To Build A Home - Chapter 4

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WARNINGS: Anxiety attack, references to child abuse, very negative thoughts, let me know if anything else needs to be added.

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Virgil stumbled out of the store, barging past crowds of people without any idea where he was going.

He just had to go.

Why had he done that to Logan? How could he have done that to Logan? The man who had chosen him above any other orphan, the man who had welcomed Virgil into his home, into his life.

How could he have been so rude to one of the only people who genuinely seemed to care about him?

He should go back. He should turn back and apologise and beg for Logan’s forgiveness but he wouldn’t, he couldn’t. He was too afraid.

Add coward to the long list of things to call yourself, Virgil.

Virgil pushed himself to run faster and faster, he sprinted through the mall, barreling people over and barely stopping long enough to apologise. He finally burst outside and was instantly bathed in warmth from where the sun beamed down on him.

Where to go?


Doesn’t matter, just don’t stop running.

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Rain is only temporary

we may recall the storm

but the sun comes again

and a rainbow is born.

We don’t forget the damage,

we don’t forget the pain

but we find a little beauty

and embrace it all the same.

Bringing hope for the future it

brightens the day and promise tomorrow

will be a little less grey.

-Ms. Moem

The entire Negan scene

Negan: *Points bat at Rick*
Me: lol thats not gonna happen
Negan: *turns to Abraham, Abraham stands up*
Me: Oh, Thank God for your sacrifice Abe, you were a hero and i’ll always-
Negan: *turns to Carl*
Me: Shit. That wasn’t supposed to happen-
Negan: *Turns to Maggie*
Me: No wait fu-
Negan: *turns to Glenn*
Me: NO I 
Negan: I have an idea. Eeny meeny miny moe

Me Listening to Melanie Martinez’s ‘Tag, you’re it’ and getting to the Eenie Meenie Minie Moe part

Melanie: Tag, you’re it, tag. tag you’re it

Me: Man, I love this song!

Melanie: Eenie, Meenie, Minie, Moe

Me: *Violently thinks of Negan and the Lucille scene* oh god no…

Melanie: Catch a lady by the toe, if she screams don’t let her go

Me: Melanie stop…

Melanie: Eenie meenie minie moe my mother said to pick the very best girl…


Melanie: And I am-

Melanie: *gets Lucilled*

Me: Well, at least it wasn’t Glenn. *shrugs*

I lied.

I’m sorry I said that I loved you

when in reality I couldn’t even love myself

I thought that if I could love you enough,

maybe my heart would fill up 

with all the love I poured into you

but you took it

and didn’t know how to give it back

no matter how hard you tried

and I heard you crying that night because I hadn’t fallen asleep yet

I’m sorry I forgot to keep some for myself 

I just don’t know how to do that yet.