Now that I take a bus home every day, I’ve been frequenting Moe’s Books on Telegraph often to pass the time while waiting for the next bus. 

A tangible, physical book is so much different from text on a flat screen. While browsing Moe’s today, I found so many books from my childhood while perusing the used books section. From The Lord of the Rings to the Little House series (had to stop myself from buying up the whole set, because while I did read all of the books I never reached my childhood goal of actually owning the entire series), Agatha Christie mysteries, the His Dark Materials trilogy, and more. And of course there were books by Orson Scott Card, Michael Crichton, Michael Connelly, John Grisham, and more… (Gosh, I just realized I haven’t listed a single female novelist yet. Why am I drawing a blank right now?) After staring at the full two walls of used books and starting to get a bit dizzy due to a recent lack of opportunity to stare at a wall of book spines, I was this close to buying the following: Black Hawk Down, Carrie (yes, Stephen King’s book. I haven’t even seen the movie!) and… The Origin of Species. YES. Three extremely old and bent copies of The Origin of Species were just sitting near the bottom of the non-fiction shelf. I was this close to buying all of them… but then I realized, I lack sufficient disposable income, and also I really shouldn’t be spending the time to do anything right now. Except work. Maybe I’m overdoing the self-pressure, but hey, look at Tiana from Disney’s Princess and the Frog. She definitely succeeded in the end through hard work. Even though the motto of the movie for her was to not constrain her life excessively through doing nothing but work, lets face it… in the end, she still wouldn’t have been worthy of having that motto applied to her life if she didn’t work so hard. 

…Either way, books, I’ll be back for you. And yes, I am quite determined to buy them used, worn-out, and already read from cover to cover, from Moe’s Books. 

I added a couple extra hashtags to promote Moe’s! (However effective or not this proves to be…) I don’t think I have got the hang of hashtags on Tumblr yet. Am I allowed to be ironic and hashtag the heck out of everything, the way people do on Instagram and occasionally Facebook if they want to be really ironic, because these hashtags don’t even work on Facebook?? So many questions in life and so little time! So I’ll just publish this post now. 

P.S. It seems that no one out there took a large, high quality picture of Moe’s popular enough on the internet to be referenced into the first 3 pages of Google’s image search for Moe’s. I would love to fix this, if only I had the convenience of a smartphone camera or even a regular old point-and-shoot. 

Edit: It seems I got way too caught up in my tangents. What I really wanted to say in the beginning is that I absolutely love Moe’s, because the people working there are so friendly, and also because Moe’s is three floors of books. The bottom floor is where I spend all my time because it has a great selection of recent novels and used novels, but I’ve visited the upper floors and they are quite mind boggling because it starts to feel like a visit to an ancient library of wisdom and hidden treasures. And there are always people in the store pacing the shelves or sitting in the various chairs scattered about all three floors reading. If you love reading, you need to come to Moe’s, because there will always be some comforts and joys that technology can not replace.