moffat and gattiss

Tbh like alot of the Sherlock fandom ruin the show for themselves with all the theory’s and some of us start to believe that the theory’s are cannon and then when it turns out it’s not we’re all disappointed and mad but like we really are our own worst enemies tbh and it just needs to stop lmao

also john cheating on mary was absolute fucking bullshit?? like bish you don’t do that whole “your future is my privlege” and then jump on the next nameless redhead that smiles at you on public transport that whole scenario was so ooc and pointless like lmao hope u feel bad johnny boi cos you accused her of being a liar while you were textin nameless redhead bus chick - i’m TIRED of moffat and gattiss pretending to be complex and clever and deep by treating their female characters like shit and letting their male characters get away with being assholes and if i see ONE of you johnlock shippers jumping on mary’s death on my dash i will lose my sHIT fuck moffattiss for giving mary her own episode and then killing her FOR THE ANGSTY MEN PLOTLINE

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I think that the problem is that we think too much of the show. We think Moffat is some kind of god who knows exactly what he's doing, but he makes mistakes, and terrible ones. John Watson has never been more out of character than at the end of the episode. And I think it's pretty clear Moffat disagrees with Gattiss in a lot of aspects, which are probably the same as we disagree with him. I don't know why Gattiss would accept that John, though.

Yes. A John who picks liar Mary over Sherlock is no good to me. At all. The problem is they never bothered to establish the John-Mary relationship. We’re just supposed to take it as a given that he loves her. Meanwhile we see the John-Sherlock relationship quite thoroughly. And we got some glimpses of John being shocked at Sherlock being with Janine this episode (those were good) but John throwing the USB drive in the fire and just being like “I only want your future”–I just. Can’t. Sexual preference doesn’t excuse EVERYTHING OKAY. Just because she has a VAGINA doesn’t mean you should LOVE HER.

They should have just killed Mary at the end of the episode…there. Said it.