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Dear Steven Moffat,

I’m sorry you felt the need to leave Twitter because of fan harassment.

I won’t plead that you come back. You shouldn’t have to deal with that crap.

But you have fans who still think you’re brilliant, who love your work and appreciate your continuation of a brilliant show, and the creation of a new one.

We’re sticking by you, Moffinator, no matter the tears your wonderful writing causes.


The Fans Who Waited (and Will Always Wait)

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Moffat On The Changing Look Of The Eleventh Doctor Who

“I think we were terribly aware, Russell in particular, of not looking like somebody dressing up as Doctor Who. We were all quite paranoid about that. But it’s progressing. We started very, very dour with Chris’ Doctor. Very quickly he’s got the stupid coat and the stupid hair when David takes over.”  - Steven Moffat

*Lip quivers* Stu–stupid hair? *swallows* What!?

Moffat Appreciation: Amelia Pond

I love the depth of Amy’s character. I love how, the more you think about her, the more it all comes together. She is one of the most sound and thought-through characters I know, but none of it is really spelled out for us, none of it is openly discussed. It is, however, all there for us to understand.

To me, Amy never was an in-your-face relatable character. Tall, gorgeous, confident, but at the same time careless with people’s hearts - whether as a kissogram or by running away and snogging the Doctor the night before she gets married. Married to Rory no less, who is so kind and caring and so insecure - “How can you treat him so badly?” one wants to scream.

But it is really Amy who is insecure.

We might think that, because she is pretty and quick-witted and wears a short skirt, she’s never suffered through anything in her life. We know differently, though. We know from the start that both her father and her mother are gone and that she doesn’t even understand why. Four psychiatrists have given up on her and she was abandoned even by her imaginary friend. Amy is the most abandoned character in the history of characters.

No wonder she has trust issues! No wonder she chooses a profession that simulates intimacy while keeping her entirely in control. No wonder she tests a sort-of-married Doctor for his faithfulness. And no wonder she is terrified of committing to the one person who has always been there, the one stable thing in her life: Rory. Heck, even calling him her boyfriend is difficult.

In Amelia’s world, relationships do not last. People who she loves leave for no reason and she has no control over it. So she tests the relationships she does have, tests whether they will really, really hold, no matter how badly she behaves.

And she controls whatever else she can. Just because someone is a Timelord, it doesn’t necessarily mean they know what they’re doing, she will be the judge of that, and excuse me, your majesty, I’m gonna need a hand.

Rose Tyler and Donna Noble were both beautifully relatable because they were struggling in their everyday life, struggling with self esteem, struggling with being special - but they were always confident in the fact that they were a good person.

Amy is a Scottish kissogram in a small town in England. She has no problem being special. Her struggle, after all the heartbreak she has gone through, is about being a good person.

Moffat never addresses this struggle. He never makes it part of the plot or even part of a dialogue. But it is her backstory, ready for us to figure out if we want it, and it is deep and  beautiful and heartbreaking - the story never told. Moffat wrote it anyway.

Turn Anything Into a Toy With A New Wearable for Kids Called “Moff”

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This is a rough design for a secondary character in Bad Seeds named Moff. He’s steampunk all the way! Trying to make a simple steampunk design that fits the aesthetic of the show and is easy to animate is tough since steampunk is all about intricate crap glued together. It’s like you’re a walking decoupage of fake metal and victorian doo-dads.