stylinsoulmates asked:

omg well i promise it gets better like the first 2/3 seasons are like kinda stupid but the last 4 are fucking amazing.

the first episode is so funny, like uther pendragon is there and then there are still people in the school even though there’s a dead body and they just leAVE THE BODY IN THE LOCKER ROOM I’M SO AMUSED

moffap replied to your post: i see superiority on my dash guess the americans…

omg i know like i’m american but i hate all of these independence day posts like seriously this country sucks

i have nothing against feeling a bit patriotic, hell i’m super patriotic sometimes, but i have never attempted to make other people feel inferior for not being danish (in my case) and i will never do so.

i’ve talked about american patriotism before and how i think it gets taken WAY too far all too often. tumblr and twitter americans just go fucking crazy on july fourth with their pathetic superiority and it’s so fucking gross.