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Can you tell me about godzilla? :D

:o Tell you what? Where he came from? About his enemies? Okay!!


The original movie, Godzilla (also known as Gojira) is the film that started it all. Godzilla himself was spawned from nuclear testing. In his original appearance, he was more of a metaphor for nuclear war, since the film came out in 1956, which was only a little over a decade since the bombs were dropped on the Japanese to begin with.

Godzilla is a giant bipedal lizard with spines coming out of his back. He is generally darker in color, if not dark green, then more of a charcoal or deep dark blue (This is entirely dependent on which iteration of Godzilla you are referring to.)

According to certain films, he started out as a much smaller creature, known as a Godzillasaurus. This creature lived alone on an island near where nuclear tests were being done.

There are times when he is the villain of the film, simply a monster that destroys cities and must be stopped (usually followed by failure on the military’s part). There are also times where he is the hero, essentially. This happens when there is an enemy monster that only he can stop, usually associated with aliens or other worldly beings. This isn’t always the case though and he still doesn’t acknowledge humanity as something to save either, so cities still get destroyed.

Since the beginning, countless films have been made starring the monster; albeit with constantly shifting continuity.


There are several films where Godzilla is the only creature, however it is almost staple that there has to be another monster or being for him to fight.

  • Anguirus: This guy is the first monster to fight Godzilla. He is a giant lizard with several spikes on his back, much like a hedgehog. He primarily stays on his four legs. He can roll into  a ball to attack his foes.
  • Rodan: This guy is like a giant pterodactyl. He can fly and uses sonic boom like attacks.
  • Mothra: The giant butterfly/moth! She is my favorite (aside from Godzilla of course). She is a peace keeper in the world of monsters. She never destroys things on her own, only when she has to fight other monsters to keep the peace. She will, on occasion, team up with Godzilla to fight other threats.
  • King Kong: Yes, it happened. He was scaled up to Godzilla’s size.
  • King Ghidorah: He is Godzilla’s most memorable and classic adversary. He is a golden dragon with three heads on three long necks. He also has a tail that splits in two and a pair of wings which allow him to fly. He has no arms. His main attack is to shoot lightning out of his mouth.
  • Ebirah: She is a giant lobster monster used by humans to defend their evil operations on an island.
  • Titanosaurus: A giant sea serpent. Basically, imagine a long neck, more aquatic version of Godzilla.
  • Hedorah: A fan favorite, this guy is basically pollution incarnate. He has several forms, including a land, air, water, and a final form which stands up like Godzilla.
  • Mechagodzilla: A robotic version of the main monster. Depending on which film you are watching, he is either an alien machine, or a mech constructed by humanity to fight back against monsters.
  • Destroyah: This one has an origin that coincides with Godzilla himself, as the spawn of Destroyah were created from the weapon that killed the original Godzilla. This one’s final form takes on a red color and looks like a demon. It can also fly. This monster kills Godzilla’s child.
  • Biollante: Created from Godzilla cells, this is a giant plant monster with tendril arms and a crocodile looking head.
  • Gigan: One of the more unique monsters. He has two hooks, one on each arm instead of hands. He has a beak and a big red eye. He also has a buzz saw on his stomach.

There are several other monsters, but these ones are the most well known (as well as some of my personal favs).

You can find more monsters or everything else Godzilla here!

Hope this helps B)

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Pearl hoodie, free to use non-commercially!

The light blue parts are suppoeds to be transparent, but since a hoodie is designed to keep out the cold, I’d just sew some fabric that mathes your skin tone under the middle part so it still looks transparent but you don’t freeze. Enjoy, and more to come! Also, if anyone ever makes this, I’d love to see the result!