional engagement between characters we know and want to see for a Big Finale Episode.

Why didn’t we get a plot with a legitimate reason for River and Amy to show up and help the Doctor and Clara? Why not Amy and Clara working together to help him? Then they could be there for the regeneration, instead of giving us random Amy hallucination before Eleven sneezed and turned into Twelve.

So much potential, so much waste. The story of Moffat’s stint as showrunner.

lol for all moffat’s saying that the 50th has to be about looking forward rather than back, he sure is reusing a lot of old material. a lot of his old material, that is. i mean what a guy, right. what a beautiful anniversary special this will be, full of his own old jokes and slapdash characterisation with a pint of sexism to boot, no doubt. can’t wait!